9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO

9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UK

9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO. When it comes to audio content, podcasts remain at the top of current trends. This is thanks to all its advantages and benefits. Today, podcasts are what everyone is talking about. So, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to apply the best SEO techniques.


Millions of users have fallen in love with this format. After all, they can enjoy it while exercising or doing any other activities. However, like many other types of content, it needs both marketing and SEO to gain visibility. Because of this, if you want to create your own podcast, you must focus on working on your SEO positioning.


Why is SEO positioning important?


9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UKIt is obvious if you do not make your content visible, how do you expect people to find it? Also, how do you expect them to remember it? Because of this, you need to take clear and concrete actions to create a successful podcast.


If you have no idea about SEO or its techniques, do not worry. We are here to help you learn how to apply them. As experts in SEO positioning and marketing professionals, we have created a list of the best tips to promote your podcasts.


SEO positioning can never be left out of any marketing strategy. However, if you want to apply it in your podcast, you must first learn how to use it.


As time passes, advances in technology make people enjoy content differently. Nonetheless, their most common objective is to find content able to satisfy their needs. For this, they look for websites or blogs with the information they want.


When it comes to the visual aspect, podcast SEO turns out to be very effective. After all, it allows you to discover your potential customers while boosting your web visibility. Besides, if you do not have the time or do not have the tools to apply SEO techniques, you can always hire a marketing agency.


Increasing your community of followers must be a constant task to obtain good results.


  • Choose interesting topics to create your podcast.


9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UKToday there are a lot of podcast creators, some successful, others not so much, but why? The answer is obvious. Some creators focus only on creating the content that their audience likes the most. So, as you can imagine, this is one of the first steps you must take in your SEO optimisation journey. For this, you should have a list of topics able to easily hook your audience.


In the same way, a little help does not hurt, and you can use search engines to know the queries of your target audience. You can also take advantage of keyword tools for this task. This is a very easy and free way to get great content ideas.


If you want your podcasts to have good interaction, you must take your time to research your information. Especially now that Google is also taking into account content made in an audio format. In other words, your work should not just focus on podcasting on one platform and that is it. You must apply the SEO techniques that we will show you next if you want to enjoy a good positioning among search engines.


What SEO techniques should you apply in podcasts to attract more audience?


Are you dedicated to creating this type of content? If so, your main objective should be to have a better positioning to attract more audience. For this, you must know what are the best SEO techniques that you should carry out:


1. Understand your target audience, Grow your podcast audience.


9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UKThis should be one of your main objectives to achieve the best results. In 2020, millions of people listened to podcasts, and this has not changed in 2022.


In fact, day by day, even more people enjoy this format.


However, you need to know how to reach the right audience. Only in this way will you achieve a great connection. For this, you must understand the profile of your audience so that you can introduce interesting and useful content for them.


When it comes to this, you must make it in your own language and local expressions. This way, your audience will be able to easily understand you and grow familiar with you. 


2. Optimize your title.


Your podcast’s title is vital to make your audience understand what you are talking about. In fact, depending on the title you choose for your podcast, you can convince the audience to listen to it or not.


Also, in your title, you can include keywords, as well as subtitles for more title options.


9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UK

3. Use meta tags, Grow your podcast audience.


Marketing strategies will be an important part of creating your podcast content. For this reason, you can take advantage of the use of different platforms and your website to publish them.


For all the content of your podcast to be interesting, you must take care of both the title and the description in detail.


On both sites, you should put keywords that can be detected by bots. This will also be a viable way for the audience to know what your podcast is about before hitting the view button.



9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UK4. Add a description.


Most podcast creators make the mistake of not adding a description to their posts. Usually, creators post their podcasts on their own websites or blogs. Because of this, you must add a description using On-page SEO techniques.


The idea is to improve your SEO positioning in each episode, and through this text, you will get greater visibility.


5. Optimize your syndication feed.


A syndication feed is used as a subscription channel among users who want to listen to your podcast. Also, it is an excellent option to provide information related to the title and description of your podcast on the different platforms. This is why you should keep your syndication feed fully up-to-date.


9 tips to grow your podcast audience with the help of SEO | BluCactus UK

6. Recycle podcast episodes, Grow your podcast audience.


This is another option you can use to improve your SEO positioning. By recycling this content, you can use it to make short videos. Then, you can share this on your social media.


For example, Facebook and YouTube are great channels for posting recycled podcast episodes.


You can also take audio from podcasts and include images to create fun tutorials or guides. Your creativity will be very helpful when carrying out this process.



7. Optimize your main platform, Grow your podcast audience.


What is the main platform you use to post your content? This site should be SEO optimized.


For this reason, if you use your website or your blog, you must apply the corresponding SEO techniques.


To get started, you need to be on the lookout for your site’s loading speed. You should also focus on creating a good user experience.


Your website or your blog should be very easy to understand. This way the user will feel encouraged to take the time to listen to your content.


In the same way, it must show the user in a very simple manner how they can subscribe to your site so that they are aware of the publication of your next podcast.


8. Use all available platforms to publish them, Grow your podcast audience.


Do not settle on just posting your podcasts on your website or blog. Use all the platforms available. For example, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are one of the most popular platforms.


However, there are many other sites where you can publish at the same time to gain greater visibility from users.


Can you publish a podcast on multiple platforms at the same time? Yes, since there are many effective tools to carry out this action and save time.


These tips will help you ensure that all your podcasts attract the attention of the audience you want. Of course, you must understand that good results are not achieved overnight. Nonetheless, with hard work and consistency, you will be able to obtain them.


9. Conduct interviews, Grow your podcast audience.


There are definite leaders in this industry, and interviewing them is a great idea to gain more followers on your podcast. The leaders of the digital world have a lot of influence and each one of them has a specific target audience.


So, by interviewing them, you will have the opportunity to engage with their followers and your own and all of them will listen to the episode of your podcast. This is one of the best SEO techniques you can implement if your goal is to reach your ideal subscriber. In fact, many of these people will be viewing your content for the first time. As a result, if it catches their attention, they may become your new subscribers.


If you are starting with this type of content, do not worry. You can always contact people with a smaller number of followers. Believe it or not, these content creators can also grow their audience and be your best allies before reaching out to leaders.


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