121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website

121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

121 Free Seo Tools. Since web positioning is becoming a more complex process day-by-day, free SEO tools have also become critical. Because of this, we now have a surprising number of options to choose from. Each one of them has as its aim the exact measuring of the performance of any website. For this, they translate the performance of each website into a set of instructional coordinates. This, in turn, allows any internet professional to understand and work on them.


The knowledge that every user has regarding this universe plays without a doubt in favor of their online presence. It allows any expert to identify problems in managing information on any website. Besides, the owner can also have an exact idea of the needs their user audiences have. The world of free SEO tools is not a foreign field. That’s why we made this article as a practical guide on the subject. Here you will find a compilation of 120 free main SEO proposals. All of them are part of the same system.


Introduction to the use and recognition of free SEO tools. What are the standards to set them apart within the web?


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactusFree SEO tools don’t have a set of characteristics or rules on how they should be. Despite this, webmasters, as well as different positioning agencies, can set them apart. For this, they take into account their intention or behavior. We now know that at least eight groups or families of these tools exist in the digital market, thanks to this. Thus, we can easily identify tools that, for example, only specialize in Keyword search. These are tools that focus on the identification and selection of keywords.


Not only that, but we also know about the subgroup of SEO that only focuses on Link Building. Other examples are groups that focus on:


  • Web Analytics
  • Local SEO
  • SEO on-page
  • Technical SEO
  • The Study of Positioning


In short, the tools we are going to list comprise critical processing units. These were all taken and selected from the entire market based on their quality. We also considered how compatible they are with the processes of use in marketing agencies. However, another factor we couldn’t ignore was the notoriety they have within social media.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Answer The Public: 


Of all the free SEO tools that exist, Public Answer stands out. This is because it is a system ready for to manage the content marketing process. To do this, it has an interface that offers you an organized matrix of Long Tail keywords. So, to start with this process, you must supply a root keyword to the system. Then, your online SEO review strategy will distribute the search results into five different sections. It also allows you to export the result in a CSV format file.


  • Keyword Hero: 


This system offers free SEO analysis for small websites. Moreover, it went through training based on codes for the extraction and synchronized measurement of the keywords of every website. To use it, this portal allows us to create a free account. However, we need to connect the domain we want to analyze to a Google Analytics and Search console account. We, and a lot of experts, recommend using this for e-commerce or online stores.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • AlsoAsked: 


Many specialists highlight this tool thanks to its simple function as a scrapper. This is because it has a pre-organized database that gets a lot from SERPs searches. During any consultation, this tool shows the user a branched system of questions. Then, it organizes them based on different elements like intention, context, and essence.


  • Google Data Studio:


This was a companion processor to the Google Analytics system. However, it became an independent platform in February 2017. After this, it stood out among free SEO tools for its ability to create optimized reports. In it, we can find a lot of massive data sources related to any business, including their social media profiles.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Wayback Machine:


Launched in 2001, many experts use this web service to conduct an adequate online SEO audit. Moreover, it works by taking into consideration the user’s search patterns. By inserting a specific URL, the system displays previously-stored copies of the entire web. To do this, it captures its HTML code which allows us to see previous states of operation. By October 2019, the system already had 20 petabytes of storage.


  1. Ahrefts SEO Toolbar:


To offer the best free SEO analysis, this system displays a toolbar in the browser of your choice. This makes it compatible with the best browsers in the market like Chrome and Firefox. So, this tool’s real-time data reading function is so practical. Besides, it includes all sorts of elements that help it become a main competitor in the market. Some of these are meta-descriptions, no-follow links, and different headers.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SiteAnalyzer:


This is a popular tool known for being a web crawler with a technical focus. For this, it has all sorts of tools available for use. These allow it to identify over 60 malfunctions on any website. Another important feature it has is its search for broken links and direct Page Rank analysis. All of this allows you to perform a more precise online SEO audit.


  • Sixtrix:


Its free SEO analysis system focuses on pointing out the performance of any website on the internet. It can achieve this by measuring the “visibility index” optimization standard.


For this, it uses a common understanding of the system of keywords used throughout the web. Besides, it also adds the volume of real searches together with the number of clicks. Thus, this allows you to increase the value of the same index. A job that, since 2008, it has been doing.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator:


Thanks to its ability to build and create all kinds of keywords, this is an important free SEO tool. Not only that but it’s also capable of hosting a database. We can measure said database in over ten billion results. All of this is available in 170 countries worldwide at no cost. Besides, this system can track related questions to expand its precision level.


  •  Broken Link Checker by Ahrefs:


This is yet another important option among all free SEO tools. It focuses on the safe practice of “Link Building”. For this, it identifies and repairs broken links. That’s why it offers the user a list of the first ten links on any website that has this issue. Thus, the use of this tool allows you to significantly improve the user experience.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Moz: 


The Moz system has 12 tools for the use and management of SEO content all over the web. It’s trendy within the world of free SEO tools for its level of accuracy when optimizing the entire web. Moreover, Keyword Explorer is one of its most famous functions because it allows you to identify the Keywords that relate the most to any product.


  •  Keyword Sheeter:


This tool performs free SEO analysis by getting the data used by Google in its main search engine. For this, it explores the widest amount of combinations possible. Meaning every combination that relates to a parent word or root word inserted in the search.


The determination of this tool allows you to get a high amount of up to 1000 different suggestions for a single search. Besides, its function to export and store the results also complements all of this.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Google Alerts:


Google Alerts has been present in the web positioning market since 2003. If you want to use this tool for an online SEO audit, you must open a free account. After this, once another user sets a scheduled alert, they will receive them through email. All of this once the main search engine indexes an article that has to do with the subject requested. Moreover, it also allows content filtering processes based on the setup of different parameters. Some of these are warning frequency, source, language, and region.


  •  Keyword Shitter:


This free SEO tool aims to analyze long-tail keywords. Its interface has a minimalist search system that classifies the results according to intention.


