User-generated content as a content marketing strategy for 2023. Many marketing strategies are applied in the United States to achieve visibility and recognition on digital platforms. Content marketing is one of the branches that have gained the most strength and importance in recent months. This is where the material that attracts people and produces a hook is concentrated. All to convert viewers into customers and buyers.


Usually, this content is created with social media in mind, platforms where the majority spend their time. And there is a greater probability of connecting with the desired audience. However, one way to share content on social media is through content generated by other people. Sometimes by the users themselves.


This is known as User Generated Content (also known as UGC), and it is done through the content created, either by micro-influencers or simple followers of a brand. This is one of the most popular marketing strategies for social media. It is currently used for its proven efficiency in creating an organic connection between brands and consumers.


One of the biggest challenges for brands and companies is, in addition to connecting with their audience, being able to win it over and generate a relationship that turns them into loyal customers. Because of that, UGC or User Generated Content is the most attractive strategy to implement to achieve these objectives.


Therefore, continue reading to learn more about this type of method and how to benefit from it, and get great benefits of growth and income for your business.


What is user-generated content or UGC?


BluCactus - User-generated content as a content marketing strategy  - Happy womanSo, we know that UGC or User Generated Content is all that material that functions as content for a brand and that is shared by it but is created by users.


This is why it is considered spontaneous and, in many cases, without prior agreement between the parties.


This type of content is born from a person’s motivation.


From sharing, whether it is their own experience, a product review, the popular unboxing, showing images, videos, or mentions of the brand.


This type of content turns people into brand or company ambassadors. And this is one of the best advertisements that can be counted on.


Incentive for users


The fact that a brand or company shares the content created by a user on their networks represents a reward for them. You are making them even more motivated to continue developing new ideas and becoming protagonists of the brand. In the same way, you can also push and motivate them to continue creating content through initiatives such as giveaways, contests, gifts, etc.


Types of User-Generated Content (UGC)


BluCactus - User-generated content as a content marketing strategy  - Happy womanThese are the most common types of content that users generate on socials:


  • Photos and videos


It is well known that visual content is the most consumed and relevant content on a platform. And it is through this that the reality of a product or service can be shown, being a valuable reference for those who see it.


  • Reviews and testimonials


When a new product is launched or a new place is born, many people are skeptical or reserved to go or buy something because they need to know if it is really good.


So having a real testimonial or review that comes from an ordinary person like the rest represents a great reference for the site. And thus, encourage people who have doubts about consuming and buying this novelty.


Importance of UGC and its advantages


BluCactus - User-generated content as a content marketing strategy  - Happy woman

  • Build trust


As we mentioned before, the fact that a natural and familiar person like the rest shares their positive experience publicly about a product, place, or service (without coming from the brand) will generate trust in the rest of the people to want to participate and try and also have a pleasant experience like the one reflected in the shared content, thus enhancing the credibility of a brand or company.


  • Increased Sales, Content marketing strategy.


By generating trust in a company, customers, and the rest that are not there yet, it is seen as an incentive to consume, and consequently, sales will increase.


BluCactus - we are experts in content marketing  - Happy woman

  • Engagement goes up


The UGC is one of the best ways to generate engagement with the client since you not only attract new people but also retain those who are creating content and are taken into account with their opinions and valuable references, motivating them to continue contributing material.


  • It is an indicator of satisfaction, Content marketing strategy.


Of course, there may be harmful or unsatisfactory reviews when something is not liked, or you want to show that a product does not fulfill its promises. However, it has also been shown that it reflects a person’s satisfaction, which is one of the best ways to measure this indicator.


BluCactus - make adjustments  - Happy woman

  • Generate relevant data to continue working, Content marketing strategy.


The UGC encourages participation with likes or comments, which can be opinions, questions, approval, or dislike. They will give you essential information and data to better understand your audience, their tastes, needs, and the content they value and prefer the most. This helps you gain ground for the design of future marketing campaigns. As well as to improve the quality of your products or services and the content.


  • Improve your image as a brand.


That users speak well of your brand or product helps you improve its image and position yourself positively in the market and among the competition.


BluCactus - make adjustments  - Happy woman

  • Social proof to convince, Content marketing strategy.


Social proof implies demonstrating the benefits of a product, brand, or service through UGC and the testimonials and tests that can be offered to convince other potential customers, influence them, and make them buy with certainty that it is worth what is shown.


