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Brochure Design. Our team of marketing specialists and graphic designers will give your company the best design of printed promotional material. Such as brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, and flyers. We provide professional marketing brochure design services that your business needs to reach your goals.

At BluCactus, a Brochure Design Agency, we can design all the printed material you need for your brand or business. For example, brochures with a professional design that will serve as the perfect introduction for your brand. With modern brochure design, a flyer or leaflet is an easy and effective way to communicate your offer to a potential market.

In addition, we design information and product leaflets, booklets, and pamphlets for all types of organizations. Furthermore, we can create diptychs and leaflets, are brochures with specific designs. For example, interior design brochures, architecture brochures, construction brochures, Insurance brochures, Travel Agency brochures, and Fashion pamphlet designs to name just a few. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is a brochure? Why do I need professional marketing brochure design company?

Brochures are a popular marketing method for small businesses. Above all, door-to-door marketing is simple and affordable and can attract new customers and boost sales. That’s why professional marketing pamphlet design is so important to expand your marketing plan and to reach a wider audience.

The advantages of brochure marketing and professional marketing Brochure Design Agency

If you offer local services, such as takeaway, beauty services or gardening, the distribution of brochures is an ideal way to disseminate information about your business. When it comes to launching a new company, such as a store, a travel agency or a restaurant, the door drops are especially effective.

Certainly, the brochure is essentially about mass marketing on a local scale. You’re telling everyone in your area about your product or service. That’s why professional marketing brochure design can be the difference between failure and success.

Brochure Design Company that hits the mark

What’s more, you can select specific delivery areas to make sure you’re reaching your target market, such as families or certain types of consumers.

Therefore pamphlets can be used to achieve a series of business objectives. For example, the acquisition of new customers, increase sales, highlighting a special event or promotion and delivery of discount coupons. You can also distribute catalogs or samples of your products to increase sales.

What is a brochure? The goal of professional marketing brochure design

The main objective of a brochure is giving information about a company, about a product or even about an event or service. In short, its purpose is to inform. Because of this, it always pursues simplicity and exposure of clear and concise messages.

In addition, it serves so that companies can have a greater presence and have another channel with which to publicize their identity, their values, their products, and their services. In marketing, it also serves as a complementary way to increase visibility, becoming one of the most direct and effective.

Brochure Design Agency

Well planned and consistent digital marketing, like BluCactus and give excellent results in Brochure Design Services. However, direct mailing is beginning to recover an important within an advertising strategy. If a few years ago, sending a brochure in the home mailbox meant a very low return on investment for any company, today, people look again at the advertising they receive by mail.

Within direct mailing, the pamphlet brochure recovers its prominence and all its strength. Its versatility and variety of formats make it the perfect graphics support to focus the attention of the potential client. That’s why professional business brochure design is key to success.

What are your main advantages today as a direct marketing strategy? Brochure Design

Brochure Design Services

Currently, a brochure or flyer does not necessarily have to be a uniform communication medium with the same design and content for all potential consumers. Digital printing allows to customize it to the maximum by introducing variable data. For example, adapting the message and contents to the interests and needs of the individual who will receive it so that their attention is greater. Obviously, this requires a well-crafted database and good CRM research. Also the design of the same brochure might be different in Dallas, TX as it would be in New York.

Meet your business objectives with a Brochure Design Company


As a direct marketing strategy, the brochure or pamphlet can make people act through incentives. It’s a physical medium that will be visible anywhere in the house and will remain in the consumer’s retina.

Outline a good profitability of your company with a Brochure Design Agency

Good profitability

According to a study published by the English institution Royal Mail, of every pound sterling, spent on direct marketing, 14 pounds are generated, even going up to 40 pounds in some campaigns. Therefore, the return on investment is more than proven. In short, the brochure or pamphlet as a direct marketing strategy begins to be an opportunity that should not be underestimated. The results and data prove it.

What are advertising Brochure Design Services? Its role in a Marketing Plan

An advertising brochure or pamphlet is a form of print advertising with an informative function, usually composed of images and short and concise texts. Its objective is to present a series of reasoned ideas about a service or product.