On its main screen, we can see three main boxes, the first of which receives the requested keyword. However, you won’t be able to activate the search process unless you start the Start-Job button. The other two boxes allow you to enrich the search by adding positive and negative keywords.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Google Rich Results:


This function became part of the Google system in 2016. It stands out among all the free SEO tools because it’s a subsystem that detects rich results from Google. However, it only does this within the mobile field. So, all of this allows you to get closer to the user’s intention. How? By tracking and measuring some parameters. As an example of this, we have metadata, speed of content indexing, and user intention.


  •  Help a Reporter (HARO):


This is the only free SEO tool designed to construct news text. Besides offering a free SEO analysis, this platform allows sources of direct information. Besides, its creators designed this platform to use it by bloggers and journalists.


Equally important to mention is its large subscriber base. Thanks to it, certain experts receive emails with queries made by users on the search engine. Lastly, you can use this information for the writing of any note or report.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Google Analytics:


This is one of the free SEO tools with the largest classic weight within the Internet. It works in a working environment with a marked statistical range. To do this, it uses the tracking of data and groups it around different standards. Some of these are, for example, conversions, audience, and behavior. After this, it extracts the information provided by real-time web traffic. For this, it inserts cookies in the user’s browser through the Tracking ID. Its release date corresponds to November 14, 2005.


  •  Google Search Console:


The focus of this online SEO audit tool is only technical. That’s why it mainly studies and measures the level of content indexing that every website can do.


Besides, it offers all the elements needed for more optimized management. Meaning that it allows you to manage the visibility of each article or post. Finally, we recommend this tool for businessmen, SEO specialists, web admins, and developers. Why? Because its creators designed it especially for them.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Streak:


This is the perfect free SEO tool for content creators. Moreover, this system works in association with Gmail. For this, its interface usually has all the elements for the use of the mailbox in CRM mode. This stands for Customer Relationship Management. Thus, it allows the optimization of the customer and prospect service processes. Finally, it also helps in the management of their information needs.


  •  Algoroo:


This system measures all online SEO audits. It does this by considering the number of changes that often happen on Google SERPs.


Besides, its database fully supports all kinds of free SEO analysis. This is thanks to the joint action of a tracking system. Not only that, but this is also a system that has over 17,000 keywords in total. It displays the results on a timeline and also describes the changes you need to make using colour codes.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Sem Rush:


After going through an easy and free registration, every user can access all the functions of this software. Like many other important free SEO tools, SEM Rush has a control panel for keyword analysis. Moreover, its search style supports the analysis of entire websites. For this, it works through the use of different parameters. For example, the behavior of the domain searches, weight of backlinks, and online presence in general.


  •  SEO Surfer:


This is a free SEO tool that has become popular in its market during the last five years. To carry out an online SEO audit, it has three basic functions in general. The first one, the Keyword Analyzer, works as a keyword display screen on the web. After this, the second one, Surfer SEO, also includes a content editor.


This works as an excellent alternative to optimize keywords in comparison to WordPress. Finally, there is also an extensive menu for Keyword Research.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Google Trends:


Google Trends is now one of the most important free SEO tools for digital marketing.


This is due to its level of efficiency when searching and monitoring data in real-time.


Moreover, its interface, active since 2004, shows a lot of data about market trends. For this, it uses a graph that compares the search volume through the years. As a result, this offers excellent support for adapting the entire web to a trend through certain production processes.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Scraper:


Almost every free SEO analysis expert thinks of Scraper as its own Google Chrome extension.  So, this works by effectively getting information from any website. After this, it exports it into a readable format in excel. This way, you can apply web scraping for a specific post. Not only that but you can also apply it for the particular behavior of a website in the SERPs.


  •  Ubersuggest:


By creating this online SEO audit system, Neil Patel got a prominent position in the free SEO tools market. Moreover, this tool works similar to Google. However, it allows a very important level of understanding in each search. Thus, its use can lead to an increase in the relevance of the entire web. This, of course, is based on its power to make the online presence known through content marketing techniques.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Chrome DevTools:


This platform brings together all the strategies you need to carry out a free SEO analysis.


To do this, it takes into account purifying principles. Besides, it depends solely on the Google Chrome browser.


Once you activate it, you will see a tool panel on the right side of the browser. Its different sections will allow you to correct code problems and optimize the loading speed. Not only that, but it also allows you to adjust the web design to different formats and sizes.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  View Rendered Source:


This free SEO tool aims at allowing any expert to solve different kinds of problems. Specifically those problems regarding the use of JavaScript. This tool works as a Google Chrome extension, and its effectiveness comes from its ability to describe the process. To explain a little bit more, it does this in the same way that search engines have been able to render all web documents.


  •  Screaming Frog:


This is a lot more than one of the most important free SEO tools. Screaming Frog is also a marketing agency in the UK. Thus, for the creation of their online SEO audit system known as SEO spider, the creator took into account an important fact. Said fact was optimizing how the Google indexing system reads every web page.


Besides all this, it also has a free version available for everyone who wants to use it. However, you must know that it can only analyze a total of 500 URLs.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Robots.txt Generator:


This free SEO analysis system is an operator that can create and program robots.txt files.


Moreover, it includes instructional codes able of improving SEO.


For this, they point out to the search engine which information on a website it should index and which it shouldn’t.


Besides, this skill is dependent on the value known as the crawl budget. Thus, as you can see, the optimization of these guidelines has an essential impact on SEO.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  SEO Keep-Alive validation tool:


Experts in free SEO tools think of SEO Keep-Alive as an extension that has the aim of optimizing the speed of a website. For this, this system offers a communication channel between the browser and any web server that processes a set of requests simultaneously. As a result, this allows users to download a higher content index through the use of a TCP connection.


  •  Google My Business:


As its name implies, of all the SEO tools in the market, the aim of this one was so that every business can increase its web presence. So, to effectively use it, you must create a registration form on its platform. Here, you will be able to see different kinds of information about the business.


For example, this information can its address and location data. Besides, this SEO audit system also allows a more direct level of interaction with customers. For this, it considers the ratings and reviews they can place.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  SERP Mobile Test:


In today’s world, free SEO analysis for mobile devices is something you can’t ignore.


