How to get more followers on Instagram?

The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactus

How to get more followers on Instagram? Today, there are many options for you to increase your followers on Instagram. Among these options, you can use bots, and even buying followers. However, Instagram considers these practices as “inauthentic activities”.


So even though you can gain fast followers through these options, they will not benefit your account in the long term. If you want to get followers on Instagram in the long term, the best thing you can do is get them organically.


By having an account on Instagram you must have one main objective which is to create a stable base of followers. Besides, these followers must be realistic and interested in your brand. For this, you must apply marketing strategies correctly. This way, your followers will maintain good interaction and the results in your business will be successful and real.


Today we offer you some very useful tips within our definitive guide for 2022. Thanks to it, you will get more followers on Instagram and make your brand known.


Create a good strategy for Instagram to get more followers on Instagram


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusIf you are using social media to boost your brand, you must have a very clear plan in mind to move forward. This way you will not waste resources trying to figure out what will be the best strategy for your business. To get more followers, you must think of a strategy that relates to the one you set for your business and your goals.


To carry out your strategy, you must first know why you want to get more followers on Instagram. For example, these could be some of the reasons:


  • Increase your brand sales.
  • Increase your brand recognition.
  • Steer traffic directly to your website.


You cannot leave out these objectives for your business, as they are very helpful to publicize the history of your brand and keeping loyal followers on Instagram.


Define your target audience


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusNow that you are aware of the importance of having a clear objective for your brand, you need to know what kind of audience your business is targeting.


And to specify this information, you should ask yourself the following questions:


  • Place of residence?
  • Age?
  • What is their profession?
  • When and in what way do they use Instagram?
  • What problems or challenges do they have?





Create your brand story


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusWhen you have a business, you must find a way to meet the needs of your customers. That is why you must show them how you make each of your products.


Also, you can humanize your brand through the opinion of one of your employees.


On the other hand, you can also show the achievements of your clients or their lifestyle. This way, you can position your company as an aspirational brand.


Regardless of what you want to achieve with your brand, you should always keep a personality accompanied by a unified story.


How can you accomplish this step? Each of your posts should be easy to recognize and quickly evoke your brand.


Create a bio accompanied by a good profile


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusWhat is the key to having a good presence on Instagram? Having a good profile.


Because of this, you should create one that is very eye-catching to grow your audience.


According to statistics, two-thirds of visits to company profiles on Instagram come from people who don’t follow those certain accounts.


So your profile must convince those people to follow you on Instagram. For this reason, incomplete company profiles turn out to be unattractive to users.


What data cannot be missing from your profile?



The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactus

  • Profile name, Get more Instagram followers


To place the name of your business you have 30 characters. As soon as you place it, it will be included on Instagram, which is why you should not leave out a keyword in your brand name.


  • Username, Get more Instagram followers.


The username may be similar to the one you have on other social media platforms. This way, the followers you have on other platforms will be able to get your Instagram account easily.


  • Website.


This is the only section of Instagram where you can place a link. You can also place calls to action and other elements as part of your advertising.


increase your number of followers

  • Biography, Get more Instagram followers.


On Instagram, you have 150 characters to summaries the story of your brand. You should also take advantage of this space to let users know why they should follow your account.


  • Start sharing interesting content.


For users to be interested in your content, it has to be of high quality. It is the only way the user will want to like and comment.


That is why you must know how to get more followers on Instagram.


The interactions that people make have the power to give a boost to the Instagram algorithm. For this reason, you must keep your audience pleased.


Your goal should be to keep users satisfied with engaging and fun content. Also, you cannot stop displaying visual content to grab their attention.


Take advantage of other social platforms to promote your Instagram account


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusTo get more followers on your Instagram account, you need to be easily found. That is why if you already have a good base of followers on other social medial platforms, you should let them know about your account on Instagram.


To make your account easy to discover, share a link from your Instagram profile and encourage your followers to follow you there. One of the safest examples of attracting customers is offering discount coupons exclusively for Instagram.


If you have just opened your brand’s account on Instagram, before promoting it, we recommend ensuring that you already have content. Preferably have 12 posts.


Another good idea is to use your best Instagram posts on other channels. On many occasions, paid advertising is necessary, since it turns out to be an excellent tip to gain more followers on Instagram.


Use an ID card


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusID cards on Instagram are also a great option for 2022. They work like a scannable code for users to follow instantly.


