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Content Marketing is one of the most powerful tools to increase your brand affinity, build remarketing audiences, drive traffic to your site, and grow your audience. Giving your audience useful actionable content helps your company establish itself as a leading voice in your industry. This translates into more leads, sales, and revenue for your business. At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, we provide top-notch content marketing services tailored to your company’s specific needs so that you can get the most out of your wise investment.

Our Content Marketing Agency UK helps you shine above your competition

Our content marketing services help you transcend your limits and expand your capabilities so that you shine above your competition. At BluCactus UK, we create accurate content that educates your target audience, answers their questions, and establishes your company as a reliable source of crave-worthy information.

It’s not what you tell. It’s how you tell it.

You might have heard that content is king a million times. The truth is that content is a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Without the content your audience loves, none of your digital marketing strategies will work. For that reason, our team specializes in adding to your content the spark that stimulates interest in your company. Hence, we encourage your readers to take the first step into building a long-lasting relationship with you. Because succeeding with content marketing is not about what you say. It’s about how you say it.

Expand your audience reach with the lead-generating content of London’s best Content Marketing Agency

Our stellar content fits in the sweet spot between your industry field and what your audience craves. In this manner,  we help you enrich their lives and go far with your marketing efforts. Besides, our talented multilingual team breaks the language border for you to connect with those who walk a different talk. Therefore, BluCactus helps you conquer both national and foreign markets with the power of quality content!

What do our Content Marketing services include?

We cover all stages of your journey to content marketing success, including developing, writing, and promoting content that resonates with your target audience and spurs them to take action. At our content marketing agency, we boost your business’ growth with our top services, such as:

Content Writing

Content Marketing Services UK

Dazzle your readers with authentic and engaging content that effectively conveys your brand’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. With over a decade of serving global companies, our talented team of content writers superbly craft stories worth retelling. Unlike other content creation companies, at BluCactus, we are experts in determining the perfect content style for you. Thus, we implement custom plans that successfully engage and delight your readers.

For what kind of industries do we write?

Throughout the life of our content marketing agency, we have written for various industries, including tech, finance, gaming, health & fitness, education, e-commerce & retail, sport, travel, fashion & lifestyle, logistics, legal, manufacturing, among many others. Hence, we help your niche buyers trust your products and services thanks to clear, informative, and concise content. This, eventually, translates into sustained growth for your business.

SEO Copywriting

Effective SEO copywriting tells a story. It connects with your target audience. It whips them into a frenzy and entices them to learn more about your company. Your content should help you make money instead of just being a filler for your website. At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, we pride ourselves on being experts in creating a wide variety of content.

Boost your search engine rankings with BluCactus engaging and innovative content

From articles and blog posts to web page text, our SEO-savvy multilingual writing team will create and carefully optimize your content so that it thrives in search engines and reaches a global audience. To do so, we effortlessly incorporate highly competitive keywords into your text. Besides, regardless of your niche or your audience’s language, we help you beat your competition by producing engaging and innovative content optimized for Google search. Hence, our team will ensure that your brand’s visibility increases, that your site ranks highly in the most popular search engines, and, lastly, drive traffic that encourages conversions.

Voice Search Optimization

If you want to make sure your target audience finds you on the web no matter the device they use, then all your digital assets need to be optimized for a world where voice is replacing keywords. You need a voice search optimization strategy that includes thorough planning, keyword research and analysis, content and code optimization, load speed optimization, and any other element that gets your company found through voice commands rather than text commands.

Content marketing solutions adapted to your market demands

This has resulted from the swift progress of AI, which spurred the emergence of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. 65% of the British in the 25-49 age range use voice recognition technology at least once daily to search for things without typing them out. Therefore, if you aim to appear on these searches and, thus, capture this type of audience, you have to partner with a content marketing agency that masters voice search optimization. In this way, your website will remain competitive and be able to reach a highly segmented audience.

What do you need to succeed with Content Marketing?

To succeed with your content marketing strategy, you need to take into account key elements such as:

Having a competitive approach

Every business seeks a competitive advantage that allows it to beat the competition and increase its profits annually. What if we told you that our content marketing solutions could give your company this competitive advantage? More and more consumers are searching online for the services and products that better suit them. Therefore, if you could appear on top of search engine results, you would be able to boost your income.

The reasons why your current content marketing strategy isn’t working. How does a B2B Content Marketing Agency help you transform your business?

Most businesses struggle with content marketing because they don’t have a strategy, don’t invest enough time into planning, or don’t produce exciting content. These business owners are excellent at what they do, whether selling a product or providing a service. However, daily obligations may leave little to no time to learn content marketing and excel at it.