The product pamphlet or leaflets are framed within direct marketing techniques since they are made to reach the target audience manifestly. They are directly delivered by hand, or they are located in specific places where there is an intense presence of an audience that the business is interested in.

There are brochures of many types, however, the most common format is the Diptych or Bifold

Nowadays there are all kinds of formats, in BluCactus, Brochure Design Agency, we make customized flyers of all kinds, however, the typical brochure is made with a diptych or bifold design.

Diptych – Bifold

The diptych is a sheet of paper or cardboard with a fold in the central part. It is also known as a bifold. As a result, the bifold is a leaflet with four independent faces. A diptych or bi-fold is a booklet. The book is a sheet of paper or cardboard that folds into two parts. A bifold is a method to communicate simple ideas about a product, service, company, event or anything else your business might need. The name of the diptych comes, by definition, from the artistic diptychs of classic art.

The way of the distribution of the bifold is varied. It’s very common to mail the diptychs to the clients’ houses. Companies distribute bi-folds through the mailbox or placed on the counters or in exhibitors or stores.

What are the characteristics of the diptych?

The disposition of the information in a diptych is usually the following:

You print the slogan or phrase of the campaign on the front pages of a diptych with a strong catch-copy to capture the audience’s attention. A seal for company identification is also important. Inside, you display the sales arguments exposing the competitive advantages of the product or service and, generally, supported by photographs or graphics. Finally, designers use the back cover to place the company logo and useful data. For example, location, contact telephone number, and whatever you might consider necessary.

The most popular Brochure Design format the Triptychs or Trifold

Brochure Design Services

Triptych– Trifold

The Diptych is a single sheet with two longitudinal folds, which result in a six-sided booklet. It is also known as 3 fold or trifold brochure design.

A triptych is an informational brochure or leaflet. The trifold consists of three parts. Usually, a triptych is a sheet of paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches also known as US Letter in the United States. At the same time, it’s 297 x 210mm also known as A4 in Europe. The trifold contains the information on the event and institution that organizes it and the dates. In the face inside the sheet come the special guests, the content of conferences, schedules, speakers, breaks, opening, and closing date. In the back of the triptych, you can add additional information necessary for the audience. You can include supporting texts and images, organizing the information clearly on a subject. Due to its size and design, a diptych can have a greater impact on the target audience of your product or event.

What are the characteristics of the triptych?

The disposition of the information in the trifold is usually the following:

The slogan or phrase of the campaign is on the cover of the triptych or trifold as well as the logo that identifies the company. In development, the sales argument exposes the competitive advantages of the product or service, generally, supported by photographs or graphics. The set of three sheets is very useful. The company can present the arguments in a specific order so that the interest of the client grows as they read along.

The different faces of a triptych allow to clearly divide the information, therefore each face should contain its own information.

Blucactus customizable brochure templates

Brochure Design

As you already know, a brochure is like your business card. For that reason, you have to convey a lot of information while showing only a little, so it’s a complicated task. However, with BluCactus your brochures will also have the professional quality that will boost your business. In addition, no design skills are needed. Your professional-looking brochure is just a few clicks away.

Our excellent brochure templates are easy to use. With BluCactus, publish all your next brochures quickly and easily. We invite you to download them and check the quality of the work of the BluCactus designers.

Discover all the default designs that we offer you in BluCactus so you can create your own personalized flyers and brochures in a comfortable way. Choose the template that you like the most and edit it with your own content to get an original design. Also, with our brochure templates, you can create any graphic design, taking our proposed ideas as a reference. Discover your inspiration and personalize your flyers with the characteristics that you want. Moreover, if you need a personalized brochure, at BluCactus we have what you need. Contact us today for more information.

BluCactus can design your professional marketing Brochure

It is important that the brochure cover design attracts attention, that it is attractive and persuasive.
Both the brand and the product have to be very present throughout the text.

The content should be informative, although not forgetting the persuasive part in order to increase sales.

Do you need advertising brochures for your company? Contact BluCactus for a Brochure Design Quote and we offer you a personalized advertising brochure design service at the best price.