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Social Media Crisis Management

Social Media Crisis Management | BluCactus UK

Crisis management in Social Media. In social networks, everything looks peachy when you have a business and pleasantly converse with your community. It is also very satisfying to notice that you have their support and likes on your posts. However, everything begins to cloud when you start to see negative comments towards your brand. It is usually a very uncomfortable and worrying moment, which means you may face your first crisis.

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How to sell on Instagram?

How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UK

How to sell on Instagram? In today’s world, online sales are essential for all businesses. Social platforms work as a bridge to connect brands with thousands of users worldwide, and Instagram is one of them. Its exponential growth in recent years has made it the favourite among brands. This is because, due to its many functions, it offers versatility like no other. Besides, this platform shares over 95 million photos and videos daily, and its interactivity reaches 1 billion monthly users. This makes it the perfect place to sell anything from products to services. Because of this, here at BluCactus, we will give you the main tools so that you know how to sell on Instagram and increase your sales.

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How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?

How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint? | BluCactus UK

How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint? Right now, presenting a marketing plan in PowerPoint is more critical than you can imagine. In fact, it’s a must for your company if you want to share your vision more widely. Also, you don’t need to be a design expert to make a PPT presentation nowadays. All thanks to the professional templates that you can find online.

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What will happen to TikTok?

What will happen to TikTok? | BluCactus UK

What will happen to TikTok? Lately, many rumours have emerged about what may happen to TikTok. This is in regards to the sanctions that China received from the US by President Trump. Likewise, Microsoft is looking to buy this app, but they aren’t alone. Twitter also has its eyes set on the platform. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know.

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LinkedIn Stories: What are they and how can brands use them?

LinkedIn Stories: How can brands use them? | BluCactus

LinkedIn Stories: What are they and how can brands use them? In recent years, the way we use certain social media has changed a lot. All thanks to the new updates and features these platforms have implemented. Now, the well-known “stories” are the new trend on the main social networks (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube) and LinkedIn is not far behind. So, the stories as we know them today have become the fashionable format. In addition, they are so popular that new tools have come up to incorporate them into company web pages. Nowadays, they are already present in most of the important social platforms on the market.

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