How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost?

Google Adwords campaign cost

How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost? Do you want to know the cost of Adwords? There is a critical question that everyone who starts with online marketing is asked. As specialists in digital marketing, we listen to it all the time. Especially those who are still beginners in what is known as paid searches. How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost in the UK? It is an excellent question, very reasonable. After all, newbies in PPC, or pay per click, should be interested in your response. Read on to find out how much Google Adwords charges. 


How much is a business expected to pay to advertise on Google? It is vital to answer that question before starting your marketing campaign. However, there is no simple answer that fits all businesses or companies. The most common response is, without a doubt, it depends. But what does Google Adwords charge for? We will analyze the factors on which advertising on Google Ads depends: 


  1. The type of product or service you wish to sell.
  2. The popularity of the keywords you want to use.
  3. The size of your business.
  4. The quality rating of your ads.


We will explain what each of these points means and how you can get an approximate budget for your marketing campaign. How much does Google Adwords charge? There is no same price for everyone, so you should consider all the factors to know how much money you should be prepared to spend. 


Explaining the variables to know how much a Google Adwords campaign costs


Google Adwords campaign costHow much does Google Adwords charge? The cost of the service, previously known as Google AdWords, depends on several variables. In this publication, we will explain what these variables are and how they will influence the cost of your ads. We will classify the concepts you need to know to create a realistic budget for your marketing campaigns in Google Ads. 


If you are reading this article, you may be totally new regarding PPCs and have many questions about how the service works. Let’s first define what PPC is. PPC is an abbreviation of pay per click, which means pay per click. You will only pay each time a user clicks on your ads in a PPC ad service, such as Google Ads. Keep reading this article to learn all about how Google Ads works and how the price you will pay is determined. No matter your question, we are here to help you understand how the popular Google ad system works. 


There is the central question that we will answer, of course. How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost? As we said before, this question has no easy answer. Therefore, we will present it step by step so that anyone can understand it. So how much does it cost to advertise on Google? With this guide, you will know how much money you will use in your first digital marketing campaign. It does not matter if it is an online store or a business


Overview of the factors that influence how much Google Adwords charges


Google Adwords campaign costBefore we begin, we will sum up all the points we will explain throughout the text. This is a summary answer of the answer to our starting question. How much does a Google Ads campaign cost in the UK? These are the factors that influence this cost: 


Google Ads is based on an auction system. This system rewards businesses that have high-quality ad campaigns. How do you reward them? With lower prices and better ad positioning. 


You can exercise control in all aspects of how your Google Ads budget is being used. Some tactics to achieve this are ad programming, geographic specification and limiting your ads to specific devices. 


How much does it cost to advertise on Google? The average cost per click on Google Ads is between $1 to $3. On the other hand, the display network charges around $1.02. The Search Network shows your ads on the search engine, the Display Network on Google affiliated sites. 


The most expensive keywords


Google Adwords campaign costThe most expensive keywords in Google Ads can cost up to $51.19 or more per click. These are highly competitive keywords in areas that generally have high value for the consumer.


For example, lawyers or insurers. Large corporations spend up to $52,000,000 annually on paid Google Ads searches.


How much does it cost to advertise on Google? On average, medium-sized businesses can spend between one hundred seventy and one thousand and $10,239 a month in their Google Ads campaigns. This can add up to $1,090,000 to $2,280,000 a year. 


Now that we have defined the general points of Google’s costs, we can answer the critical question more fully. How much does a Google Ads campaign cost in the UK? We will look for a complete answer that allows you to calculate what you need to invest and how much you can earn. 


How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost? There is not a single price. 


Google Adwords campaign costHow much does Adwords cost? Depending on the industry of your business, keywords can be either very cheap or very expensive.


And if you are looking for popular keywords with many searches per month, you can pay a lot of money for each click. One of the main mistakes when campaigning in a PPC service is not doing the necessary research before starting. 


As we said, based on your industry, you can pay as little as $3.19 for one click. However, you can also pay more than $100 per click. How much does Google Adwords charge in the UK?


It depends, to a large extent, on what you are announcing. Get all the possible information. Mainly, research the individual keywords that your business will focus on. 


How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost? Understanding how Google Ads works. 


Google Adwords campaign costHow much does Adwords cost? To know how much a Google Ads campaign costs, you need to understand how the platform works and how you buy your ads. Many have an idea about Google Ads that the one with more money to invest has more influence. Although having more budget does not harm you, other factors influence your advertising power. As already mentioned, Google Ads works as if it were an auction. Let’s see how this process works. What is the way you decide in which keywords your ads appear?  


How much does Google Adwords advertising cost? Everything is based on the ad auction. Ad auction begins when a user enters a search term. Subsequently, Google determines if your search term includes keywords for which advertisers are bidding. If advertisers have made bids for any keywords in the user’s search, the ad auction begins. The purpose of the auction is to determine the Ad Rank or position of the ad. Here it is decided where each ad will be positioned.


The auction determines the inclusion and position of the ads according to the Ad Rank formula. The Ad Rank formula is based on two main factors that we will discuss later: maximum offer and value rating. Once your Ad Rank and your value rating have been calculated, Google will use this information to determine how much you will pay each time someone clicks on your ads. 


How much does advertising in Adwords cost? Ad auctions vary depending on the popularity of the keyword.


