How much does a Fashion website cost?

Fashion website cost

How much does a Fashion website cost? Nowadays, having a website for a fashion brand has become a mandatory requirement. However, many wonder why. Especially those used to offer their products through a physical store. However, you have to keep up with the time. Today, a store without an online presence won’t compete with those that use this resource.


In general, creating a trendy website can be a considerable investment. Besides, fashion sites tend to have common characteristics to cause a tremendous visual impact. That’s why it’s essential to work on their aesthetics to maintain the brand’s personality.


As a result, you must know the cost of a fashion website before choosing to create one and thus expand your business to reach your target audience.


How much does it cost to build a fashion website?


Fashion website costTo create a fashion website, you must invest in several elements to complement this service. That’s why, besides the domain name and web hosting, you must also take into account the number of products that you want to display on your web page.


In this sense, if you decide to add between 100 to 1000 products, the average cost can be started at $4,900. Generally, this amount will only cover the development of the site and any other initial amounts.


Followed by this, there0’s also the annual maintenance. This service on an e-commerce website with the same number of products could be £ 11,400 to £ 23,000.


As you can see, there are various costs for the price of a fashion website. This is because all e-commerce websites have different characteristics. For example, you could choose a website builder for $300. Therefore, when making your investment, you must consider several aspects. For example, the quality of the site and its functionality.


To determine how much a fashion website costs, you must also consider the work team you choose for this task. For example, a freelance web designer may charge between £350 and $3,800 for their services. While hiring a web design agency can cost anywhere from £ 2,300 to £ 76,700.


How much does a shopping website cost?


There are determining cost factors to know what the total price will to build a site that will function as e-commerce:


  • Web design: £ 0 – £ 76,700


Fashion website costTo consult this price, it’s best to ask a web design agency directly. In general, this is the highest value to create a fashion website. After all, your brand needs to obtain positive results.


The design will be their first impression when new visitors access your site. That’s why if they see an outdated design, they will think that your business looks the same. This would become a huge disadvantage that can quickly lose your customers. To avoid this, you have to look for a design that adapts to your brand.


Besides, you must base your website’s design on any of the four categories available:


  • Simple: they look great and function correctly. It could fit perfectly at the beginning of a website.


  • Moderately stylized: You can take advantage of the available space in a more relaxed way. This way, you can make different combinations of colors or add other additional design elements.


  • High-end: its appearance is more professional, and this characteristic marks a distinction. Additionally, resolution images and color schemes should be appropriate for your target demographic.


  • World-class: these sites are often above the competition because they use more striking elements. Besides, they add high-resolution images, videos, and other add-ons with great functionality.


And you, what category do you think is best for you?


  • Number of pages (per 10 pages): £766 – £1500, Fashion website cost.


Fashion website costThe price of the pages will change according to the amount you want to add to your fashion site. Similarly, an e-commerce website will most of the time need about 200 pages or more.


Because of this, the cost of the pages is often one of the highest cost factors. But it can turn into a great opportunity by generating more business opportunities. Each page quickly pays for itself as you increase the sales of your products.


Many fashion business owners include many products on a single page. However, if you ask experts, you will find that there won’t be anything better than having a page focused on each of your products.


However, it’s also important to note that you’re the one with the last word. You are the one in charge of deciding your website’s number of pages. Nonetheless, there should always be a large number of them.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) per month: £ 600 – £ 3,800


Fashion website costSEO is the key to improving your website efficiently displayed in Google search engine results. Similarly, search engine optimization in e-commerce is relevant in the long run, which is why most websites now have SEO.


So, to attract customers who use search engines and obtain more income, you must use this tool.


Otherwise, there will be a shortage in the flow of new and regular customers vital for the survival of your site.


Besides, you must know that SEO requires a monthly investment to stay one step ahead of the competition. This means that you must be aware that the investment in this element will be continuous.



  • Website copy per page: £ 40 – £ 380, Fashion website cost.


Advertising is an essential part of a fashion website. However, it will not be necessary to include as many pages as other websites.


Ideally, this advertisement should be well written. The main pages should explain the terms and conditions and other technical aspects.


The pages can also be used to add information related to your market, either by mentioning the site where you’re on the purchase page or another action.


As for advertising, the cost of this copy will adjust to what you want to add to your pages.


After all, short, image-free pages are usually much cheaper than those over 2500 words and have more interactive features.


  • Response Design: £ 2,300 – £ 19,000


Fashion website costResponsive design is an important part of an e-commerce project regarding website needs. Today, most, if not all users, will want to see your products from a computer or any mobile device.


Because of this, you must offer them a good user experience no matter what device they’re using. After all, mobiles generate most of the traffic on the internet.


Once users visit your site through their phone, they should easily see its buttons to buy. A perfect design and proper functionality are crucial to making their page journey satisfactory.


Similarly, if customers want to purchase their laptops, they should have a great experience. In conclusion, responsive design is vital for the internet.



  • Database integration: £ 15,000 – $ 19,000, Fashion website cost.


Database integration can be optional when creating a website, but it will be necessary for e-commerce. This element allows you to store information related to your products and your team of employees and customers in the same place.


Database integration works like a universal disk where your business will access all corporate information. It’s also essential for customers to have a personalized experience when buying.


To do this, you can use this option to store their credit card numbers. This way, the customer won’t have to enter it again.


However, instead of this option, you can store the names of the users and their passwords. The idea is that by integrating a database, you can also simplify your customers’ experience when making a purchase.


