How much does a website for a restaurant cost?

How much a restaurant website costs

How much a restaurant website costs? Time passes very quickly. Today, if your restaurant doesn’t have an online presence, it’s like it doesn’t exist. Because of this, you may have in mind to create a website for your business. All you need is to take that step to be closer to potential customers. However, before deciding anything, you must know how much it will cost you. This, alongside other details related to this service.


First, you can be the creator of your restaurant’s website. But, if you don’t have enough knowledge, it’s best to hire the services of professionals. At first, it may seem like a considerable investment, but you will see that it is worth it. This way, you’ll be able to yourself in the online world.


Website for restaurants


How much a restaurant website costsBefore paying for a website for your restaurant, you must consider several points in advance. This way, both you and the person in charge of this work will be satisfied with the final result.


That’s why you should create a website from scratch. The creator can put their knowledge into practice and make a website for restaurants more attractive and original.


Besides, the price related to your website depends on the design hours and the complexity of its elaboration. What’s important is to create an elegant and professional website. After all, this is vital for a company or business that wants to make itself known on the internet.


Similarly, the cost for a restaurant website will also depend on whether you are looking for a basic or more personalized design. In fact, when a website is adapted to the needs of the business, you can achieve an aesthetic line. In turn, this will be consistent with the image you want to convey. So, instead of a cheap and straightforward design, it’s preferable to opt for an advanced design. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it will ensure your online positioning.


Once you choose to create a website for your restaurant, you should research to find the best deals on the market. This way, you can find different prices to choose the option that fits your budget. For example, suppose you hire a site run by professionals for this task. In that case, it will offer you an opportunity relevant to your industry.


How much does a web page cost?


How much a restaurant website costsToday, WordPress is the most used tool to create web pages, regardless of whether its design is basic or professional.


This is why you need to figure out the prices to make your restaurant website. Only this way will you be able to achieve success.


If your restaurant isn’t selling well or isn’t reaching potential customers, it’s because you need a website.


So, as we have told you initially, you can create your website or work with specialized equipment to ensure the best results. The cost of a restaurant website covers several elements that we will explain below:



  • Domain name – £270 / £300, How much a restaurant website costs.


To begin, the domain name ( is necessary so that the project has a more serious aspect. These domains must be paid annually. This is good news since you won’t need to make a high investment for your purchase.


Followed by that, the domain name is more important than you can imagine, as it will be part of the survival of your website. Therefore, this first step will be mandatory, or you won’t start with the website for your restaurant.


  • Server – £270/ £770, How much a restaurant website costs.


After choosing the desired domain for your restaurant website, the next step will be to purchase a server or hosting. This space is vital to store all the information on your site, so you will need a server with good performance.


The price shown is the approximate price you could pay during the first year for shared hosting since they are usually the most used. Some website design agencies usually give away the .com domain or hosting for the first year, which would significantly save your business.


  • Standard maintenance – £4600/ £11500, How much a restaurant website costs.


How much a restaurant website costsStandard maintenance for your restaurant website can be done by you or the agency you have hired for its design. The cost for this service can be charged monthly or annually according to how your website is updated.


In general, the price for this service isn’t final, and each agency, in particular, will set its own price. Similarly, for your site updates to be efficient, it will require deep maintenance, so it’s better if you leave it in the hands of the experts.


Considering these elements that cannot be missing from your restaurant’s website and other additional ones that are just as important, the cost for a simple website can be from £3000 to £4600. Similarly, if you prefer a more professional website, it costs between £4600 to £11500.


These amounts are set based on the first investment. After one year, there could be a 40% increase for your website. All this regardless of whether it is the basic or professional option.


Who can design the website for your restaurant?


In marketing agencies, you can find professionals in charge of web design. 


This is usually the best option that you can turn to see good results when making your investment.


Once you decide to hire one, you may find very high prices, but they have a reason. After all, these workspaces offer a higher level of credibility, and their quality will be guaranteed, unlike if you hire a freelancer.


Nonetheless, you’re the one who has the last word when paying for the creation of your restaurant’s website. We recommend looking for a team that can provide a professional job of good design, architecture, and interface. This way, your restaurant can be located in the first places of the search results.


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