  • It implies a low-cost investment with good results


The UGC offers excellent results in terms of positioning, gives strength to the brand, and impacts purchasing decisions. Lastly, it has a long reach, generating a solid commitment to the brand.


But in addition, implementing UGC implies a low investment. Since it involves the audience and their ability to transmit messages to others naturally.


  • Getting Prospects, Content marketing strategy.


Through constant interaction with customers and analysis of shared content, it is possible to understand the audience. And thus improve and make adjustments based on the tastes and needs that each one has.


Ways to implement User Generated Content in your strategy


BluCactus - make adjustments  - Happy womanTo get quality content created by users, finding ways to encourage it is essential. Here are some ideas:


  • It recognizes the most effective platform. Not all social networks have the same purpose. So it is essential to identify the most appropriate for you according to your objectives, which has the most users, and which represents the most significant potential to develop a specific campaign.
  • It encourages users to share images, videos, and screenshots on social media and tag the brand.
  • Once a purchase is made, it is ideal to email the customer and asks them to leave a review.
  • Carry out contests where the best-shared content is highlighted and rewarded. That way motivates users who only observe to want to join this.
  • Add the social share button on the post-checkout page.
  • Offer free samples of your product to content creators and regular customers to try and review.
  • Promote visibility through a hashtag of your brand.
  • The UGC is a strategy that works with significant benefits. Not only to capital but also to the brand’s image, reputation, and loyalty, allowing you to improve based on objective and measurable statistics.


At BluCactus, we are experts in content marketing. So we can boost your brand and make it visible among the competition.


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Why does user-generated content improve your brand ‘s visibility? User-generated content is one of the marketing trends in 2022, and it is expected to continue in 2023. It has become an excellent opportunity to motivate your audience to participate in creating content for your company.


Many companies now have an online presence in the UK, and it can be challenging to stand out. However, as long as you have the help of marketing experts to create good UGC strategies, success is guaranteed.


But first, let’s see why user-generated content advertising brings greater visibility to your brand.


What is user-generated content?


BluCactus - Leave a review related to your brand - Model boyUser-generated content advertising is made up of any publication that third parties create on the internet. The good news is that there is a wide variety of UGC that can be implemented as a content marketing strategy.


For example, public comments you receive on a corporate blog post or your social media posts are part of your user-generated content. As well as:


  • User ratings or recommendations.
  • The reviews related to your products or services received in the Google My Business file.
  • Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your products or services.
  • Guest articles published on the corporate blog, or what is known as Guest blogging.
  • The content generated by influencers or ambassadors of your brand.
  • Videos or images created by followers in response to a contest launched by your brand.


Why does user-created content help improve your brand awareness?


Does a user-generated content strategy catch your eye? We tell you why this type of content brings visibility to your brand:


BluCactus - Leave a review related to your brand - young woman

  • Helps gain visibility in communication channels


Through user-generated content, there is the possibility of gaining visibility through social media. As a result, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition while enhancing your brand identity.


  • Allows us to use a new source of content creation


Currently, many brands use CGU to add value to their audience. A comment on social media or a positive opinion is enough to create posts that attract the audience’s interest. And this all translates to better interaction.



BluCactus - leave a review related to your brand - Woman with a dress

  • Generate engagement


This type of content has a great advantage, and that is that the user becomes the protagonist. What generates a gain of commitment to the brand or what we know as engagement.


  • Leads to a positive impact on SEO


Search engines like Google perceive trustworthy content as valuable. Therefore, if your customers or followers generate content for your brand, it is likely that you can appear in the first results. But not only that, since the user-generated content and social media also improve your branding by increasing the number of searches related to your brand. Consequently, your organic search ranking will improve considerably.


BluCactus - Why does user-generated content improve your brand's visibility? - Woman with a dress

  • Connect with your target audience


In general, users do not feel empathy for such strong advertising. Reason for which is that they do not like to be addressed strictly in a commercial tone. Therefore, today there is nothing better to attract them than the CGU.


  • Increase trust in the brand, User-generated content improve your brand.


It is a great advantage when you manage to generate content of interest to your company without investing in paid media. This is due to the great influence that third-party opinions have when a user is deciding to make a purchase.


Do you want to get more conversions? You can achieve this goal by having user-generated content campaigns on social media.


Tips for carrying out this content marketing practice


Unquestionably, user-generated content marketing helps reinforce your brand. That is why we will give you some tips that will help you put it into practice:


  • Choose the most effective channels, User-generated content improve your brand.