That’s why we show you this vital tool. Said tool will allow you to measure the visibility of any website.


However, it must be within your search reach on devices such as tablets and cellphones. Moreover, this system not only identifies the level of adaptability that the website has for this format. It also allows you to solve problems related to their readability and interpretation.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Cloudflare: 


Cloudflare appeared as a company in 2009 and it later evolved into one of the most important free SEO tools. One of the main reasons for this was its interface, as it can run a system that works on the principle of CDN. This acronym stands for Content Delivery Network. Besides this, within its main advantages, you can find its ability to optimize process speed. However, that’s not all, as it can also protect you from any malware’s infectious attacks.


  •  Ahrefs SERP Checker:


Like many other important free SEO tools of its kind, the Ahrefs SERP Checker system focuses on the study of classification and cataloguing of keywords in different contexts. As such, this helps in managing the content marketing process.


All of this is thanks to its renowned breadth. Besides all this, its interface is available for users in 170 countries worldwide. Moreover, its priority is to show results about the evolution of the entire web in real-time.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Smush:


This is much more than a system to perform an online SEO audit. Smush is a plugin that you can add to the WordPress management system.


So, this element can improve any website through all its properties by giving it a fast and obvious loading time.


For this, it uses image management techniques.


Depending on its availability in its free SEO analysis version, it’s possible to manage a volume of up to 50 different images.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Google Keyword Planner:


Out of all the free SEO tools, this one stands out for its ability to carry out different selection standards. This is something that helps you to optimize Keywords plans.


They, in turn, allow you to increase your positioning on the web. Moreover, this tool also allows you to add up to three different types of keywords ideas. However, this isn’t all as it also shows vital aspects such as competition, interval, and average search per month.


  •  Mobile-Friendly Test by Google:


Google joined the world of free SEO tools by creating this important proposal. Said proposal focuses on the importance that responsive web design now has. To access this platform, you can do it through its website. On the other hand, you can also do it from any Search Console account. After this, you will be able to carry out your audit process. For this, it monitors data related to errors or possibilities in the operation of the entire website.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Hreflang Tag Generator:


A Hreflang tag is and has become an important piece of any online SEO audit today.


It has been part of the market since its launch in December 2011. The way this tool works is through the identification of recognized language frames.


Thus, this means a decrease in the rejection percentage of any website. Not only that, but it also implies a direct increase in its conversion rate.


We recommend it for companies that wish to expand their range of activities in certain countries.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin:


This free SEO tool works by measuring the content through standards such as the quality of its backlinks. So, among all the free SEO tools that exist, this is the only one that offers a set of recommendations to the owner of any website. These aim to improve their organic positioning. However, to be able to come up with these, it first compares their backlink index and performance in Google Analytics. Then, it extracts them from the positioning status it was able to get from this comparison.


  •  SERP Sim:


The SERP sim, or SERP Simulator, is one of the free SEO tools trained to optimize the snippet of your website in Google Lists. It aims at making easier the reading of it for any user.


For this, it uses a complete online SEO audit system. Besides creating a rich snippet from scratch, it also allows you to save your changes. Another important element we must highlight about this tool is its interface. Said interface simulates the positioning of the entire website in Google. It does this along with adapting it for both the classic view in a browser and mobile devices.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Open Link Profiler:


This is an online SEO audit system that focuses on improving the back-line system of every website. For this, its free SEO analysis bar groups the different links of every portal into eight basic data patterns. The first one is the active links. Then we find the unique active links. The last two are the last update and the associated sub-domains.


  •  HEAD Master SEO:


Its web portal talks about the HEAD Master system as a tool that works as a redirect checker software. So, this means that it can record the optimal status of about 500 URLs at the same time.


Moreover, this is one of the free SEO tools that can optimize the user experience by following only redirection guidelines. Not only that, but this system can also offer solutions to problems like dead links and server errors.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Keyworddit:


Many experts consider that this free SEO tool is the perfect alternative to Google Keywords. This is thanks to its database that takes all of its information from Reddit user searches. As you may or may not know, this is the sixth most visited website globally. Besides, its essential parameters for carrying out an online SEO audit involve a lot of things. To give an example, it includes offering monthly performance reports. These comprise a list of 10 keywords for each requested search term.


  •  Ahrefts Backlink Checker:


The way this free SEO analysis tool works is through qualitative analysis and study of about 100 background links from websites.


So, through its online SEO audit system, it can help any user to find and increase the number of links that relate to their system. Thus, this affects the quality index and positioning of said system.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit:


This app has a set of free SEO tools that aim at improving the volume and quality of web traffic for any search engine.


The module site analysis, for example, is one of its most important tools. This is because it can help you identify duplicate content and performance issues.


Not only that, but it can also allow you to find broken links.


Other important tools in this system are the robot exclusion module and the maps and indexes modules of a website.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • ​​ Local Search Results Checker:


Through this free SEO tool, any user or SEO expert can know the local positioning status of their brand or company. However, to offer this kind of data to the user, this online SEO audit assistant uses the informational resources that the system Bright Local offers. All of this is to keep watch over the behavior of any website within its informative scope. On the other hand, when talking about its technical advantages, this system also allows you to point out and filter each of your queries. For this, it takes into account their fixed language.


  •  Google Pagespeed Insights:


This complement can measure and identify the ranking problems of any website. These types of free SEO tools usually deal with managing an entire website. So, thanks to this, it’s possible to extract different data about malfunctions from any portal.


For this, you only need to insert the URL in your main search engine. Finally, the results of this process include two versions. One of them is for classic computers and the other for cellphones.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Where Goes:


This is a simple and minimalist tool to carry out an online SEO audit.


For this, it only focuses on measuring the status of a redirect route starting from any type of URL.


The reason it’s so effective when carrying out a free SEO analysis is that it offers an address list to the user.


