Seven digital marketing trends for banks in 2022

Digital marketing trends for banks

Seven digital marketing trends for banks in 2022. It is no secret that banks face different challenges as time goes by. This is due to the new alternatives appearing in the financial sector recently. After all, they can attract the most significant flow of customers.


That’s why, if you want to join this sector, you must know the latest marketing banking strategies. This is if you’re going to succeed in 2022. For this, today, we’ll talk about the solutions that exist at the moment to get ahead in the banking sector.


How to attract new customers to a bank?


One of the main objectives of the financial sector is to attract new customers. For this, it is essential to guide us by the seven digital marketing strategies for banks during 2022:


1. Digitization


Digital marketing trends for banksThe financial companies that decide to join the digital age will win this sector. This is a point that you can’t ignore. After all, the path of digitization is the right path. It has been for quite a few years now.


No matter the size of a bank, if it doesn’t join digitization, it runs the risk of being replaced. In other words, not adapting to this marketing plan could lead to your bank’s failure. That’s why you must understand how digital strategies influence banking to consolidate a successful project.


Besides, today’s generation doesn’t like bureaucratic procedures or long wait lines. Because of this, they prefer to enjoy a digital experience from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, today, many customers need a payment platform to access whenever they want to pay for their subscriptions to Netflix or any service.


Ideally, banking should be able to adapt to new demands. Instead of just focusing on traditional financial products, it should offer an entirely digital experience.


2. New technologies, Digital marketing trends for banks.


Digital marketing trends for banksThere is much to talk about new technologies, mainly because you have to consider them within the marketing strategy for banks:


  • CMR Technologies


First, banks must become familiar with CMR technologies because they help with customer management. This technology allows to organise and follow the results of strategies correctly. This means that other programs such as Excel are already in the past.


  • Artificial intelligence


Other technologies that are important to consider are artificial intelligence. Through it, you can follow the client’s interaction with the added tools to determine if it works well or if there should be an improvement.


Digital marketing trends for banks

  • Big data


Big data is another of the critical new technologies since it allows the management of a large number of data, which helps decipher essential information of consumers.


  • Internet


We cannot mention the internet since we are talking about new technologies. This tool is essential since, together with the devices, it helps to improve processes and identify how consumer behavior is evolving.




  • Payment options


It is also essential to consider the different payment options for banking. NFC, cryptocurrencies, and virtual cards are some of the possibilities that new technologies now offer us, and we must know how to take advantage of them.


  • Blockchain


Finally, blockchain technology offers transparency and other innovations such as smart contracts. Also, this is one of the most peculiar new technologies. Although it is not so easy to understand, it can be applied with the help of digital marketing professionals.


3. Web design, Digital marketing trends for banks.


This point is very relevant, so it cannot be missing from digital marketing strategies for banks in 2022. Web design is essential for banks since this will be the first meeting with customers. The website becomes an office open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so it must meet specific requirements to offer efficient service.


First, the bank’s web design must be fast and easy to use. However, it is also essential that the web design is professional and optimized so that the user experience can be pleasant.


Besides, banking web design should adapt to SEO to have a good position in Google searches. After all, people search for banking services through this tool. Similarly, sales pages are another element that cannot be missing in web design. For this, you must include sections where all available services can be explained and offered.


Besides, today, blogs have become essential to share information of interest. Said blog must be within the website to show customers exciting content and create closer communication.


4. Trust and reputation, Digital marketing trends for banks.


Bank digital marketing campaigns must be well-thought-out to generate trust and reputation. You are probably wondering how to achieve both goals right now, and we will explain it to you below.


Workshops on financial capacity can be offered in person or online to attract people and, in turn, promote the brand.


Besides, we can optimize our profile in Google My Business to get positive comments as long as good service is offered.


The creation of support programs for entrepreneurs and the generation of solidarity campaigns or the care of the environment are also important. Customer loyalty campaigns generate a better reputation and encourage consumers to become brand advocates.


5. Social media


Social media is also part of banking strategies, and we want to start by focusing on YouTube. Although this platform isn’t a social media platform, it provides this functionality. It helps achieve a greater flow of customers to the website, as long as high-quality content is published.


You can carry out the same strategy as a blog on YouTube. However, keep in mind that both niches must be adapted to SEO to attract people, considering that YouTube is one of the most used on the web.


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are other social media platforms you can use to publish helpful content for users. Besides, TikTok is another platform on the rise which allows connection with new generations through the publication of short videos.



Social media works as a communication channel. It also is the best feedback tool because we can create large communities, such as Facebook groups.


In conclusion, the participation achieved with users (engagement) is the most crucial aspect of social media.


6. Blogging, Digital marketing trends for banks.


Blogging is also a financial marketing trend, believe it or not. It consists of creating a blog to attract customers and gain their trust. This way, you can achieve a better positioning than other banks. When you carry out this strategy, you can access many Internet users who can later become customers.


Now, how to start with a blogging strategy? You must have a space on your website with the name of “blog” to publish helpful content to each client.


Every day, thousands of people search for any information on the internet. When we focus on helping them, we can quickly get a greater flow of users interested in our products.


Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the most frequent doubts regarding the banking sector, to begin with, the writing of articles or guides that can clear up this type of doubt. In this case, you can hire the service of a web editor to have quality articles on the blog.


Periodicity is also an important point. In this sense, you must post content at least three times a week. Similarly, a practice that can also be very useful in publishing guest articles and is based on writing for other blogs and sharing article links.


7. Paid digital advertising, Digital marketing trends for banks.


This trend is also an excellent option for banks, and we will take Google Ads as our first example. This is Google’s advertising platform. You can reach people looking for financial services and products available on Google through it.


This platform is one of the best because you can position an ad in Google searches related to what the user wants. Also, this platform has many tricks you must know about to get the most out of it. Similarly, we also have Facebook ADS which it’s also a good option. This, as long as we know how to segment the public to whom we want to reach.


The sponsorship of influencers part of the financial sector is another option for paid digital advertising. There are many influencers related to this sector and investments. Through them, you can connect with the new generations. But how? Even if the new generation doesn’t trust banks, they believe in their favorite influencer. All you have to do is get them to talk about your bank and what it offers.


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