What’s the cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permit?

Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permit

What’s the cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permit? Considering the British government’s standards, we know that an outdoor advertising sign permit has different prices depending on what city you live in. So, to determine its price, we must consider many factors. For example, the company’s nature that requested the banner and their target audience. These are factors that the project’s manager or entrepreneur must be aware of. After all, these define the legal basis of any advertisement action carried out in the country.


Another factor characteristic of this process is its response time of no more than thirty business days. Besides, its validity lasts around three years. These are just a few aspects that the applicant must keep in mind to get such a document. With a decade in the British market, BluCactus now expands its services to offline sectors. Through them, it can offer its clients the full promotion for their positioning. Today, we will talk about how the agency’s services help with the reliability of an advertisement installation permit.


Main guidelines to measure the price of an advertisement installation permit: The cost according to the cost-area ratio.


Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permitThe use and spread of billboards as an advertising medium have become the primary means of offline marketing.


London, for its part, strives to make the most efficient strategies. So, as you can see, using these types of tools in your area is a safe and efficient choice.


Because of this, we can also say that the cost of this kind of legal basis is justified. In general, the department of transportation is in charge of these requests.


There’s a reason why the size of a billboard is also a deciding factor for its price. This is mostly because of the wide range of existing advertising tools.


Usually, there’s a legal basis that supports the following tariff classification. The following information describes the standards this process considers.


  • Advertisements with an area less than or equal to fifty square meters (50 mts2): Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permit.


Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permitThe British government set this limit to cover different kinds of advertising media.


For example, billboards are the main subject of these standards. However, this grouping includes different formulas. The fact that these structures are near the headquarters of the promoted brand or company also affects these processes. Besides, installing an outdoor advertising sign considers the value of both fixed and flexible support elements.


The earliest so-called fixed support groups include sample panels and certain types of panoramas. This focuses mainly on those placed near the main headquarters of the promoted company. On the other hand, Flex-support ads involve banners, signs, and street light pillar posters. All of them are in the same conditions as the previous classification. So, after all this, we can easily say that the price for an advertisement installation permit may depend on the city you are located in but does have a standard fee of £200 per year.


  • Ads with an area between fifty and seventy-five square meters (50/75 mts2): Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permit.


Creating any type of billboard or outdoor advertising of these sizes involves a higher cost. In short, the permit to install advertisements of these sizes is around £350.


Unlike past standards, this includes many more differences within billboards. Overall, their effectiveness doesn’t depend on their proximity to the promoted company.


Because of their importance within the British market, we recommend getting professional advice to get an advertisement installation permit.


Besides, you must also consider the location in which you will place your ad. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure the success of your campaign and get your money’s worth. This also encourages competition between brands.


Main factors that affect the price of an advertisement according to its location.


Cost of an Outdoor Advertising Sign permitOther government sources consider different standards to measure the cost of these services. Position and location are the most critical factors. This kind of permit can validate this tool concerning more specific interurban areas from this approach. Overall, the British government sets a standard value of £26.74 for a square meter. This rate is only for advertisements in city areas such as highways and main traffic routes. Such value is also valid for placing advertisements in historic or protected heritage areas. Green area regions are also part of this.


On the other hand, when it comes to mixed advertisements, the cost of their permit is around £30. These advertisements are those that external mix advertising of different types. 


BluCactus, as a marketing agency, has a global presence all around the world. From our headquarters in London, we assist clients from Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham, and many more in the UK. Our ability to provide outdoor advertising services to companies that need it is very effective. So, if you want to hire us, you can speak with our directors. For this, you can either choose a videoconference or meet us in person.


After the first contact, the team will create a panel of experts to promote this. This will be comprised of professionals related to the offline advertising strategy to be developed. One of the characteristic elements of such a phase of the project is the creation of a working budget. This will allow your company to adapt and to know in a specific way the magnitude of the financial resource that it will have to invest. Of course, we will advise you on each of the application process requirements for this permit. This includes the type of permit, rate, price, and organized management regarding its validity period.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our speciality? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Our group of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world. When it comes to your panoramic design and construction services, we also include the management of the installation permit of the said banner. Besides, all our clients will get custom guidance about their company’s competencies and how to use each of these tools.


BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from creating your business’s branding to the creation of content. Our focus is supporting you with making your website or the administration of your social media accounts.


This online marketing agency, based in London, the UK, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to get the help of the best specialists in digital marketing. Contact us now through our social media or website!


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