3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales

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3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales. Available for delivery has always been an excellent option for customers. First originating and most popular amongst pizza chains, delivery service has always been a crowd pleaser. In today’s age, where technology continues to advance rapidly, delivery services have become highly successful. Pairing the digital world with delivery has become the perfect duo, and many restaurants have decided to incorporate it. 


While delivery platforms have profited enormously from their services, participating restaurants can also increase their revenue by simply adding it as an option for customers. 


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Being Convenient


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - bagHungry, picky, and busy people want convenience regarding food.


Delivery platforms allow users to place an order easily and receive the delivery quickly. For those who do not wish to place an order on the phone or drive to the restaurant to pick up their food, delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub, have become their best friend.


The Restaurants that know their audience will want to leverage these companies.


The more convenient your restaurant is, the more customers you’ll reach. The more customers you attract, the more your sales will increase. Convenience is a powerfully persuasive factor. Many people would instead opt to pay more, even double, just so their lives and schedule can be accommodated as needed. 


How Can I Attract Customers to Choosing Online Food Delivery? 


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - Woman deliveryAdvertising your delivery options does not just start and stop online. You can publicise your restaurant’s participation with food delivery platforms in the restaurant itself.


People will not automatically know that your establishment offers delivery options through apps.


For those customers, you will have to make sure they find out through their in-person dining experience.


You can spread this info through word of mouth from the staff, highlights on menus or receipts, QR code stickers, posters along the restaurant doors, and more. The more your options are displayed, the more they can be chosen. 


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Raising Awareness


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - Woman deliveryIn addition to being convenient, delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales by drastically increasing awareness. Many people look to food order and delivery apps even if they aren’t going to place an order.


These platforms provide a long list of local restaurants, each with its unique and extensive menu, all in one place. This allows easy navigation for the customer and great advertisement for your restaurant


As users scroll through multiple eateries, it’s not uncommon for them to stop and study their menus. Having your restaurant displayed amongst the others can pique anyone’s interest.


Especially if your establishment has not gotten much attention, this is how you can raise awareness. Even if users don’t decide to order from you, having that spotlight can motivate someone to visit in the near future. 


How Do I Increase My Uber Eats Sales? 


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - Woman deliveryUber Eats is one of the most profitable food ordering and delivery platforms. Like its competitors, it offers users a wide range of local restaurant choices.


If you want more customers to order from your restaurant through Uber Eats, you should ensure that as many, if not all, menu items are available.


Restaurants with the most available entrees and sides can be the most profitable as they’ll keep a viewer’s interest much longer, and the users are more likely to find something that can satisfy their cravings. Sales can also increase if a participating restaurant allows the option for substitutes, add-ons, or specific preferences. Many users are more likely to order from your eaterie if they can customise their order how they would if they were in-person. 



Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Advertising Promotions


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - Man deliveryFood delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales through advertising promotions and being convenient, and raising awareness.


Everyone loves a great discount, especially if it concerns food, and even more so if it involves the food coming straight to your door! Offering seasonal or monthly promotions can automatically motivate users to choose your restaurant as their next dinner choice. 


Many eateries decide to offer free delivery or a percentage off their total if their order reaches a minimum amount. Some can even provide a no-strings-attached discount for simply choosing to buy from them.


While customers enjoy discounted dinners, they can often choose to buy more items when noticing an offer promotion. The more items purchased, the more customers attracted, resulting in more sales. 


What Makes a Great Food Delivery Experience? 


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - deliveryWhile choosing to utilise food delivery platforms as part of your restaurant’s business, once the delivery drivers pick up the food from your establishment, the delivery experience is out of your hands. You can only ensure that you meet customers’ needs concerning the food they’ve ordered.


Detail orientation is vital when receiving a delivery order. Some orders may involve alterations or extras, add-ons, or preferences. Your teams must confirm successful and efficient completion of the order before pick-up.


While customers can become frustrated with delivery ETAs, it’s not your restaurant that will be under scrutiny. However, if a side of fries is missing or requested sauces are left out, it creates an unsuccessful experience with your establishment



Looking for More Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkYou may be a rookie in the food industry, or you might even be a veteran. Either way, you’re always looking for new ways to increase or stabilize your business’ revenue.


Your restaurant’s profits rely on you to navigate the ongoing changes in the digital marketing world, which can be intimidating.


It’s stressful to steer through these challenges on your own, and that’s why we’re on your side. We want to help your restaurant reach its goals and experience growth. Let us be your guide to success! See the link below for a complimentary session. It’s just a short, casual conversation to see if we’d be a good fit. 


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