The said list takes the form of a chain. Besides, this system can also detect and erase those that aren’t productive and unnecessary. All this to improve the speed of the website and, thus, it is positioning.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  SERP Robot:


This particular free SEO tool aims at monitoring the behavior of every keyword. So, its use and work are simple. Moreover, to carry out an online SEO audit, you must insert the URL address in its main search bar. All this, along with the keywords you want to examine. After this, in about 24 hours, this system will monitor the behavior of those keywords you selected in real-time. This includes elements like search volume and position change.


  •  Outdated Content Finder:


To run an online SEO audit, this tool analyses the performance of every keyword during fixed time patterns. It does this to identify what kind of content is, according to Google, outdated.


Not only that, but its ability to perform fast and free SEO analysis makes it stand out in its market. Thus, this allowed it to reach a wide level of acceptance and use.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Copyscape:


Without a doubt, thanks to its quality and the way it works, this free SEO tool has become very popular.


Copyscape aims at checking the content originality. It does this through a textual plagiarism recognition system.


So, in short, its interface scans the text present on a website. After this, it will let the user know if it finds out that some of these texts are already on another domain. Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd Company launched in 2004. Since then, it’s still one of the most preferred tools in the market.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Link-Assistant: Free SEO tools.


This is another tool that focuses on improving and optimizing link building processes. For this, it identifies and gets quality links from the user. Besides this, its software can recognize the type of website you want to put through a free SEO audit. After this, it offers a list of sites compatible with its format and category. Thus, this is a tool that specializes in projection techniques like Review and Guest Posting.


  •  Whitespark Local Citation Finder: Free SEO tools.


Focused on the configuration of free SEO audits that involve the creation of local SEO campaigns, this is a very helpful system. The software creates a group of assignments for each company to do this. You can configure up to five different keywords for each campaign through its main panel.


Besides all of this, it has an important feature called the “progress table”. Said feature allows you to compare the performance of any website. All of this ais bove the competition as a function of time.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  IFTTT: Free SEO tools.


It’s a service made up of a set of free online SEO tools that favor the automation of processes. Its acronyms come from the English expression “IF This, Then that“. Moreover, its working methods allow you to execute, at the same time, changes in the content of blogs, social media, email, and more. Besides, you can also program IFTTT to allow access to accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress.


  •  Merkle Schema Markup Generator: Free SEO tools.


In simple terms, this is a system included as one of the leading free SEO tools of the website technicalSEO.com. Mostly known as a schema markup generator, this is an essential alternative for the creation of JSON-LD tags.


Once created, you can copy it to the HTML code of any website for identification. However, that’s not all. To set apart the format, it applies elements like websites, companies, organizations, and personalities in general. Moreover, it does this to increase its effectiveness as a tool for free SEO audits.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Majestic: Free SEO tools.


The priority of this free SEO tool for audits is the health of the backlinks. In the beginning, to carry out an SEO analysis, it uses a tool called Majestic campaigns. With it, it’s possible to trace sets of target links. Besides this, you can also find other functions from different tools like Context Link. This identifies the quality of links all over the web. In the same way, this option also allows you to study the behavior of the entire web against its competition.


  • SEOQuake: Free SEO tools.


From a technical point of view, many experts often include SEOQuake in the world of free SEO tools. However, this is actually a free SEO plugin that displays relevant data for the study of the status of an entire website. Besides, this group of information includes many elements. Some of them are Alexa Rank, SEMRush rank, Web Archive Page, or domain activation date and the max number of external links.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Siteliner: Free SEO tools.


This is one of the most important free SEO tools on the market. Its function is to detect and destroy problems that have to do with SEO performance.


Moreover, its use is fundamental. It doesn’t go beyond the insertion of the link you want to examine in its main interface.


After this, its free SEO audit system will show a search result with different data. This data can include information like the number of websites, broken links, and the overall competitiveness index. On the other hand, it also can study around 250 websites for free monthly.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Fat Rank: Free SEO tools.


This tool has a free SEO audit system that easily stands out for its efficiency level. It works by measuring the performance of an entire website. Moreover, it does this according to its position in the Google SERP list. So, if the system finds that the entire website is within the first three pages of results, it will show the results in green. In contrast, it will tell you what the problem is if it finds it beyond the first ten pages. Not only that, but it also offers the optimization of keyword positioning and correcting quality problems.


  • Beam Us Up: Free SEO tools.


One of the most essential and prominent free SEO tools in the North American market. Its working mechanism has an excellent level of emphasis on the finding and repair of errors in the links of an entire website.


For this, the Beam Us Up system scans every website from any selected URL. The main advantage of this tool is the ability to export its results into two types of formats. You can export them into either a Google Drive spreadsheet or an Excel document. Now, when talking about its second mode, it classifies the errors found by tabs. This, according to their category and level of urgency.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SEO Powersuite: Free SEO tools.


The focus of this free SEO tool is the offering of comprehensive SEO results. Moreover, this is thoroughly recommended for webmasters or SEO professionals who work in any company’s performance area or brand.


This is because it allows them to monitor the performance of any SEO campaign in real-time. Not only that, but it highlights the participation of each keyword in the process.


All of this while creating link reports according to all requirements. Another characteristic of this specific free SEO audit tool is its ability to create custom management reports.


However, that’s not all. You can export these reports to the cloud and even send them to all your clients through email.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Free SEO tools.


A system for free SEO audits focused on the health and proper performance of links. Its configuration pattern is programmed to find over 100 performance errors in the link tree of every website.


This means that it’s possible to increase competitiveness on the web. Thus, you will be able to optimize the user experience.


Besides, it also allows you to identify which keywords attract the most web traffic. You can compare this value to the growth rate of the competition. Thus, all of this has made it one of the most important free SEO analysis tool.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Bing Webmaster Tools: Free SEO tools.


This important system has been present in the digital market of free SEO tools since 2009.


Besides, it has all the necessary tools so that any website owner can index and optimize their product.


All of this is according to the positioning criteria of this particular search engine. Not only that but Bing Webmaster Tools is also based on the application and measurement of nine different work guidelines. This includes things like crawl frequency, Robots.txt Validator, and an HTTP checker subsystem.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  SEO Site Checkup: Free SEO tools.


