Tourist Brochure Bifold

Version: 2.0.0 | Size: 180 MB

Tourism Bifold Brochure

At BluCactus, we have made a brochure template for the tourism sector. These brochure templates are necessary to create advertisements for your tourism agency and its destinations. In addition, they´re a great help to make a presentation of the routes and itineraries of your tourism or business centre.

This brochure template gives you a complete layout. Then you have to keep adding the images, facts and relevant information to see how it becomes whole in hours or even minutes. You can download it, customise it and send it to the press to prepare the copies. Users can also send them online to people to expand the brand and spread tourism.

The charm of San Francisco, the excitement of Miami, and the general beauty of Rome are at the heart of this tourism business brochure template. This colour scheme certainly expresses the diversity and fun of tourism. And also, there´s plenty of space for you to write your offers and travel plans.
You can also easily edit this template to fit your travel destination. There are well-divided segments in this travel brochure template. Because of this, you can describe specific destinations or characteristics of the main destination in it. Also, you can customise the images to your liking.

BluCactus’ travel brochure template inspires adventure and makes your future clients travel on a budget. Brochure templates are a vital tool to promote a business. Companies use travel brochures for topics related to tourism or vacations. Travel agencies use travel brochures to promote any tourist destination.

The creativity and information you show in the brochure are crucial to making a good tourism brochure and attracting people to the target destination. A travel brochure must be exciting and attractive to your public. It must have all the good aspects and specialities of the destination to bring emotion in people.

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