Google My Business Features You Should Be Using to boost your local SEO

Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UK

Google My Business Features You Should Be Using to boost your local SEO. If you want to improve your website’s visibility, using the Google My Business features is the way to go. For this reason, to get the most out of this tool, you must first know how to use it.


The goal of Google My Business is to allow you to improve your website’s visibility on local search results. You do not know the number of users that must be waiting for your products. Because of this, you have to learn how to reach them effectively.


It is in your hands to make your website stand out from the rest, and for that, you can use this free tool. 


As time goes by, knowing where searches are from is essential to have custom results. Because of this, now you can get this data through Google and carry out a study on your business website.


What is Google My Business?


Regardless of whether you have a physical or online business, it must show up in the local results. For this reason, you can use this platform to let Google know of its existence.


Google My Business is known as one of the best tools you can use to carry out local SEO for your website. Once you use this function, you can improve the online reputation of your website. Besides, you will be able to enjoy its many features to make your site stand out from the rest.


Google My Business Features


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEOThese are just some of the main features that this tool offers. All of them allow you to boost your website’s local SEO.


  • You can customize your business website tab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, you will keep your website’s data updated.
  • When users visit your website, they will have access to the ratings and reviews left by customers. Showcasing these elements is vital to gaining the trust of users.
  • You can share posts and add news to bring fresh content to customers and visitors.
  • You can add photos of your business website, as well as products. Thus, you can show the human side of your website and with it, hook those who decide to visit your website.
  • Google My Business features also allow you to provide customers with up-to-date information from your business website. You can also take advantage of these features to add business hours, offers, promotions, contact options, address if you have a physical business, and much more.
  • This tool provides you with statistics that you can analyze to understand how your customers are interacting with your website profile. Also, you can discover how many users have found your site and the origin of those visits.
  • Google My Business can also take a virtual tour of your website. As a result, the user may go into your entire website to learn more about your business.


As you can see, this tool has many features that you can take full advantage of once you know how to use it. Just as you can enjoy the features of Google My Business, you can also do so through its benefits.


Advantages of Google My Business features


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKTo boost local SEO for your business’ website you can use this effective tool. Besides, with it, you will be able to increase your visibility through geolocated searches. But this is not all, since this tool offers many more advantages. Some of these are:


  • It is the most efficient way for you to be in direct contact with your customers.
  • All the management of the tab of your business website can be done from your mobile device, no matter where you are.
  • Your brand image will increase considerably, as well as the trust of users to become customers of your business.
  • You can easily showcase your business location on Google Maps.
  • Provides the ability to appear up to 2 times in organic search results. This would be through your website and the Google listing that usually appears well above the organic results. You could say that this is one of the most interesting advantages offered by this tool.


For your website to appear in the first search results, you must optimize your business listing in Google My Business. In this sense. You must do good SEO to be able to appear in the first organic result. Once you start to do good SEO, you will be able to encourage your users to click on your business.


Can you create a website for your business for free through Google My Business?


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKIf you have a physical business, you can create a website for it through the Google My Business features. This is another of the advantages that you can get from this tool since you can create a website for free. Of course, this website will have a basic format, however, you can easily customize it to your tastes. 


The great thing about this tool is that it allows you to create an optimized website, and it will look great from both a desktop computer and a mobile device.


In fact, you can add some buttons so that your customers can carry out the following actions:


  • Send a message in case they need to make a question.
  • Call your business.
  • Ask for a quote before buying.
  • Make an order quickly.
  • Book some type of service directly.


Besides these buttons, you can also find other options to customize your website and include updates. Updating your website can be very helpful to add photos and display your offers. On the other hand, you can also add your contact channels and other kinds of information to build a better connection with potential customers.


Customizing your website through this tool will make the local positioning of your website stand out. Added to this, you will be able to show your clients your business characteristics to build a strong sense of trust.


Google My Business features are the best option for you to publicize your business website. Now, the time has come to learn how to use local SEO.


How to do local SEO through Google My Business?


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKGoogle My Business has become the best tool to achieve SEO optimisation on your website. As a result, you must know how Google uses a website’s information to determine if it is good or not.


For Google, it is important to share verified information, and that is why it is in favor of the use of this tool.


Then, once Google manages to recognize the authenticity of your website, it will place it in one of the local search spaces, especially in the sidebar.


Among the practices that you must carry out to promote local SEO on your website, there are the following tools:



  • Optimize Google My Business.


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKFor you to optimize Google My Business, you must carry out the following steps:


  • You must create and verify a Google My Business page.
  • Use Google posts from your account.
  • Encourage your customers to share reviews online. Once they leave them, you must try to answer those reviews. By answering them, you will be able to offer more information about your business.