This works and assists the user by offering a direct online service. Besides, SEO Site Checkup, like other free SEO tools, has its own website.


Every user can sign up and get access to all its benefits for 14 days.


We know from the workings of its interface that this system is targeted to those non-SEO experts interested in measuring the performance of their website.


Thus, it offers a very easy-to-follow SEO matrix of the entire website. However, that’s not all. It also allows them to compare at least five competing websites.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Rank Math SEO: Free SEO tools.


This is an excellent alternative to plugin mode enabled for its use in WordPress. As such, this platform for free SEO audits is designed so that every user can avoid making manual SEO management activities.


Thus, this lowers the management time of this type of process. Besides, the reason this system is so effective comes from its ability to improve the SEO of an entire website.


Not only that, but it also improves the SEO of any post on social media and any webmaster’s profile.


In the same way, another important factor of Rank Math SEO is its compatibility with alternative publishers like Gutenberg.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  •  Varvy SEO Tool: Free SEO tools.


This free SEO tool belongs to the group of tools that focus on the improvement of the loading speed of a website. Something that we know is an elemental factor within the positioning of any portal on the Internet. This tool has many different types of tests, which are divided into three main sections. These are called SEO, speed, and mobile. Besides, they can be applied to any portal. The information that this tool provides exceeds by far those offered by Google Pagespeed Insights.


  •  Jaaxy: Free SEO tools.


It stands out among all the different free SEO tools that exist. This is due to its high level of competitiveness. Thanks to its system, which tracks the behavior and informative web traffic search.


All of this leads to making it one of experts’ most sought after tools. Something that it does very well and effectively is creating fresh, useful, and up-to-date content. Besides all of this, many SEO audit experts highlight the potential of Jaaxy to spy on the competition literally. By doing this, you will be able to extract an analysis of their website’s main points. This, in turn, gives you a competitive advantage over the competition.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Free Monitor For Google: Free SEO tools.


This free SEO audit system includes a complete online job profile. The aim behind it was to offer to every user a set of nine main tools.


These include a Link Analyzer and a Backlink Checker.


Its main free SEO analysis process allows the very own Google system to reveal information about the performance of any website.


Not only that, but its interface can also monitor the performance of a list of keywords in real-time. However, that’s not all. It also takes a look at the way the competition moves.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Webtexttool: Free SEO tools.


It’s one of the most important free SEO tools focused on advice for the creation of quality content. Its secret lies in the collection of data. For this, it uses means like Big Data. So, in general terms, this allows you to create predictive texts. This is thanks to its database filled with over 20,000 user interactions. As a result, you will be able to attract a greater volume of traffic to your website. This, in turn, will also increase its visibility on the search results.


  • Hunter.io: Free SEO tools: Free SEO tools.


Much more than SEO optimization, Hunter.io stands out from today’s free SEO tools for its ability to actively search for data. This information is usually made up of email accounts that need to be known. So, to carry out this process of free SEO audits, you must register a private account on its portal.


Once inside, you can add the URL you want to study. After this, the emails that belong to the said website will appear in green. However, this is not all, the system can also determine to which section of the website each of these emails belongs.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Ahrefs Rank Tracker: Free SEO tools.


For your free SEO audit process to work, you must give this system two types of data.


The first kind is the set of keywords integrated into the website you want to analyze.


The second would be the URLs of your competition’s websites. You can group the results that come out of this free SEO analysis according to the level of influence that the website has over many countries. In the same way, its interface shows structured graphics of the website and its evolution through time.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • What’s My SERP: Free SEO tools.


Many experts claim that the What’s my SERP free SEO tool is an excellent alternative to maintain the level of competition. Through its frequent Google Updates, it allows you to do proper management. On the other hand, it has a process from which you can perform a powerful local SEO analysis for certain countries. Besides, this action also allows you to use the Local Map Pack within the result of data patterns.


  • GT Metrix:


In simple terms, this free SEO tool works by carrying out a speed test. Its creators, the Canadian company GT.net, made this tool to answer requests from its clients. For this, the system offers a data field of calculated performance.


Said data field uses information related to different factors like Page Speed Score and YSlow. Besides this, the total size of the page and the number of requests is also part of this free SEO audit system.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • WooRank: Free SEO tools.


The aim of this free SEO audit standards of this tool is the positioning of an entire website over the competition.


To do this, WooRank has a parallel analysis processor. This works by getting information about the positioning of the competition’s keywords.


However, that’s not all. Its free SEO analysis also improves the workings of a website.


For this, it considers the finding and fixing process of many kinds of errors.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • MozBar:


Free and light, this is a system that focuses on the measure of performance throughout the entire SERP list. In the same way, it’s an Online SEO tool designed for buying sponsored posts. This is due to its ability to accurately measure the quality of any website. Among its main functions is the navigation bar and the SERP Overlay.


  • IP Address and Domain Information: Free SEO tools.


This is a process of online SEO tools that work directly with Google Chrome. Its focus is on analyzing and optimizing the technical standards associated with any IP address. Besides this, its main dashboard for free SEO audits distributes the information in three boxes:


  • IP information
  • Domain Information
  • Provider information


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • WordStream Keyword Tool:


This company creates its products for the effective performance of free SEO audits. Its web portal can help hundreds of websites in a single day. The focus of this system is favoring the marketing budget of any brand or company. For this, its free SEO analysis system allows you to spot those keywords that measure the performance of these values. All of this according to their branch and sector. Thus, this is a competitive element for the SEO market.


  • Wordtracker: Free SEO tools.


Its different functions aim to identify and select long-tail keywords. When we compare this with other online SEO tools, we find that its level of competitiveness is very high.


Thanks to its breadths of up to 1000 different suggestions for each search term, we know this. In the same way, its database goes beyond 200 million words. Besides, it can calculate the KEI or Keyword Effectiveness index of every time.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • WordTracker Scout:


This online SEO tool system is based on the Wordtracker General File extension. In other words, it gets its data from the big keyword data of the same system.


