How to create a user-generated content strategy?

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How to create a user-generated content strategy? Every time you take a selfie and upload it to social media, you make this type of content. In fact, there are overwhelming numbers surrounding this strategy that brands of all sizes can use.


As time passes, both marketers and companies are looking for new ways to connect with their target audience. In the UK, if you have an online store, you can search among users how they use your products. This way, you can take advantage of this endorsement to build credibility.


In this post, we´ll offer you the keys to take advantage of the potential extracted from a user-generated content strategy.


What is user-generated content?


BluCactus - How to create a user-generated content strategy? - CellphoneUser-generated content (UGC), in a nutshell, is content created by people who use your products. Likewise, it is a type of content that can be presented in different formats, such as podcasts, blogs, photographs, and much more.


Typically, a brand’s users create user-generated content to showcase or recommend a product to their community. The most important thing about this content is that it is usually very beneficial for brands that want to promote themselves.


However, marketing user-generated content often makes up a product, as is the case with YouTube. The content created by users is kept on the platform so that other people can use it. It is a type of content more related to marketing and entertainment.


Now, when we talk about driving sales, the idea is to be able to create user-generated content that helps you market your products. Therefore, it is convenient to create a strategy that allows users to produce content that improves the presentation of your products and shows its usefulness to other users.


Why is content generated by an impartial person important?


BluCactus - How to create a user-generated content strategy? - Model User-generated content is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. Why? Because it helps build your brand reputation. A user who admires your products online and demonstrates how they work builds brand awareness by making it known to new audiences.


Indeed, the UGC must generate confidence so that new potential buyers appear. A person who creates content related to your products recommends and endorses them. And in many cases, they will be the best option because they are seen as something more authentic, generating trust.


Similarly, this user-generated content also helps you understand your audience to make the best decisions regarding a marketing strategy. In addition, the CGU also allows you to obtain information on why users use your products and what are their most interesting features.



How to design a content strategy for your online store?


BluCactus - How to create a user-generated content strategy? - Take a pictureAs we’ve already mentioned, a user-generated content strategy helps your community feel more confident in your brand. Now, learning how to use it in your favour and when it will be useful is essential. This is the most practical and effective way to create this type of marketing strategy:


  • Select platforms that are adaptable to your audience.


We start with this point since it is important to consider it in marketing user-generated content. Whether you want to publish a testimonial video or a contest, you must choose your target audience’s social media. Similarly, to easily understand where your target audience is, you can analyze the data you find on social media. Monitor the platforms where your followers hang out and see how they engage with your brand. Also, investigate where the most traffic is generated to your website and your visitors’ behavior.


This way, you will understand which user-generated content campaign you can apply.


BluCactus - How to create a user-generated content strategy? - Model

  • Request permission from users to share your content, Create a user-generated content strategy.


It is common for many users to appreciate it when you include them on your social networks or website. However, it would help if you remembered that user-generated content remains the property of the person who created it. We clarify this since taking the content without permission can bring inconvenience in the future.


However, you should also consider that many people, even those who want to be future influencers, may feel unhappy if you share their content without any compensation. Therefore, do not forget to ask permission to publish this content. And do not rule out the idea that someone demands a reward for its publication.



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  • Create a strategy with purpose, Create a user-generated content strategy.


A strategy with purpose will be well valued in social media or any communication channel.


Best of all, a user-generated content campaign allows you to showcase your brand identity and story to create a community.


For example, if you defend a cause, let your audience know. And thus, those who support the same thing will feel identified with what you are promoting and will join. In addition, it is a more original way to know the profile of users aligned with your brand’s values.


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  • Do not forget to create a strategy with authenticity.


Knowing what the competition is doing is essential but copying what they are doing to reach your target audience is a big mistake. In this case, a large number of users consider user-generated content to be more real than content created by brands.


However, it would help if you also were careful about wanting to display content that looks authentic but isn’t. Since customers can detect any counterfeit. For users, it is disappointing to know that a brand has lied to them. This is why you must ensure that user-generated content is genuine, not sponsored.


Now, if this is actually a post that an influencer has sponsored, this should be made clear.


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  • Take diversity into account.


User-generated content marketing is an excellent opportunity to include different types of people who use your products. This way, this strategy is perfect for showing your users the representativeness of your business. In fact, this is a strategy taken into account by world-renowned brands.


An obvious example of this is the Calvin Klein brand, which through its advertising campaigns, has wanted to promote body positivity by including photographs of people who break the stereotype of what, for many, would be a perfect body.


The most important thing for this type of content is to make a good representation of diversity to encourage the support of any people.


  • Focus on boosting your conversions, Create a user-generated content strategy.


Seeing that many users publish positive content about your brand, it about normal that you are tempted to post everything so that others can see the value you are generating. However, using content without a previous strategy will not bring you closer to the potential client or the fulfilment of the objectives you have set.


In this way, we recommend that your UGC is linked to specific campaigns. Suppose that at this moment you want to sell a particular product. In this case, you can publish explanatory videos, reviews, or other content that recommends that product and is helpful to the customer.


Would you use UGC to promote your products online?


BluCactus - Linn LarssonAs you can see, a user-generated content strategy will help you build a community that supports and continues recommending your products. Of course, this type of content must be guided by a strategy that properly raises brand awareness to build trust.


The idea is that you reach a larger target audience with actual content. So that users are truly amazed by your products. This marketing strategy works perfectly to make your brand known, and at BluCactus, we can advise you and help you create it. We have marketing specialists for creating marketing strategies for small, medium, and large companies. Contact us, and we will help you publicize your products without invasive advertising.


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