For example, if you have a restaurant located in London, you can write the following review:


“We appreciate your opinion about our Friday’s special menu in London. We appreciate your comment and look forward to your visit again. Thank you very much from the [restaurant’s full name] team. 


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UK

  • Update your website.


Optimizing your business is the first step you should take using the Google My Business features. Next, you should proceed with some basic updates to the website to boost your local SEO.


To boost your website’s local SEO, you must follow these steps:


  • Improve the structure of internal links.


External links are a great option for your website. However, you should also pay attention to internal links. When you pay attention to your internal links you can increase your SEO ranking, and on top of that they:


    • Help the hierarchy of your website.
    • Improve the navigation of your website.
    • Distribute the authority of the page to get a better ranking.


  • Optimize URL, Meta description, headings, tags, and content.


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKEach article that you include on your blog is a new indexed page on your website. In it, you can focus on a geographic search phrase so that users can find it in the SERPs (Search Results Pages).


It is important that when writing new content for your website, you optimize it for search engines.


To achieve this, you can use the following elements:


    • Qualification
    • Meta description.
    • Keywords that have high volume in the URL.
    • Text body.


  • Add location pages.


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKIf your Google My Business profile only has one location, now is the time to create more location pages. When you create branch pages, your readers have the opportunity to know the following points:


    • The descriptions of each business.
    • Opening and closing hours.
    • Parking information.
    • How to get there.
    • Testimonials from other clients.
    • Promotions


If your business has a single location, create a separate page to describe your business history. You can also add a Google map on your business website to show your exact location.



Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UK

  • Create local content. 


Content creators no longer just write for search engines, but also for users who will then become customers. So, instead of writing about general topics, try to focus on topics related to your business or relevant local news.


Through the different features that Google My Business offers, you can become the local authority for your business niche. That is why you should focus on creating good content beyond the products or services that your business offers.


  • Your site must be mobile-friendly.


You must understand this point very clearly, and it is that most local searched are made through mobile devices. Besides, users use their smartphones to search for reviews from other customers and to find their location. Also, they will search for your contact information and other interesting content about you.


Because of this, through Google My Business, you allow users and customers to easily navigate your site from their mobile devices.


  • Optimize your presence in online directories.


After optimizing your business website using Google My Business, you must use local directories to allow your business to show in the first places of local searches.


People and search engines should find it easily. That is why you must verify that there is a match between the contact details. On the other hand, all your contact information must be written in HTML format and must be located at the top of the site or the bottom.


Aggregators also handle large amounts of geographic data to Bing, Apple Maps Connect, and other third parties. This can be very helpful to your Google My Business because it will allow users to easily find it. However, the concordance of your data is important, so you must verify that your contact information is complete and that there is no writing error in it, much less abbreviations.


If Google cannot identify your complete and correct information, your business will not appear in searches regardless of whether they are local or not.


  • Get highly relevant inbound links


Google My Business Features you Should Be Using to boost your SEO | BluCactus UKJust as internal links are important, external links are important as well, and you should use them to boost your website’s local SEO. Each external link allows Google to see that it is in front of a real business. Similarly, you can increase authority on your domain and your site.


For you to get good external links, you can first search for domains or collaborations. You may also decide to guest post on other blogs that cover topics related to your niche. And finally, you can also opt for scholarships.


If you want to start looking for external links, you can start with your personal contact list, sponsoring an important event. Also, if you prefer to write a blog as a guest author, you can talk to people in the same industry to carry out this collaboration.


Now, if you prefer to promote a campaign in your geographic area, you can use this medium to direct people to your domain.


  • Social Media.


The content you add on social media is relevant to Google, especially now. For this reason, if you have already created your page on Google My Business, and it is fully optimized, do not wait any longer to share it through your social media.


  • Take into account searches “near me”


As we have already mentioned in one of the previous points, your website must be 100% optimized for mobile devices.


Similarly, you should be prepared for your site to be searched through other smart devices like Alexa and Google Home.


According to Google data, searches “near me” through these mobile devices have had a considerable increase in recent years.


And among the lines that stand out the most are food, personal care, entertainment, and banking. If you want to stand out in future purchases, you can also take advantage of the Amazon Echo to rank through positive reviews and conversion.



How to use Google My Business to boost your website’s local SEO?


Now that you know all the benefits you can get through the Google My Business features, you surely feel encouraged to use it. And to achieve this, you just have to follow the following steps:


  • Log in directly to your Google account.
  • Go to the Google My Business page.
  • Then, click on the option “Manage now”.
  • Provide all the requested details of your business.
  • Wait for your account to be verified.


For you to use all the options available in Google My Business, you must enter the verification code of your business that will be provided to you.


This code expires 30 days after issuance, so you must perform this step as soon as you receive it.


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