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5 fashion brands with a youth target audience. Like any fashion lover, young people interested in dressing well focus their attention on brands that offer clothing and accessories that suit their style. For this reason, they are an important target for many brands. There are even fashion brands whose target focuses solely and exclusively on a youth audience. Among young people, one of the keys is to wear wide clothes and to bet on garments in neutral colours such as white, black, and grey. If you are part of them and are interested in fashion brands that offer clothing for young people, today at BluCactus, we are talking about 5 fashion brands with a youth target audience. Are you ready? Let’s see!


5 fashion brands that focus on a youth audience


Young people today are increasingly interested in fashion. For that reason, many fashion brands focus on them as their target audience. These brands have achieved success because their designs are in line with current trends and their prices are more affordable. In addition, there are fewer periods between collections, which allows them to innovate and adapt to what young people are looking for


  1. NIKE, Fashion brands with a youth target audience.


BluCactus - Fashion brands with a youth target audience - NikeWe start this list of fashion brands with a youth target audience with Nike. Nike has managed a strategy to adapt to both times and tastes. Their marketing strategies are based on a clear and polished image, the combination with high-tech ‘gadgets’, and the understanding of the importance of social networks.


So forth , Nike is also the most followed fashion brand on Instagram, which allows the company to have contact with the customer database. Also, it makes sense that Nike would be above more traditional fashion labels. Why?


Because leggings are making a comeback as real trousers, the popularity of sportswear is growing, and sales of denim clothing are declining.So, In this case, Nike starts, unconventional colours, lines, and architectural cuts are imposed on the garments and a fresh, youthful, and urban style is created.


  1. Zara


BluCactus - Fashion brands with a youth target audience - Forever 21The second brand on our list is Zara. Why? Because the Zara’s catalogues are focused on a young audience such as baby’s, children and teens and have there own separate section called ‘ Zara kids’. However this brand also targets middle age men and women. Selling products such as: Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Swimwear, Beauty, and Perfumes. Henceforth, there are loads of products that you can wear without any problem beyond this age. 

Continuing on, Zara was founded in 1975 and now is one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, and the head quarters are based in Arteijo, Spain.

Zara releases approximately 12,000 new designs yearly corresponding to the different seasons throughout the year, making heavy garments such as coats, jackets, knitted wear,hoodies/ sweatshirts in the winter and In summer more light colours and more breathable fabrics such as blouses, dresses, linen trousers, sandals etc.



  1. Primark ,Fashion brands with a youth target audience.

Primark is a affordable UK retail clothing brand. The company sells not only general clothing but swimwear, footwear and beauty, and accessories designed to target teens and young adults. Primark also has it’s own section for home-wear including: Furniture, outdoor dining, home decor, travel& luggage. It is one of the favourites in the UK among young people for the fresh and youthful style of its clothes but also makes it affordable for those who don’t want to spend there money on  expensive brands.




BluCactus - Fashion brands with a youth target audience - LululemonWe can’t have a blog about youth-based fashion brands without mentioning Lululemon!


It is a company dedicated to the retail trade of sportswear, especially for the practice of yoga.


However, Lululemon has even led users of the brand to wear the garments in spaces other than sports venues. For example, within the framework of the “athleisure” movement, which corresponds to a fashion trend in which garments that allow you to exercise and wear casually, are imposed. This trend also contemplates the design of garments inspired by sports activities but using unconventional materials for physical activity, such as silk, leather, and accessories.


If you are a youngster who loves athleisure fashion, Lululemon is the ideal choice.


  1. H&M, Fashion brands with a youth target audience.


And finally, among the fashion brands with a youth target audience, we have H&M. Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) is a Swedish multinational clothing retail company. It is known for its fast logistics handling of fashionable clothing for men, women, teens, and children. H&M currently exists in 43 countries.


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What is the target market for a clothing brand?


BluCactus - fast fashion brands - woman with cellphoneThe target consists of the group of consumers whose characteristics, desires, and needs are more suited to the products and services offered by a specific brand.


It is also called a niche market or potential customer. When there is a clothing store, online or physical, the products they offer focus on a specific audience.


For example, clothing for women, men, adolescents, children, and babies. Even clothing for a specific age range, style, etc.


Fashion brands with a youth target audience focus on young people typically aged between 18 to 25.


Their clothes are more in line with the outfits that they feel comfortable in. Even so, fashion brands can target different markets, depending on their goals, preferences, and other factors.


How do you find the target audience for fashion?


In the fashion industry, defining the target is based on several processes. The brand should start by researching the audience, what characteristics define them, their preferences, etc. Then you must analyse social networks, study the competition, evaluate, and specify the product offered. In addition, banner ads should also be tested with that target audience.


What age group buys fast fashion? Fashion brands with a youth target audience.


BluCactus - fast fashion brands - Young boysThe public that consumes fast fashion the most are women, followed by young people. For this reason, many fast fashion brands, such as H&M , target this audience. Nonetheless, with all the social and environmental problems generated by fast fashion, many young people are aware of this and give up on these brands. For this reason, many brands are beginning to adopt sustainable fashion.


The 5 fashion brands with a youth target audience are ideal for those young people who seek to dress well and in style. These brands know that focusing on one of the largest and most demanding target audiences is an opportunity for success. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our updates. See you in a future BluCactus blog!


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