What is Fendi’s marketing strategy?

Fendi's marketing strategy

What is Fendi’s marketing strategy? The Fendi brand has been synonymous with luxury since its founding in 1918 by Adele Casagrande. This Italian fashion firm represents elegance, style, craftsmanship, and innovation. Likewise, through its collections shown each season, it offers leather goods and shoes, sunglasses, and other accessories. All of them that can satisfy the needs of men and women.


However, like other luxury brands, Fendi has understood that a marketing strategy is ideal for reaching its target audience. And increasing sales. That is why this brand has carried out exciting strategies such as the F Is For… Fendi concept. And other actions that we will mention in this post.


What is the Fendi logo?


Fendi is characterized and differentiated from other brands by its discreet and straightforward logo. It has a capital double F, where one is upright and another upside-down. Similarly, this letter was chosen for the brand because it comes from the family surname of Karl Lagerfeld, its designer.


In the case of Fendi, regardless of whether it has a primary or more extravagant logo, the fact is that all brands must have a logo. Since when guiding us through marketing, it is an element with great weight.


Cristina Monfardini has made a significant contribution to Fendi’s marketing strategy.


Fendi's marketing strategyAlthough there is not much information accessible and related to Fendi’s marketing strategy, through the #StateofInfluence series, a report was released on the status of influencer marketing. There Fendi’s Director of Global Communications was able to tell us how they implement the strategies around this brand.


Cristina Monfardini, at that moment, had the opportunity to talk about F Is For… Fendi. She has been the millennial sister of Fendi. The concept of this idea has been to create an experience both online and offline to reach a younger audience. This has been a 360-degree platform and has collaborated with well-known people. Like the model Winnie Harlow and NBA star Jordan Clarkson.


It is worth mentioning that this collaboration aroused interest because the public could feel identified from different angles.


Monfardini granted the origin of this new Fendi concept to instils the Roman heritage of the brand and its creativity. Similarly, they wanted to highlight craftsmanship and the link with the world of design. As they are relevant elements for millennials and Gen Z´s. However, to share these values, the brand focused on using more authenticity for a richer conversation.


Who is Fendi’s target audience?


As you can see, Cristina Monfardine has sought the collaboration of personalities who can make fashion stand out through her F Is For… Fendi platform. However, the objective of this platform has been obvious. And it is to be able to connect with a younger audience. As it is the customer profile that this brand, like others like Burberry, needs for the future.


What are the characteristics of the Fendi brand strategy?


These have been one of the most critical marketing strategies for the Fendi brand:


  • Co-branding – 2018, Fendi’s marketing strategy.


Fendi's marketing strategyCo-branding has an obvious goal: to bring together two different firms to create a different product. This is a very interesting Fendi marketing strategy because it allows you to reach more consumers. All by showing a new product and increasing sales.


Indeed, this collaboration between two brands is still very common in the fashion industry to this day. And in the case of Fendi, for 2018, on the Milan catwalk, this luxury brand made use of the “F” of the sports brand Fila.


This union was carried out after the artist Hey Reilly published on his social media a montage with the Fendi logo but using the “F” for Fila. This combination was a real success. It had such an impact on this communication channel that they made it a reality. And what better way to present this proposal at Milan Fashion Week.


  • F IS FOR…FENDI – 2020, Fendi’s marketing strategy.


This has been one of Fendi’s most critical marketing strategies. In effect, this digital strategy has changed how the public is used to seeing brands. Also, social media allow the brand to have a new tone of voice. Without risking the reputation that this firm has already earned since its launch in the fashion sector.


Therefore, in all that was the years 2020 and 2021, the phrase could be seen in the biography of his Instagram: «We are the fearless, the freaks and the free. We are #fisforfendi”.


Following this, this brand could not go unnoticed in the use of advances in technology. For this reason, for some years, the brand has focused a little more on digital development. Making collaborations around the world, such as, for example, the digital collaborations conducted through WeChat in China.


This collab has been one of the most important for the brand. Especially if we consider that this is one of the markets that has seen the most growth for the brand.


  • Influencer Marketing – 2020, Fendi’s marketing strategy.


The way Fendi has approached influencer marketing since 2020 has been authentic and inclusive. In other words, they seek to value people before followers. To celebrate the talent and creativity that exists throughout the world. Similarly, for two years, the DNA of the Fendi brand has been built based on interaction and dialogue with the youngest.


For the collaboration through the marketing of Fendi influencers, the brand wanted to involve creatives with a lot of potential coming from different areas of art. That is why it has been possible to see the collaboration of other celebrities to fulfil this objective.


Astrid S and Nigel Sylvester have been some of the brand’s millennial influencers for expressing their talent through real messages. And it is that, for this brand, the young public prefers to see talent than a person obsessed with filters. Therefore, the secret is to maintain an honest conversation with today’s people, and apart from communicating, you must listen.


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