You can do it if you want to use it since it’s totally free.


Besides, this is an efficient tool compatible with the Google Chrome system. The way it carries out free SEO audits is by extracting keywords from the competing websites that attract the same target audience.


After this, it uses all this potential to establish a balanced positioning matrix.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SEO Book Keyword Tool: Free SEO tools.


It was created to offer an alternate way of analysis and free SEO audits. This in competition with Google itself. Its Traffic Value Calculation menu is its most effective and popular tool. This is where the impression-through-performance formula is used to measure traffic value. Besides this, it also allows you to export the log data into a CSV format. As of now, this free SEO analysis system works well for the United States market.


  • Keyword Eye:


This is one of the main online SEO tools in the American market. Its freemium version allows you to check 10 different searches. Besides this, its main module of user interaction is the section called Keyword Suggestion.


However, this tool not only works for the American market. It can be used in many countries like Argentina, Spain, and Mexico.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Soovle: Free SEO tools.


Within all online SEO tools, this system is ready to work from its online web portal. It has two kinds of tracking for keywords. In the first one, it uses a classic list. This is where you can get a set of related suggestions for any search idea.


The second mode groups the crawl concerning the search engine. This is why it shows its main achievements on its main screen.


Finally, Soovle also includes functions like saving searches and exporting results in CSV format to complete the free SEO audit.


  • Keywordtool.io:


Keywordtool.io is a free SEO audit service that has a full set of features. These are necessary for a powerful and accurate free SEO analysis. Besides, you don’t need to create an account to access its interface with this tool. On the other hand, it can offer around 750 long-tail keywords for each type of search that you might want to carry out. The secret of this function lies in its direct association with Google Autocomplete.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Keyword Surfer: Free SEO tools.


This is an extension of the online SEO tools that the browser Google Chrome has. Some experts highlight its nature as a plugin of the same system. Thus, what stands out the most out of this tool is its ability to study different performance metrics of an entire website.


This, all at the same time. After this, the main graphic will show data information like keyword volume.


Not only that but it will also show its similarity to other assumptions by measuring their percentage value.


Finally, we must also mention that this system can work by grouping searches according to language.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Whitespark Google Business Review Link Generator:


According to the classic way that online SEO tools work, this Link Generator for reviews isn’t a free SEO audit system.


Its creators created it so that users who have brands and businesses could use it.


These are the ones who want to increase their influence at the local level. Besides, something that allowed it to become so popular is its simplicity. It will enable every user to create any type of review.


For this, every link it creates has a high level of compatibility with media. For example, every link is compatible with emails and social media platforms.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Fox FAQ: Free SEO tools.


The free SEO audit that FAQ Fox created has as its aim the increase of income for any website. For this, its free SEO analysis process uses a market analysis system. It’s thanks to elements like this that you will be able to identify keywords or information that you’re looking for. Thus, reinforcing these will allow your website to outperform your competition.


  • Bulk Keyword Generator:


The different traits that this free SEO analysis tool has can be seen immediately. It aims to manage and promote the online presence of small businesses. For this, it uses a data review. This comprises the relationship between the type or branch of industry and the location.


However, this isn’t all. This company has been in the online SEO tools market since 2009. As such, they also assist their clients through previously scheduled sessions.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SearchVolume.io: Free SEO tools.


The debut of this online SEO tools system comes after the latest changes made to the traditional Google and Bing format. In them, the search engine hides the monthly search volume data from the free version. As a result, Search Volume creates a set of essential tools. The most important would its Free Keyword Tool (BETA). Moreover, its free SEO audit system also allows you to analyse different keywords pragmatically and simultaneously.


  • QuickSprout:


Its benefits for free SEO audits are only comparative in scope. Its central dashboard allows you to study the strengths of the marketing strategies of at least three websites from the competition. As a result, you can use all of this data to offer a persistent and powerful profile.


This, in turn, ensures good positioning. What’s more, QuickSprout also includes a complete SEO analysis. For this, it uses criteria like Meta tag construction, link enhancement, and impact on social media.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Niche Laboratory: Free SEO tools.


At first glance, the workings of the interface of this online SEO analysis can be similar to other online SEO tools. However, it stands out because it was created for websites with a specialized niche. Thus, it finds and identifies the most relevant groups of keywords in a thematic sector. To do this, it uses the parallel processing method that has been integrated. Besides, it doesn’t exclude long-tail keywords for its results.


  • SEO Site Checkup:


You can see all the different online SEO tools that this platform has on its main dashboard. The main focus of this free SEO audit system is measuring an entire website’s SEO status.


The quality of backlinks is one of the factors taken into account for this. Besides, it also allows SEO monitoring of up to five competitors.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Seorch: Free SEO tools.


This creative tool can carry out an online SEO analysis of any website in just 30 seconds. After this, it will display the results as a list, whose heading is none other than the preview of the examined website. Besides, it will also show an analysis of the website according to its HTML layout under the free SEO audit. Thus, the status of titles, Meta descriptions, and Meta tags is included in this.


  • On-Page Grader by MOZ:


This online SEO analysis system achieves results through a segmented distribution from page to page. All of this is followed by a checklist of factors. These are useful for the improvement of organic web traffic. Besides, it also offers a set of techniques for the safe and quick solutions of these problems. This is present in every parameter shown in the checklist.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Broken Link Checker: Free SEO tools.


It works as a plugin adaptable to the WordPress system. What’s essential for this type of online SEO tools is on-page optimization.


This is done through the analysis and listing of links. As a result, it can find errors and problems in the links of each website and improve them.


In today’s market, it’s believed that there are around 700 thousand active installations of this system.


Besides, it’s also compatible with over 26 different languages.


  • Open Site Explorer:


The Moz Company has been the one in charge of creating and later advertising this online SEO analysis tool. Moreover, it’s focused on the analysis and study of informative profiles. These consist of the set of inbound links that every website has. As we know, this is a vital element to consider when measuring domain authority. So, in simple terms, this free SEO audit platform makes understanding data easy. For this, it divides the results into two sections. These are the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) menus.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Cognitive SEO: Free SEO tools.


