What is Bershka’s marketing strategy?

What is Bershka’s marketing strategy? Bershka has become a point of reference in fashion. To achieve this, they remain focused on satisfying the most demanding customers’ needs. In fact, from its foundation in April 1998, it has been keeping up with the newest trends thanks to its marketing.


Regardless of how famous a fashion business is, today, everyone prefers to follow good strategies to maintain their visibility and be one step ahead of the competition. 


What is Bershka’s goal?


What is Bershkas marketing strategy? | BluCactus UK Before creating a marketing strategy, we must first set out objectives. Otherwise, we won’t achieve anything. This brand works together with a Barcelona marketing agency to integrate both factors.


This agency has long directed Bershka’s digital campaigns based on its objectives.


Increasing the visibility of the brand has been one of the main objectives. For this reason, relevant actions have been carried out for the brand, and e-commerce has been one of them. And to give a concrete example, we will mention three very successful campaigns:


  1. This or that: Contest for the Facebook page.
  2. Hello Japan: Inauguration of the brand in Japan.
  3. Bershka Space Ibiza: Creation of a logo for an event in collaboration with Space Ibiza.


Who is Bershka’s target audience?


What is Bershkas marketing strategy? | BluCactus UK As time goes by, a brand’s marketing strategies can vary according to the needs that customers acquire.


If we have to define the target audience for Bershka, we can say that it’s full of young people.


As a result, it’s an audience that genuinely loves fashion and mainly follows trends.


Similarly, it’s worth noting that the target audience of this brand mainly uses social media. Besides, it also keeps up with the latest advances in technology. That’s why this brand takes these characteristics into account when creating a strategic plan.



What is Bershka’s strategy?


Next, we’ll show you Bershka’s marketing team’s strategy to achieve its objectives. This strategy consists of different campaigns and actions based on several factors.


  • Trends, Bershka’s marketing strategy.


What is Bershkas marketing strategy? | BluCactus UK To meet the expectations of its customers, the brand understood that its target audience follows trends. This is why they make an effort to follow the newest ones to please them.


This is a clear example of the “Best friend crew” collection, characterized by replicating human clothing. This way, both owners and their pets could share an outfit.


Besides, Bershka focuses on inclusive fashion. A clear example of this is its “Sailor Moon” collection.


In it, we were able to see clothing for both women and men. In short, the brand has, without a doubt, followed different trends to meet the demand of its audience when it comes to dressing.


  • Collaborations, Bershka’s marketing strategy.


We are in the era of collaborations, so this plan has not gone unnoticed. The Bershka team considers that partnerships increase their popularity in a high percentage through social media. Besides, offering a more detailed image and working through communication channels such as Facebook can meet this objective of more incredible popularity.


Among the most important collaborations, that of María Pedraza from Elite in 2020 stands out. The protagonists of Elite make constant collaborations with the brand. We have been able to appreciate this Spanish film actress, sharing a post with the hashtag #BershkaStyle. As a result, this collaboration has achieved an engagement rate of approximately 4.80.


The collaboration with songwriter Bad Gyal in 2021 has also been astounding. The announcement was made through a post on the composer’s Instagram. The brand showcased a capsule collection that gave a lot to discuss on social media.


In addition, this collaboration was accompanied by a promotional video that stole the audience’s attention.


  • Fast fashion, Bershka’s marketing strategy.


Bershka wins many consumers worldwide, despite being criticized by many for offering fast and disposable fashion. The truth is that this brand creates its collections with patience and a juicy number of designers to have them ready at the right time. In this way, customers can be offered the products they demand without waiting so long.


This speed is thanks to its marketing strategy and a modern logistics system. The said system allows them to reach any part of the world quickly.


  • Technology, Bershka’s marketing strategy.


This brand has gone hand in hand with technology. It could be one of the best adjectives to describe it. And it’s that to meet the needs of the millennial public and generation Z. It’s crucial to include all the advantages of technology within the marketing plan.


In the same way, thanks to this essential factor, Bershka has been able to stay in tune with trends to surprise its public with what they really need.


How to get Bershka to sponsor you?


Today, influencer marketing is being used by many brands, and Bershka has been no exception. It has been working alongside celebrities and people with social media authority for years now.


In fact, on one occasion, the brand created an exciting strategy with Mexican influencers to present original content through social media. Besides, anyone could upload a photo mentioning the brand, and in this way, they could obtain benefits.


By 2022, the brand will continue to use influencer marketing as it is a sure way to increase visibility and give credibility to products.


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BluCactus - Linn Larsson The goal of a marketing strategy is to establish creative and reliable communications.


A brand as prestigious as Bershka has opted to carry out different marketing activities through many collaborations to differentiate its products.


To add value to your brand and meet the needs of your target audience, you also need an action plan.


At BluCactus, we can help you design your brand’s marketing strategy to increase your visibility and sales.


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