When it comes to paid searches, there are specific keywords where everyone will want to make offers.


These keywords are usually popular with large companies. When this happens, what results is a bidding war between two giants. Having two international businesses trying to overcome, you can only expect one thing: high prices.


 On the one hand, you have very cheap keywords to advertise for pennies, although it is not always the best idea to promote on them. Meanwhile, there are also expensive and popular keywords that can cost you up to thousands per click.


But do not worry, these expensive words are only for specific industries, and, likely, you do not have to pay so much for your ads. 


Some of the most expensive keywords are for industries such as law, insurance and finance. Here we find lawyers, insurance houses and banks. These keywords are very expensive because those who use them look for customers that leave them a lot of profits individually. For example, some keywords, like medical expenses insurance, can cost up to $269 per click. Speaking of expensive keywords, how do you know how much each keyword costs? How much does a Google Adwords campaign cost? 


How much does it cost to advertise on Google? It depends on the keyword. 


How much does advertising on Google Adwords cost? If you are thinking of starting a campaign in Google Ads, you likely want to know ​​how much it will cost.


Although, as we mentioned, several factors determine the price of the campaign, there is a very important one that stands out above the others. We’ll explain how the price of a keyword is decided depending on the industry and its popularity. 


Google has a tool for you to get a general idea of ​​how much a keyword can cost. This tool is called the Keyword Planner, the keyword glider in Spanish. You just have to enter a term or keyword, and the device will give you all the related keywords.


You can even adjust the search so that it only shows you the cost of ads in a specific country, such as the UK or the United States. This can impact prices as advertising in certain countries is more expensive than advertising in others. 


  • Bidding for keywords


Once the results are loaded, you will see a column that indicates “suggested offer”. Here is your first indicator of how much a Google Adwords campaign costs.


This is an estimate calculated from all advertisers with ads for that keyword. It is approximate based on an average.


Your cost may vary depending on other factors, such as the quality value we will discuss next. Even so, it’s an excellent way to estimate when you’re going to pay for your marketing campaign. 


Depending on the industry, you will determine if the cost per click is considered expensive or not. If all keywords cost more than $10, you are probably in a reasonably expensive market area. If the price is $0.54 to $1.08 per click, you’re in luck. 


How much does a Google Ads campaign cost in the UK?


Now you’ve seen how much the keywords can cost and how you can use the Google tool to estimate the cost per click. It is time to continue with other elements that will help you calculate the price more accurately. So how much does a Google Adwords campaign cost according to what Google charges you? This is a relatively simple question.


 Although it may sound complicated for those who start with the PPC, the answer to this question is, what do you decide how much Google charges. That’s right, the user determines how much your ads cost, depending on which option you choose. Google Ads can be an automated platform or a manual platform.


This means that users can let Google adjust their bids automatically. But some users want total control over what they are going to pay. Keeping control means deciding how much Google will charge you per click. What you do is determine the number of your maximum offer, and Google takes care of the rest. 


However, placing a low offer does not mean that you will receive many clicks for that price. In fact, if your offer is very low, no one may see your ads. Why? Because Google will send them to the subsequent pages of search results, they will only appear at low traffic hours. If you want to receive many clicks, you recommend that you make offers around $0.27 more than the recommended offer.


How much does a Google Ads campaign cost? Big corporations against small businesses. 


As previously mentioned, the cost of Google Adwords depends on the type of company you belong to.


Suppose it is a very competitive or popular industry. In that case, it may be better if Google takes care of everything and that your offers are automatic. Because some prices may change quickly, making manual offers will not give you the best results. 


Many large companies will have an automatic system to always surpass their competitors.


Working manually, you cannot be at their level. It is common for small businesses to achieve their goal with only $0.54 per click.


However, if you want to be among the four ads at the top of the first page of results, you will need to make offers higher than your competitors. 


How much does a Google Ads campaign cost? The quality rating and its effect on prices. 


There is a concept that we have mentioned a lot throughout the article. This is the quality rating, one of the most critical factors that affect how much it costs to advertise on Google Adwords. The cost of Google Adwords is determined by the quality rating.


Every advertiser and ad campaign in Google Ads has a quality rating. Having a good quality rating means you will save money and pay less per click than other advertisers. A poor-quality rating means that you will pay more per click. In fact, a bad grade can lead you to pay 100% more than the competition. 


How is the quality rating determined? Through optimization for Google, similar to what SEO does. Advertisers that optimize their landing page and keyword ads receive a better rating. In an industry as competitive as online ads, many businesses will do everything they can to ensure they have a good quality rating. After all, this will significantly lower the cost of your ads. 


In the future, at BluCactus, we will make a guide on how you can receive a better-quality rating and dramatically reduce your cost per click. Remember, having a good quality rating can be the difference between a profitable campaign and simply spending a lot of money. 


Quote your Google AdWords campaign with us to increase your sales! 




The cost of Google AdWords depends on the size of your business, ad quality, and keyword popularity. Using Google’s keyword planning tool, you can usually estimate how much it costs to advertise on Google AdWords. Your best option is to turn to a professional digital marketing team to get the best price. In BluCactus, we have everything you need to make your marketing campaign a real success. 


Already have your optimized Google campaigns? Leave us a comment with a “Yes” if so or a “No” if you still do not apply it to your business.

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