Drive traffic, convert it into paying customers

Content Marketing London

For that reason, leaving your content marketing in the hands of experts can help your company jump ahead of its competitors. A content marketing agency in the UK like BluCactus will set up your website, optimize your content with SEO, and effectively promote it on the web to attract its ideal audience. Consequently, you’ll get more traffic to your website, a portion of which progressively convert into paying customers. When you outsource content creation with a content strategy agency, you are also likely to receive more social shares and backlinks and increase your rankings on search engines.

Strategy enhancement: the essence of our content marketing services

Therefore, as you can tell, content marketing isn’t just about the content. It’s about enhancing the strategies to get your business more customers. As a result, reasonable content marketing solutions should boost your traffic and lead to a significant increase in your rankings and higher revenue for your company. Some of the most critical elements of an effective content marketing campaign are:

Shareable content

Having a content marketing agency master the production of shareable content is instrumental if you don’t want to miss the benefits of increasing your brand awareness. Your brand can have plenty of compelling and engaging content on social media. However, if it’s not shared enough, you’re leaving money on the table. Shareable content’s effect is similar to word-of-mouth, with the added value of the digital world.

Our Content Marketing Agency gives your message a “je ne sais quoi.”

You might be asking yourself, what is shareable content? You must have seen it thousands of times as a social media user. It is content that, when first read, makes you feel compelled to share it because you think others may benefit from it and feel related to it.

Hiring a professional content marketing agency that provides shareable content will help you to:

Create a buzz

Around your products and services on social media, thus increasing your brand awareness.

Get the most out of your budget

When your audience shares your content, they’re not only helping you grow exponentially with each share but also saving you time and money. Why? Because whoever this member of your audience shares your content with trusts him. This trust easily transfers to your content and later to your brand.

Boost your web traffic

The shares of your followers can drive potential customers to visit your website and learn more about your product and services.

Drive engagement

At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency London, we know how to make consumers who learn about your services from a shared post engage with your brand offline and online.

Grow leads

Producing shareable content also has the advantage of helping you know your audience better. For example, content like surveys, contests, polls, and quizzes is an excellent way to get valuable insights into the interests and needs of your audience.

Boost sales

Engaging and shareable content is also persuasive enough to convince people to buy your products. Besides, it can help you boost sales if consumers who share it have already tried your product and recommend it. Sharing it with people who think your product can benefit them gives a personal touch to electronic word of mouth.

A dedicated team

There are hours of careful planning and neat execution behind every blog, service page, social media post, whitepaper, or video. When managed by the right team, your content marketing can bring in high rates of customer traffic and increase sales. At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, our strategists, researchers, writers, subject matter experts, editors, and SEO specialists work together to build your success.

Get a sneak-peak at our process

While every process varies slightly depending on the service and your requirements, our content marketing agency follows a series of general steps to structure your content marketing campaign. These are:

Content Strategy

It all starts with your strategy. Before we do anything else, we perform audience research to determine your ideal group of readers. In other words, we study your audience’s mindset, the inconveniences they have with your competition, and the methods we can use to offer them something better than that of the pack. Subsequently, we create a customer journey map. This allows us to step into your customers’ shoes and see your business from their perspective. Besides, our team carefully selects the channels and topics to enable you to reach your target audience seamlessly. And lastly, we designate a project manager that optimizes our work to maximize your results.

The key to continuous positive results

However, as you might have already guessed, content strategy isn’t a one-time-only stage. While building your strategy from scratch for better results, it’s also important to enhance it and update it once or twice a year to keep it delivering positive results.

Content Creation

Once we’ve developed or updated your content marketing strategy, we proceed to start creating content according to the case. This stage includes several tasks, such as doing proper topic research, making the content structure outline, brain dumping our talking points, and finally, articulating those ideas within a compelling text. The same is valid for other types of content like podcasts and videos, which need a script, for example. Thus, we dive into our creative process with detailed planning to make your audience addicted to your content.

Content Optimization

We write your content so that it can reach the largest possible audience. Similarly to the content creation stage, there’s more work after posting content than you would expect. It doesn’t matter how ingeniously crafted your content is. If it isn’t optimized, give your customers a memorable and engaging journey as part of your marketing strategy. Or, on the other hand, if it’s not easy to find for someone who’s not explicitly searching for it. Simply put, this means that somewhere between creating content and publishing it, you have to optimize it for the buyer’s journey.

A customized approach for your company’s content marketing solutions

At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, we do our best to help you achieve your goals. Our expert team attracts leads to your company by constantly improving your SEO and ensuring you have the right offers in the correct sections of your site.

Content Distribution

Once we have planned, created, and optimized your content marketing solutions, it’s time to publish them. However, people need to find it after doing it, so they learn more about you and your business. Even if your website already drives lots of organic traffic and gets easily seen by your audience, properly distributing your content will speed up your results.

Effective promotion

As part of our content marketing services, our team promotes your texts, images, and videos by sharing them on social media, distributing them across your list of subscribers, and sending it to the people in your network who’d be interested. This is a fundamental step to increasing the probability that people see your content and engage with it.

