Learn how to easily create a marketing plan for handbags

Create a marketing plan for handbags

Learn how to easily create a marketing plan for handbags. Before starting a successful marketing plan with the creation of handbags, it is important to consider certain details. The market has become the keyword for any type of business to ensure financial success and survival. We will give you some excellent tips to learn how to make a marketing plan for a bag company.


A good marketing plan, especially for handbags, should not set aside the relevance that the market will have so that its production and sales are successful.


Therefore, after this point is clear, your first question as a handbag owner should be: What will be the best marketing strategy for your business?


Marketing strategies for handbags


Create a marketing plan for handbagsThe advantage of marketing is that you can apply it to any business project for women’s bags. Therefore, you should focus on adding strategies that may fit into your line of handbags.


Besides, to start your handbag business, you must first choose whether you will be a wholesaler or retailer.


As a wholesaler, you will have the opportunity to sell your handbags to different department stores and retailers. Although you could also be a retailer and sell your products through catalogues or one of the most effective tools today to increase sales, “the internet”.


Similarly, when you start your handbag business, you can be the design and production manager yourself or decide to purchase from a manufacturer or wholesaler business.


Any of these options will be efficient so that you can start your handbag business by applying the best marketing strategies.


What Marketing Strategies Should You Apply for Your Handbag Business?


We have reached the most basic point of this post. Next, we’ll list the points of a marketing plan for an accessories company to make your handbag business as successful as you have dreamed of:


  • Segment the market.


Create a marketing plan for handbagsWhen proceeding with market segmentation, it will be essential that you ask and answer the following questions:


  • Who uses more handbags, young women or adults?
  • What would your age range be?
  • What is the average amount of money they can spend on handbags?
  • Where are they located?
  • What do you want to express by using a handbag as a complement?


As for what they want to express, there’s the fact that there are women who prefer flashy handbags, while others prefer more classic designs and even those inspired by caring for the environment.


These questions will help you find your target market.


After all, doing a study through the web or social media won’t. You also have to contact your customers and be aware of what your competitors are doing and see their behavior on the internet.


  • Create your buyer persona.


Create a marketing plan for handbagsTo determine your ideal client, you must create your “buyer persona. This way, you will better visualize your type of client to carry out more effective promotions.


Besides, the objectives of your handbag business should be clear and focused on women who have the same tastes in common and are interested in your products.


On the internet, you can find a wide variety of blogs that explain the personalization of sales. Although it seems a complicated topic, it’s important to know that Sofía, 22 years old, of Mexican origin, and Marta, 35 years old, located in Colombia, are your perfect clients.


Let’s see an example of a buyer person:


Sofia, 22 years old


    • College student.
    • Works part-time.
    • She is a faithful fashion follower.
    • Lives in Mexico.
    • Prefers to shop online.
    • Likes to use different accessories, and one of them is handbags.
    • Looks for promotions and discounts on social media.
    • Compares the prices of the different brands of handbags before buying.


Just as you can create a buyer persona like this, you can create all you want to have a clear idea of ​​your target audience. This way, you know who to target your advertising and marketing strategies.


  • Analyze the competition.


Create a marketing plan for handbagsHow are the other handbag businesses doing? You must apply this point to know what stores are doing to attract the same target audience.


To do this, you can follow the following elements:


    • Look for the words your competition uses on the web and social media.
    • What are the desires that they seek to resolve among their clients?
    • Observe the attention they provide to their customers through social media.
    • Determine what their tone and language type are.
    • With this, their competitive advantage means if they have stores in different cities, if they have their own applications, or if they invest in advertising on Google.
    • Their competitive disadvantage, that is to say, is if they don’t use tools such as blogs or social media or do not drive the personalization of sales.
    • How they serve their customers after their purchase.
    • Payment methods they use.


Thanks to this list of elements, you can discover which strategies are preferred by potential clients and what other tools may be very useful to apply in your business.


  • Highlight the competitive advantage of your business.


