How much does an influencer campaign cost?

How much does an influencer campaign cost

How much does an influencer campaign cost? Influencer marketing has proven effective for many brands that had not achieved their desired success until recently. In fact, for some time now, many influencers monetize their content on the internet, charging an amount of money for a campaign through their social networks.


It is not surprising that influencers are now an essential part of brands if many of them decline due to not having a good marketing strategy. What we know today as influencer marketing is one of the most successful tactics to gain consumers’ trust without much effort.


However, having the collaboration of some of the most prominent influencers of 2022 has its price, and this is where we all ask ourselves: How much does an influencer campaign cost?


How much does an influencer agency charge?


How much does an influencer campaign costInfluencer agencies function as companies in charge of creating, designing, and executing advertising campaigns. Since these campaigns are promoted through social media, we work with influencers.


Because of this, it’s important to know how much our campaign will cost. For this, we must keep in mind that not all influencers are the same. As a result, they don’t charge all the same.


After all, there are many influencers on the same level as celebrities for their followers. However, an impressive number of followers won’t determine the acceptance of their actions. Let’s not forget that many of these influencers resort to buying followers or so-called bots.


That’s why, if you want to determine the price of your campaign with influencers, you must pay attention to other elements.


  • Micro-influencers, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


How much does an influencer campaign costFor example, today, micro-influencers are trending. These are people with a small following but with enough influence in the decision-making of their audience.


So, even if an influencer has 300,000 or more followers, this doesn’t mean it has the same level of engagement.


On the other hand, the participation rates of these influencers are very high. This is why most people turn to them in search of their recommendations.


If you can’t work with major influencers, all of this means that micro ones are still a great option. You can even get more long-term benefits with them, thus creating a successful alliance.



  • Macro-influencers, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


When it comes to influencers at a celebrity level, what attracts brands is their large number of followers. However, you may need to agree with their agent or influencer agency to work with them.


In the end, working with micro-influencers is cheaper. After all, their price will adjust to the interaction and quality traffic they send over to your website.


Influencer Marketing Costs: How Much Should You Be Paying in 2022?


Influencers are found on social media like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. After researching the prices of different influencer agencies, these would be their costs based on posts.


Type of Influencers Rate


  • Nano (1-10k followers) £7-76 GBP


  • Micro (10-100k followers) £76-382 GBP


  • Mid (100-500k followers) £382-£4k GBP


  • Macro (500k-1m followers) £4-$8k GBP


  • Mega (1m+ followers) £8k+ GBP


How much is an influencer paid?


The figures mentioned are approximations of what an influencer campaign could cost. Similarly, there will be different factors related to your compensation, and these are the most relevant:


  • Number of followers, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


For a person to be considered an influencer, their number of followers is often considered a reference. So, the greater the number of followers, the higher your coverage and the price for your collaboration will be.


  • Capacity for trends


This is an issue that we always clarify in our posts regarding influencers. There may be an influencer with a few followers, but that creates a trend. In the end, that is what matters. In this case, their services may be cheaper, and if not, they will be worth it.


  • Collaboration type, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


The first thing to ask is if you need an influencer for a campaign or an ambassador for your brand.


A single post won’t have the same price as a weekly publication.


That’s why it has become common for influencers to offer packages.


Most often than not, the influencer may be a fan of your brand. If this is the case, you can offer them your products in exchange for their services.



  • Repercussion 


When a person has many followers, this doesn’t guarantee that they will have a significant impact.


Besides, the more the influencer interacts with their community, the more you will have to pay them.


Of course, paying more will be positive as long as the influencer generates the engagement that your brand needs.


  • Sectors, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


Each sector also has a cost, and right now, the one that belongs to the fashion industry is one of the most expensive.


  • Influencer friends


If you choose to hire an influencer related to essential influencers, you can get great benefits.


However, it is necessary to consider that the most influential campaigns generate valuable spontaneous content.


  • Platform, How much does an influencer campaign cost.


Thanks to its success, Instagram is one of the social media platforms most used by influencers.


However, you must invest more time to publish a blog, which will be more expensive than a publication on this social network.


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