  • Ecommerce functionality: £ 1,500 – £ 19,000


A website for e-commerce must have all the necessary elements for its proper functioning. That’s why the shopping cart, the client’s identity protection, and several payment methods must be included to offer a personalized service.


As for the products, we recommend including several images and even videos to show customers how they can be used.


Similarly, some of these products can be supplemented with specific information, such as MSDS sheets, as they will be mandatory for a good description of the articles.


However, to include all these details correctly, it’s best to enlist the help of a web designer. After all, they will have excellent ideas for your site development.


Besides, only a professional will know everything necessary to develop an efficient e-commerce site.


  • Content Management System (CMS): £ 1,500 – £ 19,000, Fashion website cost.


The content management system (CMS) is a very easy-to-use interface. Through it, you can make changes to your website without the need to modify its code.


Also, you can find some CMS programs for free, while for others, you will have to pay an amount of money. Most of these programs can be highly expensive. However, regardless of the payment you have to make for a program like this, what is relevant will be the functionality that it may have for your website.


Having an e-commerce site must make constant changes to add new product categories. Therefore, you require a CSM program that helps strengthen your brand to continue to stand out from the competition.


Constant costs on a fashion website


Aside from the total cost, you will need to think about the ongoing expenses you will incur when becoming a fashion website owner:


  • Domain name / year: £ 1 – £ 10


For any e-commerce site, it’s necessary to create a website with its domain. Otherwise, it won’t be able to start working. The domain name is the home of your online business and can be had for a price of £ 4 to £ 5 per year. However, you also have the option to buy a domain for up to 10 years for more control.


Depending on the type of domain, its cost will also change. After all, if you prefer a short one (.com), you can pay up to £ 12 per year. The domain name can be costly, although the average price would be.


  • Interactive multimedia: £ 190 – £ 7,700, Fashion website cost.


You may not have noticed it yet, but visual interest is significant to your website, so multimedia and flash elements shouldn’t be missing. In the case of Flash, it has many advantages, although search engines cannot read its code.


Also, with multimedia, you can place interesting videos, photos, and descriptions on your product listing. In fact, by using videos, you can use YouTube and other social media platforms to promote your website. This content is one of the most interesting today to attract more customers.


  • Hosting / per year: £ 60 – £ 7,700


Users who live on the internet can access your website through hosting services. That’s why once you have a domain, you need a person to host it since it will be the space on your servers for better development of your site.


Many companies sell domain names. However, they often use templates websites, and when this happens, your site is likely to be similar to others.


Consequently, the best advice we can give is to get a host with which you can build your e-commerce site from scratch. Thus, your site will have a web presence and will be able to keep up with the competition.


Besides, you may have to pay a high price to enjoy a good host. This is because they offer good support and additional functionalities that bring advantages to your site.


On the other hand, you won’t get much support when you choose low-cost hosting aside from just having server space. That’s why you must decide between paying little money or having support that can have a valuable life for years.


  • Website maintenance / year: £ 11,500 / £ 23,000, Fashion website cost.


Your e-commerce website needs constant maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Thanks to this service, any errors that may appear can be solved immediately. Also, you can add other elements to keep your site in excellent condition.


As a website owner, you should know that maintenance can be expensive and even more than you might imagine. However, even if you don’t see benefits in the short term, this service will be essential for your excellent performance.


When your site doesn’t go through maintenance on time, there can be errors in the graphics of images and unresponsive pages. That’s why it will be essential to have someone to keep your site working accurately.


Questions and answers related to the cost of a fashion website


When creating a fashion website, the most important thing is to be clear about what the cost determination process will be like. That’s why we will answer 7 of the most common questions about this process.


How should my CMS work?


If you need a functional and versatile CMS, you must make the best choice for your business. Now, if your idea is to add products sporadically, you can choose a primary option.


  • Do I have to include support for the hosting? Fashion website cost.


The answer is yes. Try looking at the free options available or find the host that best suits your budget.


  • What type of website do I need?


To stay one step ahead of your competition, you must choose a world-class design. However, if you are only interested in selling, you can select a more economical design.


  • What level of control do I need for my users? Fashion website cost.


This will depend on your goals. If you want a lot of control, you should choose the most functionality accompanied by good database integration. Otherwise, it’s enough to store the usernames and passwords.


  • What kind of SEO does my website need? 


As long as your objective is to stay in a better position than your competitors, you will need quality SEO support. Now, if you’re only looking to compete, choosing a basic SEO that can meet your needs will be enough.


  • How many product pages do I have to offer? Fashion website cost.


If you have many products, the best is to buy several pages. And if you have a few, you can make an appropriate selection of pages.


  • How many words should I include in my text pages? 


If you want your page to rank in search engines, you must have pages with thousands of words. If your goal is to answer questions quickly, your pages can be short.


  • Creating a website for your fashion site is important, Fashion website cost.


This would be the approximate cost of building a fashion website. However, it’s worth noting that prices may vary according to the person or agency. You must also understand that this investment will pay off for your business. In other words, you won’t regret it.


Anyone with a fashion website can have a digital showcase to display their products in all dimensions. You can also expand your reach and promote your business in other cities where you may not have imagined selling your product line.


In the same way, it’s a way to be closer to your potential customers. After all, they can see the prices of the updated products and their characteristics, without the need to go to your physical store.


Your store must join the technology world and all its advances. So, apart from using social media, there’s nothing better than creating a website. Here, you can be the designer and make the best decisions for the growth of your business.


After reading this post, is it worth paying to create a fashion website?


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As you can see, having an e-commerce website for your fashion business is critical. Especially today, when people prefer to use the internet to do their shopping from the comfort of their home or wherever they are.


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