This element is very effective not only for you to promote your brand but outside the digital area.


You can use them as labels on posters and product packaging. They can also be a great hook to get new users at conferences and networking events. And thanks to them, people will only have to scan their code to become followers. As a result, they will not even need to write down your username.


Where to get this ID card? You just have to enter your Instagram account and click on the three lines found in the upper right corner of your profile.



Use relevant hashtags


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusWhen you use hashtags in your posts or stories, people interested in your industry’s content can easily discover your Instagram account. Also, there are practices for hashtags that you must know to efficiently use them.


To use hashtags:


  • Use famous hashtags.


Instagram has a search option where you can find trending hashtags. Among them, you can find those related to your brand and products. If you set up a column in Hootsuite or another social media management program, you can monitor the content published with certain hashtags.


This way, you will be able to determine the type of content that people are looking for.


hashtags is essential for your brand | BluCactus

  • Have custom hashtags, Get more Instagram followers.


Performing this action is very important. This is because if you create your own hashtags, you can motivate your audience to share photos related to your brand or products.


  • Be wise with its use. 


Although the use of hashtags is essential for your brand, you should not overdo them. By placing many of these, you can distract users’ attention. Even the excessive use of hashtags can be considered spam.




  • Put hashtags in your stories, Get more Instagram followers.


Stories are fun, and they allow you to take advantage of stickers. Because of these, you gain the opportunity to reach more users.


How to get more followers on Instagram by following relevant users


When you become a follower of an Instagram account, they will likely go to your profile to review your content. As a result, if your content is eye-catching and meets user expectations, they will follow your profile.


However, for this strategy to work, you should not follow many accounts at the same time. You have to do it in the proper way to build credibility.


Include live video in your content


This is a good idea to be able to humanize your profile, so it should be included in your content agenda. Create videos periodically. However, before publishing them, make sure to advertise them through posts or stories.


Live videos can make your Instagram account look more interesting and be followed by your potential customers.


Take Instagram Live together with other influencers


connect with other influencers | BluCactusThis feature allows you to connect with other influencers and is a great tool for followers of other accounts to get to know your brand. This way, you can attract the followers you want so much.


If you are an influencer or manage a business account, you can schedule an interview with another account through Instagram Live and have it promoted from that profile.


Then this account can interview you from that channel so that both of you can get valuable content.


By using Instagram Live, you can achieve more visibility for your brand and increase your number of followers.


Run giveaways and contests


The best strategies to get more Instagram followers in 2022 | BluCactusSocial media offers you the opportunity to carry out many activities to make your brand stand out from the rest. For this, it allows you to use many strategies to get more followers on Instagram. For example, you can run sweepstakes and contests from Instagram to grow your follower numbers. Besides, it can grab the attention of users known as “prize hunters”.


The draws can also be carried out in conjunction with the collaboration of other complementary accounts. So, if, for example, your account focuses on fashion, a good collaborator could be a sunglasses brand.


How to do collaborative giveaways? From your Instagram account, you must publish a post where you will indicate the giveaway information. It will let the user know that to participate they must follow both accounts and leave a comment on the post. For you to apply these Instagram tricks, you must post the giveaway in a Stories with the tag of the collaborating account. This way, users can share it in their stories.


Use Instagram’s analytics tools


through it you can see the number of impressions | BluCactusThis tool is very helpful since through it you can see the number of impressions that each publication has. Also, you can see the participation, the reach, and the most popular posts. Besides, you can locate important information about your followers such as their age, gender, and location.


By constantly reviewing this information, you can easily identify places where you can reinforce your follower-building strategies. Also, you can find out what is the most suitable time to publish your content.


Thanks to this definitive guide, you will have no problems achieving your brand visibility. The strategies you have just seen are very effective, but there are still others that you can also use to increase followers:


  • Constancy
  • Indicate the location of your stories
  • Ask your followers to tag their friends
  • Post daily
  • Schedule your posts
  • Write compelling descriptions


What not to do to get followers on Instagram?


  • Buying fake followers.


Many brands make the big mistake of buying fake followers for Instagram. This is a bad idea because Instagram detects the profiles that carry out this type of activity, and as a consequence, in most cases, it eliminates these accounts in a short time.


If your goal is to increase engagement, you should skip this practice. Besides by buying fake followers, you can even lose real ones. On the other hand, influencer agencies tend to discard these accounts when viewing profile statistics through marketing tools.


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