BluCactus - Why does user-generated content improve your brand's visibility? - Woman with SwimwearThe study of social media carried out by the IAB allows you to know the profile of the users who make life on each social platform. It is an excellent way to determine if they are related to your target, and by knowing which platforms are of interest to them, you can carry out other actions. For example, you can create your own hashtag and then encourage your followers to use it to share content that is related to your brand. Thus, you will keep track of user-generated content.


There is another way to know when a user refers to your company: Google alerts for terms related to your brand. They can be activated by the keywords (keywords) you want to receive as email alerts. Thus, you will keep informed of the CGU that interests you.


  • Encourage your audience to create content


If you want to encourage your customers’ opinions, show them your appreciation through exclusive offers, special discounts, and much more. Also, contests on social media are a great option to encourage the creation of user-generated content. You just have to have some creativity to encourage your followers to upload videos or photos with your product and mention your brand with the hashtag they have chosen for monitoring.


  • Request reviews directly from your customers, User-generated content improve your brand.


BluCactus - Why does user-generated content improve your brand's visibility? - Woman with SwimwearSurely you want your customers to leave a review related to your brand or product.


The best thing you can do is speak up and ask for them, as most satisfied customers will have no problem leaving a positive review on your social media, Google My Business, or website.


Many won’t take the time to leave a review unless you ask them directly. If you have a physical store, you can do it personally.


Or also, you can do it via email or by putting links to your Google file or social media.



Do you need a CGU strategy for your brand?


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkAs you can see, advertising user-generated content makes your brand visibility significant.


This is because consumers trust third parties’ opinions more than businesses’ claims. In this case, you need the help of marketing experts to create an effective CGU strategy.


At BluCactus, we have the marketers you need for this mission. In addition, we work together with you so that you understand the needs of your audience and encourage them to be part of your action plan. Contact us right now to create a successful project.


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15 examples of user-generated content to inspire your campaign in the UK. Today, user-generated content cannot be missing from a marketing strategy. This is the most impressive content you can use in your business to increase your visibility and empathy with the audience. This is because it is the most engaging and honest content you can use. So famous brands also generate this type of content to fulfil their objectives.


If you have a business in the UK, you must first make yourself known on social media to create an effective UGC campaign. And if you don’t know how to do it, we leave you 15 examples of user-generated content in this post.


15 Examples of User Generated Content Campaigns


We’ve put together 15 real-life UGC campaign examples that can serve as a reference for creating a successful campaign for your brand:


1. Bruno Mars, User-generated content.


BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - Bruno MarsBruno Mars is a great artist recognized for his music, and some of his songs have more than 1 billion streams on Spotify.


With tools like Flockler, this artist selects feeds on Instagram and other platforms to later be displayed in a web format, both on other social networks and his website.


In fact, Bruno Mars and his marketing team can make real-time changes to feeds or hashtags to announce new concerts or publish a new album.


A campaign like this attracts more audience since it increases the number of followers on Instagram.


2. Chipotle.


Chipotle is a chain of restaurants. They organised a TikTok challenge that has been called #ChipotleLilFlip. As its name implies, the participants had to try to flip an aluminium foil lid on top of their plate. This way, the videos were shared on TikTok with the brand’s hashtag. This challenge has been very interesting, considering that the hashtag has more than 300 million visits. However, some say the figure could be somewhat misleading because not all videos have included the challenge.


3. Acon, User-generated content.


This is a trampoline and sports equipment company. Its campaign is based on the presentation of videos recorded by its clients on Instagram social media. Likewise, it launched a campaign where people could share their sporting moments. To do this, the user could send their video through the hashtag #beatrillseeker at the time of publication. This way, the company can find the content to be included in your account later.


4. Hilton Grand Vacations.


BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - ChipotleIf there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that travel marketers need user-generated content.


Based on a travel study, 95.5% of travellers tend to trust the recommendation of third parties more than the content offered by the brand.


In the case of Hilton Grand Vacations, on their #MyHGV feed, they show off their best Instagram images.


The goal has been to inspire customers to book their next vacation with them. If you have a travel agency, you should know that many use social media and CGU in their marketing strategy.



BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - Acon

5. Lululemon, User-generated content.


This is a clear example from the Try On Haul video (test sample) on YouTube. In the said video, you can see a girl trying on the clothes she bought at Lululemon.


It is worth noting that this brand is not sponsoring the content creator.


However, the girl does her best to show videos with quality content. This speaks volumes about brand loyalty, which is why some commenters have expressed their liking for the videos and the encouragement they bring to browsing the official Lululemon site.


BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - Hilton

6. Fazer x Novita.


These are two Finnish brands that decided to join forces to organise a knitting contest.


To do this, users were asked to design personalised socks with Novita’s yarn inspired by the variety of candies produced by Fazer.


As a result, the winning designs were included in a special issue of the magazine.




BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - Lululemon

7. Windward Software, User-generated content.


Windward Software handles the display of customer reviews and testimonials on its own website.


So, if potential customers are browsing your website, these testimonials would increase their trust in your company.


These reviews, by having full names and often with images in their profile of real users, increase their effectiveness.


The fact is that these types of reviews are displayed with a dynamic widget, which adds an element of surprise to the website and is attractive to all visitors.


BluCactus - Examples of user-generated content for campaigns in the UK - Gopro

8. GoPro.


GoPro works as a marketing company for both photography and video equipment. Its marketing strategy has been based on a series of challenges through which its clients can participate to win different prizes. However, the rules and instructions are clearly on a separate page. Truth be told, the results of this campaign have been incredible.


9. University of Wisconsin, User-generated content.


The user-generated content included in educational marketing allows for cultivating social interest in students. The University of Wisconsin uses Flocker to collect and display social media feeds on its website.


In this way, you can share with the student’s different experiences. As an advantage, this campaign saves the creative team time and reinforces the already published content.


10. 40 hours against famine by World Vision.


World Vision carried out the organization of a campaign called “40 hours against famine”. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness regarding the scarcity of clean water in the world. The main idea was to launch a challenge where 40 hours of something determined was included. It could be 40 miles, 40 hours, etc. In turn, it was a challenge related to a fundraising campaign. In effect, people could create their own challenge alongside the hashtag #40hfnz. For example, a football team played 40 hours of football.


11. Apple, User-generated content.


BluCactus - Types of campaigns to be effective - AppleThis is one of the best examples of user-generated content. Through its “Shot in iPhone” campaign, Apple has highlighted a key feature of its iPhone lineup. And that is none other than high-resolution cameras.


This tech giant uses stunning photos users have taken from their Apple devices. These photographs are published on billboards, television commercials, and social media for this campaign.


The official Apple account on Instagram is full of user-generated content.


Indeed, his page bio invites users to tag their photos with #ShotoniPhone for inclusion. Thus, it is a call to action that many people accept and use.


12. Design for ChangeUSA and Hasbro.


BluCactus - Types of campaigns to be effective - WinwardDesign for Change USA is an international organisation that helps young people transform into empathy regarding social action. For this, a phrase has been used that can transform minds:


“I can.” It also collaborated with Hasbro to encourage parents and children to share social kindness. Likewise, for each act of kindness shared with the hashtag #DoGoodFromHome, he donated a game or a toy to those organisations that offered their care to the children of workers during Covid-19.


Charities that use their social media can attract their audience and increase their donations. Therefore, it is an example of CGU that cannot be excepted.



BluCactus - Types of campaigns to be effective - Wisconsin

13. Georgia Power, User-generated content.


The algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms promote brands or accounts with the highest number of mentions, comments, or likes.


In this case, boosting your clients’ content is an excellent way to increase the number of mentions of your brand.


For example, Georgia Power’s community page highlights mentions of its Facebook page and its campaign hashtags. This encourages other groups of people to participate in your next campaigns.


14. Vivadogs.


Vivadogs works as a monthly subscription service for nutritional products for dogs. It has identified an average of 50,000 happy dogs and owners through the UGC shared on social media. Likewise, its website has integrated a magnetic grid of Instagram images to convince its visitors to subscribe. Again, to increase your CGU, add calls to action in the different points of contact you use for your clients.


15. New Zealand National Cricket Team, User-generated content.


Sports teams also need user-generated content for their fans. This time around, the New Zealand national cricket team showcases a social media feed with tweets, Instagram images, YouTube videos, and much more. It is also a team that receives mentions from fans, players, and reliable regulatory sources. Also, their website’s social media wall uses a very creative feed to welcome their visitors.


Do you need a user-generated content campaign for your brand?


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkAs you have seen, there are many examples of user-generated content.


For these types of campaigns to be effective, the most important thing is to communicate what you want clearly, and in most cases, offer incentives. Indeed, challenges will always be one of the best ways to get content.


Are you interested in a CGU campaign? At BluCactus, we can help you. Our marketers know how to align your user-generated content campaigns with your brand identity. Contact us right now, and we will bring your project to life.


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