This was designed to stabilize the inbound link system of an entire website. This, in turn, allows you to measure the positioning status of any website and that of the competition. Besides, the online SEO tools that this platform has also involve the tracking of posts on social media.


  • Monitor Backlinks:


Unlike any other online SEO tool, this tool uses email as the main means of communication with the user. The focus of this is the tracking and evolution of the links on every website. Something very valuable that this tool provides is the creation, removal, and performance of No-follow links. This is included and quantified in your free SEO audit reports. Besides, in its free version, this system can monitor up to 10 links simultaneously.


  • WK Finder: Free SEO tools.


Its online SEO analysis method is perfect for the creation of a marketing campaign. In the same way, it has a keywords display panel that works as a concept generator for every content creator. However, this isn’t all. Its free SEO audit item can also analyze the behavior of a keyword over a long period. What’s more, this tool also has an essential section for organic positioning for Local SEO.


  • SEO Profiler:


This tool is equal to a professional SEO team in terms of the quality of its online SEO analysis. Its interface comprises a set of online SEO tools designed for small and large companies. For this, this tool mixes algorithms for the positioning of websites in different search engines at the same time.


Besides, this is a highly recommended software for professionals. This is due to its ability to build and create professional reports.


  • XOVI: Free SEO tools.


The website work of this online SEO tool is divided into two main aspects. On the one hand, the free SEO audit system can measure and determine the performance of a website’s keywords. It does this, taking into consideration its monthly progress. On the other hand, it studies the state of links using on-page tracking strategies. Besides, it can also create high-quality links that point to any list.


  • HyperSuggest:


This is a bet in the free SEO analysis tools market that hasn’t gone unnoticed by content creators. Its free SEO audit process offers meaningful keyword lists. For this, it considers the current search trends on the web. Besides, it carries this out both for CMS platforms like WordPress and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


  • Infinite Suggest: Free SEO tools.


As the name implies, the scope of its online SEO analysis is surprising for its level of breadth. Its initial interface can offer a list of up to 20 pages of results for each search idea. Besides, this online SEO tool has Google as its main source. Thanks to this, it can filter search queries by country, language, and the user’s intention.


  • Keyword Suggestion Tool:


This online SEO tools system is an excellent alternative for every professional and website agency. This is because it’s a space that offers free nine different tools. Besides, you can access a free SEO audit menu from its main website. You can activate the backlink checker, keyword tracker, and social media management features here.


  • Question DB:


More than an online SEO analysis, it works by creating ideas for web content production. For this, Question DB has a database with over 31 billion entries. This particular search volume allows you to offer a constant set of over 700 results per search. What’s more, this portal is recommended for specialized writers or bloggers. However, experts in free SEO audits can also use it with no problem.


  • Merge Words: Free SEO tools.


This SEO analysis tool works by finding different types of keywords. It does this according to a set of standards and recombination techniques. So, when you’re on its main website, you will find three search boxes. In them, you can add three thematic variants.


Next, it will answer to these requests by showing six different combinations. Besides, given its nature, Merge Words is an ideal platform for creating organic positioning campaigns.


  • WordZE:


If there is any reason why the online SEO tools of WordZE stand out, it is for their high level of precision.


For this, it gets its data from the Google Ads API system. So, to promote an effective free SEO audit process, this app divides its analysis method into three tools:


  • Ultimate Research
  • Keyword Analyzer
  • Long Tail Keywords search menu.



  • Disavow Tool: Free SEO tools.


The control and supervision of SPAM is the main focus of this online SEO analysis tool. For this, Google has given it the function of overruling very low-quality links that lead to any website. As such, the importance of this free SEO audit process is that, thanks to it, websites can avoid fines for this type of informational features. What’s more, this tool can also always create fully effective and automated overruling files.


  • BackLinks Monitor:


This fascinating online SEO analysis concept came out as a company in mid-2012. The focus of said website system is finding and giving high-quality links to any website. Besides, this interface also stands out for its use of reverse engineering. This is because its online SEO tools identify the competition’s keywords and Backlinks.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • URL Profiler: Free SEO tools.


If you want to effectively use this online SEO tool, you have first to access the platform’s official website. Once there, you must download its free version.


However, you can only access these services at no cost for 15 days.


On the other hand, its free SEO audit system allows an in sync use of informational tracking and tools like Analytics and Page Speed.


Besides, its general panel allows three types of analysis defined domain, link, and content analysis.


  • XENU:


Something to highlight about this free SEO audit system is that it’s compatible with the Windows system. For this, you must install the app from its official website. Remember to do it on any computer whose capacity allows you to study one domain at a time. The XENU system online SEO analysis can give you the possibility to avoid penalties for broken or low-quality links. What’s more, this system shows these types of errors in red. On the other hand, those who are of good quality are shown in green.


  • Alexa Ranking: Free SEO tools.


Alexa performs a type of online SEO analysis that can quickly sort millions of websites. For this, it takes into consideration the importance and popularity that they have. Likewise, online SEO tools use mathematical standards to make this type of classification possible. So, in short, the position of a website depends on its average number. This is obtained from the measure of two factors. These are the volume of visits per day and the website’s performance during its last three months.


  • MetricSpot:


This is an easy-to-use online service of free SEO tools. The online SEO audit software system that its interface uses focuses on improving SEO optimization processes. For this, it uses around 50 different elements of internet positioning. The system will assign to each of these elements a percentage value. This will be equivalent to 99.9% of the total workings of the analyzed website.


  • Raven Tools: Free SEO tools.


As an online SEO audit company, Raven Tools has been around since 2004. Its different free SEO analysis services mix 30 complete marketing tools. It does this for the full analysis of an entire website’s state.


The function that stands out the most from this tool is the creation of custom reports. Besides, you can program this custom report to collect data automatically as often as you want to.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • Traffic Travis:


Currently, the set of free SEO tools that Traffic Travis has assisted over 400 thousand websites worldwide. This is due to the ability that its different audits tools have to combine both off and on-page tests. Thus, the positioning in the search engines that this tool can provide comes from the establishment of high-quality links.


