PowerPoint 101: Learn the best tricks to apply the 7×7 Rule

BluCactus - PowerPoint 101: Learn the best tricks to apply the 7x7 Rule - Presentation

Learn the best tricks to apply the 7×7 rule. PowerPoint is an excellent tool that can be included in our marketing strategy to benefit your company in the UK. Its use is very versatile, so you can create quality content to communicate with your audience effectively. Also, a PowerPoint presentation comprises slides where you can add different elements, such as text, graphics, infographics, animations, and much more.


Are you a beginner at handling PowerPoint? It’s okay since there are many ways to learn to make PPT presentations without failing. For example, you can seek the help of professionals to aid you in creating a successful presentation. But also, you can use different rules, as is the case with the 7×7 rule in PowerPoint.


What is the 7×7 rule?


BluCactus - PowerPoint 101: Learn the best tricks to apply the 7x7 Rule - WorkteamThe 7×7 rule must be applied to each slide correctly. This rule tells us that you should not use more than 7 lines or bullet points on each slide or 7 or fewer words per line.


Does it seem easy to you? If there is a rule of this type, it must be for something.


The fact is that it has an obvious purpose, and that is to make better PowerPoint presentations.


The truth is that many people make many mistakes when designing a slide. And one of the most common is to clutter a single slide with a lot of information.


How to put the 7×7 rule on a slide?


The best practice to start putting the 7×7 rule of PowerPoint is to use each slide for a specific topic and use a minimum number of words to develop each point. If you don’t have much experience with PowerPoint, you may think leaving information out will be a great disadvantage for your company. But no, believe it or not, including a lot of information makes it more challenging to retain the audience’s attention.


Therefore, this rule will serve as a method for you to make the information you add to each of your slides as accurate as possible.


When to use the 7×7 rule?


BluCactus - PowerPoint 101: Learn the best tricks to apply the 7x7 Rule - PresentationThere is no doubt that the 7×7 rule works very well, but it works even better when you edit that amount of information instead of wanting to fill in 7 lines and 7 words at any cost.


To do this, there is a very effective way that we will explain below. Ideally, you should write down all the information you want to provide through your presentation.


Then, break down each of those points and start choosing a key message for each slide. This way, you will realise how easy it is to edit much information to comply with the 7×7 format.


To put this rule into practice, you must remember that 7×7 is the maximum amount of content you can include on a slide.


It is not a goal. It is a rule you must meet to end up with a quality PPT presentation. Of course, the rule must be considered without losing the value it offers.


Tricks for good use of the 7×7 rule


BluCactus - read comfortably - Man working onlineApply the 7×7 Rule. Now that you have an idea of ​​what the 7×7 rule of a PowerPoint presentation is, the time has come to give you some tricks so that you can make a more effective design on your slides:


  • Take into account the essential elements of your presentation.


The first factor of the 7×7 rule limits the number of lines of text on a slide to a maximum of 7. In effect, these 7 lines do not include the title. They should only be focused on the essential elements of your presentation. It is the best way to give your audience a preview of the information they will obtain.


  • It is not necessary to use complete sentences.


Each of the seven lines should not contain more than seven words. For this, using complete sentences is unnecessary since using connectors, pronouns, and prepositions can be minimised.


BluCactus - read comfortably - Woman Presentation

  • The audience is the focus of the presentation.


The 7×7 rule allows you to capture the attention of your audience. When you use your presentations to replicate your content, the public notice it and will likely assume what they will present before they say it.


In this way, the audience will lose interest and will not have the incentive to listen to you.


Therefore, analyse the information and summarise vital concepts for a better presentation.




  • Generate a positive perception of your presentation, Apply the 7×7 Rule.


A speaker who goes word for word about what appears in a presentation quickly discourages the public by not feeling involved and considering that they are wasting their time. On the other hand, if you make use of the 7×7 rule, the audience will have a clearer and more positive perspective of your presentation. It will also make it easier for you to retain the information you’re providing. Also, if you speak actively, they will remember what you say and note the points they consider most important.


How about the 7×7 rule for PowerPoint presentations?


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkApply the 7×7 Rule. It is also essential to consider the text’s limitations to make good use of the 7×7 rule in PowerPoint. When you include a lot of text on your slides, you have to use a very small font, which makes it difficult for the audience to read comfortably. Therefore, it is a trick you must practice just like the others mentioned.


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