If you create handbags with the same design from another brand, you won’t have anything special to add value to your products. Your business shouldn’t be considered an imitation because, apart from not attracting customers’ interest, it could lead to legal problems.


Of course, if you sell handbags from a factory, the legal problems would move to another matter.


Similarly, if you’re responsible for producing the handbags yourself, you must define your own style. A key tip is to focus on custom bag projects to satisfy your customers. After all, you will be offering advantages that other brands haven’t.


To have a competitive advantage, you must show that you’re different from the others. Within your portfolio marketing plan, you have to detail the following factors, such as what style your brand handles or what type of customer service it offers.


  • Improve your brand positioning, Create a marketing plan for handbags.


All handbags have their own purpose, and it’s a characteristic that sets them apart.


That’s why to improve the positioning of your brand, you must take into account the elements needed to create a business plan for a portfolio company:


    • Price related to your target audience
    • Quality will be subjective
    • Type of style to define your brand
    • Innovation
    • Exclusiveness
    • Benefits it provides
    • Utility
    • Support from influencers or celebrities
    • Product category
    • Competitors


  • Define the objectives of your marketing plan, Create a marketing plan for handbags.


We have repeatedly mentioned the importance of defining objectives as a handbag brand throughout this post. Besides, the goals you have within your marketing plan can be short-term or long-term.


When you think long term, this should be proportional to the objectives you have concerning your business. While being short-term, they can be more direct, which, although difficult to see, they’re more efficient.


For your marketing goals to advance as they should be, you can follow the SMART formula:


    • S (Specific): be precise.
    • M (Measurable): KPIs must be defined to determine if they have been achieved.
    • A (Achievable): specify whether the plan is reasonable or realistic.
    • R (Relevant): the interest of your business for the reach of customers.
    • T (Timely): the date the plan is to be achieved.


To achieve your marketing objectives, your team must be aware of them. Besides, these objectives can be qualitative to determine the market position and quantitative to know the benefits and if customer satisfaction is achieved.


  • Take into account the marketing mix, Create a marketing plan for handbags.


The marketing mix consists of a set of helpful actions for positioning a brand. On the other hand, this type of marketing is fixed in 4 main elements:


    • In this case, the product that it offers to the market is the bag business.
    • The cost of the product for its customers and the profit margin for the company.
    • Channels used for the distribution of your products.
    • How to get the attention of the consumer.


  • Define the budget for your marketing plan, Create a marketing plan for handbags.


The less budget you have for your handbag business, the more creativity you should have when launching your marketing strategy.


This way, you can make it as effective as the strategies launched by other more recognized brands.


Therefore, within your marketing plan, you have to detail which spaces can work best so that your brand has a better visualization. Some of the best channels are social media, Google, websites, blogs, radio, billboards, etc.


The idea is that the promotion of handbags is segmented into the sites where your customers will look for information to make the purchase process.



  • Create sales promotions, Create a marketing plan for handbags.


What sales promotion will your business carry out? You may have forgotten about this point. Because of this, we will leave you some key points to attract your first customers:


    • Segment your promotion to the public that needs your product.
    • The slogan of your promotion should be easy to understand.
    • Each promotion must be launched with a specific objective.
    • Determine a specific time to check if the promotion has been successful or not.
    • The promotion must be real.
    • The conditions of the promotion must be clear and concise.


Some of the most used promotions by clothing and fashion accessory brands are 2×1, giveaway contests, loyalty programs, digital discount coupons, combos, etc.


  • Analyze the results of your marketing plan through a CRM.


CRM has become very important in fashion brands to manage information related to sales, employees, customers, and marketing strategies.


This way, you can discover the strong points that increase your income. All while also figuring out which can be the weak points that make you lose it.


When designing a digital marketing plan with several actions, you must analyze which of them is the most efficient. This way, customers will feel interested in visiting your physical store.


Using a CRM will avoid filling out Excel charts. After all, you’ll be able to have all the information related to your customers in one place and other needs related to your brand of handbags.



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