Tips for dental clinics to take advantage of ad management on Google ads

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Tips for dental clinics to take advantage of ad management on Google ads. If you have a dental practice, you should know the importance of using Google Ads. This ad platform is becoming more relevant in search results pages every day. So the health sector has understood that paid traffic must complement organic SEO traffic.


Thus, many dental clinics have achieved their goals through Google Ads. So, we will give you nine great tips for you to take advantage of ad management on this platform. 


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How to advertise for a dental practice on Google Ads?


When it comes to managing ads on Google Ads for a dental clinic, there are common mistakes that many businesses make but that you cannot make. That is why, to optimize Google Ads and attract patients, we recommend you to follow the next tips: 


  • Focus on the long tails of your dental clinic’s services


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneBeing a generalist in Google Ads can be a big disadvantage. For this reason, searches for one or a few words, such as “dentist” or “dental clinic,” have a low conversion rate. Especially in large cities, only large dental clinics can compete in these types of searches. 


However, other keywords can help you a lot. Generally, the long-tail ones as they can incorporate more than a single word per query. So, the more volume you have and the more specific they are, the more satisfactory the result will be. 


In this way, you are more likely to attract potential clients interested in your dental services. Also, you can make the terms for which you are competing more affordable than keywords searched by all users. In particular, thinking about your niche and buyer intent is important.


  • Be aggressive with negative keywords 


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneIn case you don’t know their meaning, negative keywords refer to those terms for which you don’t want your ad to appear. Here are some negative keywords


  • Provinces, communities, cities: that are outside your target location. 
  • Cheap, free: terms that include words like these, as they typically attract low-quality customers. 
  • Resources: terms that are associated with courses, guides, etc.  
  • Education: terms linked to words such as scholarships, college, and university.
  • Studies, careers: terms linked to job listings, jobs, careers, etc. 


There are undesirable terms as they have little chance of being a qualified lead. Therefore, if you want to get qualified leads to convert clicks into patients, you cannot waste money on low-converting searches. Negative keywords are applicable for both full campaigns and ad groups.


Being aggressive with keyword exclusions is a technique that helps you increase your conversion rate. It reduces the number of unnecessary clicks. This way, more qualified users will visit your website or landing page.


  • In addition to cities, address zip codes


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneThis point is essential, as you must be very specific regarding Google and its locations. That is why Google Ads keywords for dental clinics should target zip codes and not exclusively cities. Also, you can segment by location.


Taking advantage of the fact that this platform allows the creation of a radius of action, starting from a specific point. Therefore, a good example would be 1 kilometer around the location of the dental clinic. 


Some areas of your city may be more suitable for targeting than others. These could be communities with better economic status or larger populations. For this reason, you should list these areas by zip code.


  • Focus on bidding on Google Ads for your clinic’s name


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneIf you are already ranked in the SERPS with your own brand terms, the work is not over, as you must also advertise for these terms. Why? If you don’t bid, one of your competitors will likely use your company name for their ad group. As a consequence, he will divert your customers to him, and this is what is known as “brand theft.”


This means that even if you rank first in Google’s organic search results, one of your competitors will appear above you in the paid advertising section for your own brand.


Another point to take into account is that by bidding on your own branded terms, there is the possibility of paying much less than your competitors for a higher quality score. It is an affordable way to protect your brand in Google search results.


  • Separate your ad groups by dental services in Google Ads


BluCactus - man showing google ads on her phoneA large number of dental clinics have the bad habit of grouping their keywords and ads into a single ad group. Thus, all users will see the same ad regardless of the term they are searching for.


This is not a correct practice, as Google Ads gives you the possibility to set up different ad groups. The use of this function is very useful to segment your keywords based on the intention of your audience. This way, you will have a more competent campaign.


Google Ads optimization for dental clinics is based on the fact that the ad matches the keyword searched. This increases the likelihood that only the right customers will click. So, to be a pro at separating your ad groups, divide keywords by services to target your ads depending on what people are looking for. 


  • Take advantage of device bidding adjustments 


BluCactus - ads for dental clinicsNowadays, most users find products or services through tablets or smartphones. This can be a problem or a good thing if we increase the exposure of the highest-performing devices. How? By using the bid-per-device settings, which can be used in both campaigns and ad groups. 


You can select “Devices” from the campaigns interface in the “Segment” tab. Once you have the data to identify the best-performing devices, you only need to apply the bid per-device settings. To do this, you must set certain percentages that will range from -90% to +900%.


Let’s say you run a campaign that performs well on mobile devices, with a minimum CPC bid, but you want to increase the number of customers who see your ad on mobile. You can make a 10% increase to improve searches on mobile devices.


Now, if you are not interested in showing your ads on mobile devices, you can set the bid adjustment to reduce the campaign exposure to the minimum percentage. 


  • Take advantage of Google Ads Ad Extensions 


BluCactus - dentiste on laptopThe worst thing you can do in Google Ads is to pay for ads that do not stand out and never stop being invisible. The salvation is the ad extensions provided by Google. Because they are free and very useful tools that allow you to improve your ads. Likewise, you will have greater visibility and ease for potential customers. 


Using Google extensions increases the click-through rate, as they give more visibility to your ads. They also help to improve your presence on the results pages, providing relevant information: your location, reviews, phone number, etc.


Google ad extensions include:


Calls to action: These work to promote specific offers or other features.

Call extensions (“click-to-call” extensions): used to add phone numbers for calls from mobile devices.

Location extensions: used to display your office address on all ads. 

Sitelinks: ideal for adding more links to your ads.



  • Create local search ads in Google Ads for your dental practice


If your dental practice is dedicated to serving local patients, you can create local search ads linked to your Google My Business account. You can show your address and reviews in local search results. This way, you will increase your customers’ clicks effectively.


Similarly, for local search ads linked to Google My Business, location extensions should be configured to show the location of your dental practice. You will also have the advantage of potential customers getting more information about your business, including photos and opening hours.


  • Conduct campaign experiments 


BluCactus - clinic equipment for dentistsIn order for a campaign of your dental practice to be successful in Google Ads, experimentation plays a key role. On the one hand, there are the A/B tests for landing pages, and on the other hand, Google also provides great help with its “campaign experiments” function, which is integrated into Google Ads.


Campaign experiments allow you to check whether campaigns have good performance, and for this, you can test with elements such as:


  • Ad copy
  • Keywords
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad extensions
  • Bidding strategies


There are some exceptions for campaign experiments, such as shared budget campaigns and certain automated strategies like target outranking quota and search page location.


Based on what you want to test in your campaign experiments, it is advisable to leave them running for a set amount of time, it could be several weeks or a month. The important thing is that such an action is specified to set a budget and configure the experiment.


Do you want to be successful with a Google Ads ad for your dental practice?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Undoubtedly, Google Ads is an effective and profitable tool for your dental clinic. If you are thinking about future campaigns to get qualified customers, at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and we know how to benefit your business to have greater visibility in Google search results.


Contact us now, and we will provide you with the professional advice you need.


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