5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UK

5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing. The popularity of Influencer Marketing has been significant in recent years, but how do you know the profile of the ideal Blogger or Youtuber?


I comment on some peculiarities to choosing them according to the Branding of your brand´s product. Come on, I invite you to continue reading. See you inside!


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing What is an Influencer?


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UKHe is a person with popularity on social media, given his ability to persuade and intervene in users’ decisions regarding purchasing a product after visiting a website or social media.


The strategy of including a leader with massive followers can be an ideal tactic to ensure that your commercial message reaches the defined target, but what are the attributes to consider for a Brand Leader? I present details below:


1.- Establish your own brand: They are communicators capable of transmitting messages effectively and creatively appropriate to the target. They have the creative spark to elaborate the contents precisely and adjust to the product.


2.- Structuring community: Under a set of followers, you can direct your community, and strategies can also be focused so that followers who want to increase their user flow increase.


3.- Versatile: They are adaptable to any business profile you have. Is it fashionable? Is it from Technology? So, they will be adaptable to any user prototype. Their form of interaction must be suitable and adaptable to the circumstance.


4.- Feedback: They will be a valuable means to share information. They will be a link to disseminate information to followers and generate conversations that nurture and create user interest in the product.


In addition, this phenomenon has caused an incredible impact on trends related to digital marketing linked to Opinion Leaders. It should be noted that according to Report Nielsen reports, social networks and brand representatives are an ideal means to reach an audience appropriately.


What is Influencer Marketing?


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UKIt is a strategy based on the use of influential people with social profiles such as bloggers, Instagramer or Youtuber. In this way, you will be more comfortable transmitting the commercial or corporate message to reach the objectives set.


You may be wondering how to establish a link with the ideal Influencer? You seek to approach in discreet, through social networks or mention him in Blogs.


According to the above, you are opening up to create a relationship and propose campaigns to improve online business advertising. By selecting an Opinion Leader in digital media, you can see assertive and appropriate changes depending on the Brand Representative chosen.


For example, we observe how a specific prototype that previously did not consume your product may be accessible to start acquiring it.


When developing an action plan, you will see changes in:


Scope: Through publications, you can be disseminated to a popular and credible mass audience. In this way, the company’s visibility will be broad and precise to the social community.


Relevance: Disseminate information or content of value that captures the attention of users. So, you can plan the launch of dissemination campaigns about your company’s service.


Engagement: When creating an interaction or user feedback about the published topic. In this way, the customer’s relationship with the product can be loyal or increased.


Are you thinking of complementing your digital strategy? By including your planning with Influencers, you take a point in your favour! You can increase the number of users and establish an effective link with the community that identifies with your product.


What are the advantages of Advertising with Influencers?


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UKThe participation of an Opinion Leader is essential if you want to obtain benefits in your company’s Branding. I present more information below:


1. Improve recognition


It helps to improve the authority of your website. You will have the approval of a popular leader in opinion. In addition, your level of advertising will be more assertive and will bring ideal results based on the proximity and reputation of the community.


2. SEO positioning


Your content will add value that brings interest to the target audience. In addition, you can expand the market and your customer profile since you will have a reach. In particular, millennials, who are a digital consumer population.


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UK

3. Organic traffic


It is possible to create content strategies that trap user participation on the web. This will bring more organic traffic. It will also create a flow of recommendations and potential followers or potential buyers of the product.


4. Conversion rate


It is possible to present strategies that promote digital advertising campaigns, so the level of online shopping shows growth. An alternative is to create promotions to reach the user or potential customer easily.


5. Social networks


By creating Instagrammers or YouTubers with detachment campaigns, you will have the possibility to develop a level of interaction through social media. So, you can link in a concrete and precise way.


Keep in mind that a Blogger with an online career handles the appropriate language to approach the target audience that fits your brand.


6. Influencer path


When selecting the leader with social media recognition, you should be chosen based on viral and novel stories that make it popular.


That is, its trajectory must be of the significant impact that impacts the target audience of your business.


How to design Influencer Marketing campaigns for your social media strategy?


When starting with your Marketing planning to increase the visibility and positioning of the company, it is ideal that you make use of opinion representatives and follow some steps such as:


  • Set Objectives, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


You must capture the purpose of your digital planning. Increase brand branding? Do you want better visibility? Digital KPIs such as CPM, CPV, and CPC are measurable through the Metricool or TweetBinder tool, which can be helpful when making the metrics.


In addition, you will have a reference for the effectiveness of your campaign so you can detect if it is adjusted to the target audience.


  • Set Criteria.


When selecting your opinion leader, defining the Buyer person according to the target audience is essential. So, you can consider the association of the specialist and its relationship with your company’s values. For example, does your company sell smartphones?


Based on the above, you are expanding the subject when choosing a Technology Blogger. The ideal is to choose a leader in social media exclusively on smartphones.


  • Evaluate communication, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


Do you think it is enough to give your web or social network a look? Ideally, follow up and evaluate the previous campaigns and the results obtained in detail.


It is appropriate to verify how the participation in the projects was? What was engagement? Remember that they will be the image and representation of your business.


  • Evaluate technical skills.


You can determine the technical skills to disseminate the information to the audience. In addition, the strategies to maintain the interest and participation of each member who makes the posts, visit the web or integrate into the social environment.


  • Quality or quantity of Followers, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


It is ideal for specifying the followers who feel identified with the subject. Social density can mean that many people are not affinity with the issue.


So, the quality of followers will be given by their participation in the publications of the topic, which will give value to the representative of your brand.


What are the tools used in Influencer Marketing?


Online you can get multiple instruments that can help you build your digital strategy based on Influencers and increase the recognition of your business. So, you can choose some of the ones mentioned below:


  • Buzzmonitor.es, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


You will have free access and are limited by use. By using Buzzmonitor, you can carry out research according to your company’s theme and thus locate the profile of Opinion Leader based on the number of followers that best fits what you are offering.



  • Heepsy.


It is an instrument used to locate the brand representative in the social network where you can find them the most. The free version has simple search functions. If you want to access advanced options, you just have to pay.


  • Social blade, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


It gives you values ​​related to the YouTube network through the number of followers, subscribers, interactions, likes, and comments. According to the published videos, it is ideal for locating the most popular YouTubers.


  • Influence Fee.


Just by placing the name of the representative brand Leader under the Instagram network, you can detect the payment they receive for the businesses with which they have a link.


  • Brandwatch, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


Using this platform gives you access to audience data, followers and engagement of users who visit the social network. In addition, you will have a statistic if the relationship with the brand representative can be beneficial or harmful to your business.


  • Linkedin Social Selling.


It shows you the level of influence that a LinkedIn member has from the contact number, visits to his profile, number of comments and recommendations.


  • Fake follower check, 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing.


It was created to debug the Instagram network of fake Opinion Leaders since the social network has been used to commit digital crimes and develop accounts with information with false attributes.


How can BluCactus help you in the Advertising Strategy for Influencers?


5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing | BluCactus UKIn BluCactus, we have the tools to guide you in digital campaigns based on the use of opinion leaders.


Our staff is qualified with the knowledge and experiences in online strategies appropriate to your company’s profile.


In addition, we adjust to the Buyer Person associated with your brand to establish the necessary guidelines that allow the execution of the Influencer Marketing action plan and its respective follow-up.


Do you have doubts? Contact us, and we will give you personalized attention. At your disposal, BluCactus! Your Digital Marketing Agency! Your achievement will be ours!

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