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Competitive advantages of telemarketing in the UK. Today, companies without discriminating their size aspire to have direct contact with their users to show their products and services. The reason is that the customer’s opinion lets us know if there is any fault to be resolved, so effective communication must be generated. Therefore, marketing specialists recommend that a strategy based on telemarketing can be carried out for this.


In fact, in the UK, many companies have relied on telemarketing. This is a very important business decision. And if you have a company, we will explain the advantages of this tool that you can take advantage of in this post.


What are the advantages of telemarketing?


BluCactus - Competitive advantages of telemarketing - Woman working Knowing the competitive advantages of telemarketing helps you to see if it is the right method for your business actions. For example, if one of your objectives is the international expansion of your brand, rest assured that it is easier to achieve with telemarketing. The best of all is that, for a comfortable cost, you will reach your potential clients and generate good results in terms of communication between your company and your clients.


Let’s see what the advantages of telemarketing that you can take advantage of within your company are:


  • It is an excellent way to generate income, Competitive advantages of telemarketing.


Telemarketing has become a very effective tool for companies to generate income. And not only that, since it also shows excellent results regarding increasing sales. Of course, when contacting a contact centre, an initial expense must be made. But in the long term, it is an economic investment that you will appreciate as a business owner.


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  • Will make use of modern management systems


Telemarketing allows you to acquire personnel to communicate with your clients. Modern and innovative management systems are supported by a contact centre, through which information can be obtained in an organised manner. In fact, they streamline processes so as not to lose sight of any data, so the productivity of companies increases significantly.


  • Saves time and resources, Competitive advantages of telemarketing.


When talking about the competitive advantage of telemarketing, we must mention saving time and resources. Hiring a contact centre to handle your sales is a great option.


So you can spend more time directing your resources or activities that generate more income for your company. As for marketing actions, these can be left in the hands of an expert so that the company’s objectives are met on time. Saving time and resources results in better stability.


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  • Works as a flexible method


When we say that telemarketing has excellent flexibility, we mean that the different campaigns that you carry out in your company can be structured based on what can work best.


This way, once the metrics are analyzed, a comparison of the results can be made to make any necessary changes. However, to take advantage of telemarketing, the contact centre must have the experience to contribute its knowledge and give companies the appropriate advice.


The flexibility of telemarketing can also be applied to the scalability of projects according to your requirements. In fact, by outsourcing telemarketing services, you can increase or reduce staff without interrupting the flow of operations.


  • It is a direct contact tool, Competitive advantages of telemarketing. 


BluCactus - Positive experiences in potential customers - Team of telemarketingDuring the pandemic, you likely have lost contact with several customers or consumers.


In this case, it’s time to generate contact again, and telemarketing is the perfect tool for direct contact with your potential customers. A well-designed campaign can be carried out to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself, and it also allows you to feed your database.


You can also get secure information and specific data through telemarketing because they will come from the same client. But not only that, because you will also be able to know in which sales cycle the client is. This is an excellent opportunity to determine the best form of interaction, what can be offered, when, and how.


As a result, the customer can be provided with immediate, immediate, personalised service.


Importance of telemarketing in the company


BluCactus - Positive experiences in potential customers - Woman working in telemarketingAs you can see, the advantages of telemarketing can be used by your company. The reason is that it provides a telephony infrastructure, including physical capacity. Thus, both your pocket and your company will not have to worry about this aspect. Likewise, being an entirely personalised service, it not only encourages customer loyalty but also allows generating new ones.


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or you have a consolidated company. Telemarketing brings benefits to everyone. That is why we will briefly mention below the advantages of using telemarketing:


  • Sales can occur in real-time, so there is no room for losses. This is because calls not converted into sales can become leads for future campaigns.
  • Concerns can be resolved immediately.
  • Professionals can carry out all interactions.
  • It can generate positive experiences in potential customers to strengthen their loyalty.
  • Its agility allows for increased sales and higher income.
  • Savings are achieved concerning expenses in structure, personnel, and technology.


How can telemarketing help your business?


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkNow that you know the competitive advantages of telemarketing, what are you waiting for to apply it in your company?


After a lockdown, all businesses deserve to achieve their goals and can do so in large part through telemarketing. If you need help to start this service in your company at BluCactus, we are here to help you.


We have a team specialized in marketing, ready to work as a team and meet your goals regardless of the sector you work in.


Contact us right now and tell us about your project to explore together which marketing strategies are best for you to implement to reach your potential customers and generate sales.


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