  • Panguin Tool:


Panguin Tool has a set of free SEO tools designed to detect algorithmic penalties. As such, it can perform an online SEO audit on any website. By doing this, it’s able to find out if Google has fined it. Its specialties lie in the Panda and Penguin algorithms.


What’s more, the digital agency Barracuda was the one behind its creation. They establish as its main source of data a comparative analysis between Google Analytics and the general performance of Google.


121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SerpRobot: Free SEO tools.


To perform a free SEO audit with Serp Robot, it’s important to work according to its project module. By accessing its “Create a New Project” menu, the system will create a display where you can add data like the title and domain name.


This is followed by elements such as the list of keywords to analyze and the selection of the world region.


The results of this type of online SEO analysis may take 24 hours to be collected. Besides, the free version has a maximum registration of up to 300 different keywords.



121 free SEO tools to guarantee the success of your website | BluCactus

  • SERanking: Free SEO tools.


Its free use is only possible from its trial version, which lasts 14 days. It consists of a summary of online SEO tools whose work focus is the keyword request. It has a Suggestion Tool menu that, in turn, has four sub tools. The Search Volume, the CPC cost per click meter, the proficiency indicator, and the difficulty ranking index.


  • Deep Crawl: Free SEO tools.


Despite being one of the online SEO tools known to have to pay a fee. The launch of its freemium version is the reason why it’s on this list of completely free online SEO audit systems. This version provides you with a maximum usage time of 2 weeks. Besides this, its software specializes in the detection of errors like duplicate pages as well as URL errors or broken links.


  • Rank Sonic: Free SEO tools.


This is a free SEO analysis system that only lasts 14 days. Said system works online, dividing its potential in two ways.


On the one hand, Rank Sonic is a powerful rank tracker that monitors the status of keywords on every website.


On the other hand, it’s also a competitor inspector that extracts information from the website of the same niche that is being analyzed.


Moreover, its influence reaches 213 countries with a coverage of up to 131 languages.


  • Web SEO: Free SEO tools.


This system comprises a set of up to four SEO tools online, two of them completely free. The unlimited free version has, at first, a completely free account registration. Through this is that it’s possible to access a set of 12 tools. Besides, this technical SEO package also includes landing page optimisation, HTML code editing, and PPC campaign management elements.


  • AeroLeads, Free SEO tools.


This tool, called AeroLeads-Email Hunter Tool, will help you find potential customers for your business. For this, it allows you to choose business emails, contact numbers, and a lot more information. In the same way, this data is obtained from different platforms such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angellist, Xing, etc.


We should also mention that you can easily access this email search tool with its free Google extension. Besides, with it, you can extract information quickly and accurately. You can also add this information to a . CSV file and then upload it to your favourite platforms. These can be Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, HubSpot, FreshSales, Zapier, etc. Thanks to this, you will be just one step away from being able to segment a beneficial email list successfully.


As you can see, this is a simple yet powerful plugin that gives you the power of customization and automation. In the same way, it also plays an important role in obtaining leads.


BluCactus offers different SEO audit service plans for your website: What is the importance of hiring the services of a digital marketing agency?


The existence of a wide amount of free SEO tools has a significant impact on digital marketing agencies. First of all, conducting an online SEO audit involves a process of significant complexity.


Experts believe that every user, before performing a free SEO analysis, should know which the most convenient tool for their website is.


On the other hand, every single software that we mentioned here has a delimited work area. In other words, they are only limited to covering a specific functionality of any website.


In conclusion, for the use of free SEO tools to be effective, not one but several tools should be used. Only through this will it be possible to obtain a safe and understandable study of the presence of any brand on the web.


As the third and final implication of using this type of tool, you must know how to understand the data you get properly. All this, along with the time you must spend to get accurate results. Thus, we, the BluCactus marketing agency, are aware that this type of problem can appear when anyone decides to make an independent analysis. Based on all these reasons, BluCactus‘ online SEO analysis plans and services, therefore, include the following benefits and aspects.


  • Multi-platform technical audit, Free SEO tools.


This is the first phase of our SEO analysis services. Here, the different benefits of current free SEO tools are put into practice. This process is divided into six phases where elements like the status of the hosting and the current indexing index are taken into account. The technical audit of Google analytics and Search Console is not excluded from such elements.


  • Production and Editing of SEO Content, Free SEO tools.


Our online SEO audit team results from a process of selection and finding of the best human resource in America and the world. As the main object of all SEO analysis, the content we create goes beyond the standards of written text.


We assist brands and company platforms with audiovisual content entirely suitable for positioning in SERPs rankings. Likewise, the BluCactus writer’s system guarantees the optimal positioning of your website on different search and crawl engines.


  • Creation and management of backlinks as a strategy for strengthening domain authority


Our technical team can use various kinds of free SEO tools to build high-quality links for you. In this last factor, obtaining a high level of domain authority is ensured. As you may know, this is a characteristic that Google values ​​and positions regularly. Finally, it should be noted that our professionals execute this type of positioning following the classic guidelines dictated by White Hat SEO.


Final Notes: BluCactus, your trusted SEO agency, offers you professional and quality services to maintain any website.


With over a decade of experience in the market, our free SEO audit services have evolved significantly. Thus, it would be impossible to describe all our offers in a single article. We can only say that each of the work packages we offer is based on building our clients’ brand identity. All of this while considering the different online SEO tools that marketing has today.


We can personally assist you from our offices in London to make it easy for you. On the other hand, if you are in another country, we will help you through a videoconference via Zoom or Skype. All this will allow you to get to know our team of specialists.


Professionalism, security, and efficiency are aspects that distinguish each of our free SEO analysis methods. Our team will provide you with the tools you need. This is so that you can feel completely comfortable and secure knowing that you’re being assisted by a team that knows what it’s doing.


If you want to know more about how we can help you, we invite you to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Don’t wait any longer! If you’ve been looking for an expert digital marketing team, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us now! And we will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about online SEO tools.

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