Content Repurposing

Sometimes our clients tell us that they want to change their buyer persona, redefine the format of existing content, or orient it towards a new target audience. If this is something you have in mind, repurposing your content is one of the best methods to do it while attracting more readers at the same time. But, what is content repurposing?

Is changing the face of your valuable content worth it?

Content repurposing is a multi-channel marketing strategy that puts your top-notch messages in every format and on every platform that your audience uses. A blog post can be recycled in an outline format, which can be part of a slide deck. We can convert that slide deck into a video, that video into an audio file, and so on. Repurposing your content offers you multiple solutions to common marketing issues and situations like:

Reformatting valuable content from one medium to another

There are limitless ways to recycle your evergreen content. At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, we expand your content reach to its maximum. Hence, if you need it, we reformat your content at the necessary times until it’s no longer popular or up-to-date. There are genius ways to exploit the potential of your old content. For example, your webinars can be great video tutorials. Blog posts can be exciting guides, tips, newsletters, and podcasts. You can get the most out of your internal data by using it to write your case studies. Your presentations can be eye-catching slide decks, and your visual content can be an engaging Pinterest board.

Your target audience changed

If your company just went through a rebranding process, you want to reach a more lucrative target market or diversify your business. Content repurposing is the way to go. Besides crafting unparalleled original texts, our outstanding content marketing team can go a long way to make your previous investments in content creation pay off. We restructure, reword, and apply a different buyer persona to your texts according to your business needs.

Content Maintenance

While content might be evergreen for a considerable time, it can still start to perform more poorly than it used to or become outdated. Just like a garden, content needs regular maintenance and nourishment. At BluCactus Content Marketing Agency, we ensure that your high-performing content stays fresh, optimized, and aligned with your commercial objectives. Thus, we help you maintain and improve your search rankings over time no matter how long ago your copy was published.

What makes a great Content Marketing Agency?


The best way to identify whether a content marketing agency is good is to check out its content. An excellent content marketing company will create high-quality content that will drive positive results for your business. To ensure this occurs with the content marketing agency you are considering, verify if the articles they create rank highly in search engines. This is a sign that they do decent SEO work, which says a lot. Besides, you can also look at the number of satisfied clients they have, their reviews and testimonials.

Satisfied clients

Check out the content creation agency’s portfolio, testimonials, and ratings on popular review sites like Clutch, Goodfirms, and SoftwareSuggest. Broadly speaking, a company’s ratings are the result of the cumulative opinion of clients and users that have interacted with it. While this might be just the averaging of positive, negative, and neutral reviews it offers you powerful insight into the inner workings and customer service of the agency of your choice.


The best content marketing agencies always provide a transparent service. This means that they will always maintain effective communication with you and give you a fair price for their services. No hidden fees or costs. At BluCactus Creative Content Agency, we provide customer-centric content marketing solutions. Thus, if you have already set a specific budget for your marketing campaign, we put together a customized package adapted to your wallet.

A proper understanding of the uniqueness of your business

The best content marketing agencies in the UK like ours have built their name in the industry because they understand that all businesses are different. Hence, a seasoned content marketing agency will always insist on making a custom calendar for your unique company. Even if they operate in the same field, two businesses will differ significantly in goals, content topics, and keywords. Whoever tries to implement a one-size-fits-all content strategy in your company doesn’t have enough expertise to realize this fact.

What kind of content can BluCactus Content Marketing Agency create?

Basically, anything you can imagine. Our top-notch creative content team encompasses a wide range of content types, including:

  • Corporate blogging
  • Articles
  • Ebooks, white papers, and guides
  • Infographics
  • Video production
  • Website copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Posters, magazines, and flyers
  • Event backdrops
  • Print/online ads
  • Presentations
  • Standees/popups
  • Brochures, datasheets, position papers
  • Social media content
  • B2B and B2C content
  • Guest Appearances and Interviews
  • Marketing collateral
  • And more

Why choose our Content Marketing Services?

The content we produce fully captivates your audience and dominates search results because it’s user-focused. Thus, it provides a level of thoroughness, usefulness, and clarity not found in competing pieces. Our content marketing agency doesn’t just produce text and visuals. We deliver outstanding content that ranks, engages and converts. Among the top reasons why you should choose us are:

Expert Content Strategists

We are a team of seasoned digital marketing strategists and creative content creation experts who integrate your content solutions into a broader marketing initiative to improve your company’s bottom line.

Partnership Mindset

Custom Content Marketing Agency UK

We assist our clients throughout every step of the process. Our quality services are the result of taking the time to learn every facet of your business and then developing custom content marketing campaigns that are on brand and on time.

Custom Content Strategy

Content Marketing UK

We tailor unique content marketing strategies for your company based on your specific business goals, brand needs, and existing competition. Thus, you get the perfect content strategy.

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