How much does billboard advertising cost?

How much does billboard advertising cost

How much does billboard advertising cost? The cost of an outdoor billboard will depend on many factors. For example, location, visibility, and how long your billboard will be on display. A billboard in London, England, can cost around £2000 up to £20,000 depending on the format and time of the campaign. An outdoor billboard won’t cost you the same in Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, or Leeds. 


In the following blog, we’ll show you the factors that influence the costs of a billboard. After this, you will figure out which is the most suitable for your business.


Billboard advertising: what’s a billboard?


How much does billboard advertising costBillboards are a large structure, mostly put outdoors, for advertising. You can often find them in high-traffic areas alongside busy roads.


Besides, billboards display large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers.


These advertisement structures show attractive images and the slogan of a brand. On the other hand, some also showcase phrases to promote a product or a service. 


You can also find the largest billboards on the sides of the busiest highways in a city or town. As a result, this is what ensures high visibility. However, there are types of billboards that you can place on buildings or in structures created specifically for advertising.


What are the benefits of billboard ads?


How much does billboard advertising costWhen done correctly, investing in billboard advertising is a smart move. Thanks to this type of advertising, you can increase your sales, position your business in the market and make yourself known to new customers.


However, if you do it incorrectly, you can also lose money.


You must know every strategy to create an effective outdoor advertising campaign. Ideally, if your business wants to venture into this type of advertising, you should contact a team of experts. After all, they deal with each of these elements better than anyone else in the market.


Use the advice of a specialized marketing agency. They can help you create the best billboard advertising campaigns in London, Manchester, Leeds, and other cities in the UK. 


Types of billboard advertising


How much does billboard advertising costIt can be easy for many small businesses or SMEs to get the lowest budgets for outdoor advertising. However, you shouldn’t get carried away by the lowest prices on the market.


First, you must define your objectives when making this panoramic fence. Thus, to achieve all our goals, you must hire the service of a team of experts. They will consider your target audience and your objectives as a business to ensure all your dreams come true.


There are different types of billboards you can choose from to create the most suitable advertising campaign for your business:


  • Eight-panel Billboard: composed of 8 paper prints fused together.


  • Lighted billboards: these are the ones that contain bulbs to make them stand out.


  • Monopost billboard: this type of billboard is supported by a long pole that supports the entire structure.


  • Bipost Billboard: this type of panoramic is supported by two posts.


  • Low billboard: with this outdoor advertising, you can place two ads simultaneously. Besides, they are similar to those used in the stands of the soccer fields.


  • Three-sided billboards: These are fun because you can place up to three ads in one place. On the other hand, they are tall, and people can see them differently.


Why should your business rent a Billboard?


How much does billboard advertising costBillboard advertising allows your products or services to be massively displayed. Its main objective? Attract the attention of the public travelling near the ad. We can often see this type of advertisement on the sides of highways or main streets of cities.


As the name implies, outdoor billboard signs are located outdoors. You can find them in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Cardiff. Besides, it shows attractive images to instantly grab the public’s attention to fulfil their function.


Nowadays, we can also add light, sound, and movement to these billboards with technology. The more dynamic they are, the more attractive they will be to your audience.


Now, how effective is billboard advertising? For what kind of businesses? How much does it cost to rent and design a billboard? There are two essential factors to consider. First is the design of the billboard. Second, the place where the ad will be placed. Once you know these two factors, you can measure the profitability of this type of marketing campaign.


Create and rent your Billboard advertising with us.


How much does it cost to rent a billboard?


The main reason it can be challenging to define the price of a billboard is the many factors that influence the final cost. On the other hand, everyone wants the same thing: spend as little as possible while earning as much.


If practical, panoramic advertising of this type will boost your business and increase your income. 


However, unplanned campaigns tend to generate little to no profit for businesses. Although many of these advertisements are carried out for a short time, the ideal is to first know the public you want to address. Only in this way you will know if your campaign is well-thought-out. By doing this, you will ensure that your business has no losses.


Request your budget by clicking here.


For this reason, the first question a business owner asks before starting a marketing campaign is always the same. How much does it cost to rent a panoramic? This is a clear and concise question. However, arriving at the answer is not that simple.


Although several variables can affect how much it costs to rent a billboard, it’s easy to remember the main 3: location, visibility, term. Next, we’ll take a closer look at these three factors, so you can see how much a spectacular ad costs. This will be handy information for your business.


Average Billboard advertising costs in the UK


Although there may be an approximate price to make ads depending on where you want to do it, you must estimate the costs. Each billboard will have a different cost depending on the area where you want to place it.


For example, it isn’t the same to rent a billboard in London or Manchester, even in Liverpool and Cardiff.


Besides, in the most central places with more inhabitants, the billboard views will be much more expensive, as will the rent. Let’s talk now about the visibility factor of outdoor advertising.


However, here is an approximate cost for your billboards in Texas:



Billboard Ads


Range of £2,800 — £20,000 per display per 4-week period.


Bus Ads


Range of £450 — £4,800 per display per 4-week period for bus exterior and coverage of £35 — £75 per display per 4-week period for bus interior.


Bus Stop Shelter Ads


Range of £920 — £2,200 per display per 4-week period.


Mall Ads


Range of £820 — £2,000 per display per 4-week period.


Airport Ads


Range of £7500 — £40,000 per display per 4-week period.


Taxi Ads


Range of £300 — £500 per display per 4-week period.


Train-Rail Ads


Range of £130 — £1,800 per display per 4-week period.


What determines the cost of an advertising billboard?


  • Location 


How much does billboard advertising cost. Billboards can change their price depending on the location a company wants to place it. Why is the area so important? Because of the ad visibility. This element is crucial to know the cost of a panoramic. It’s simple, the more visibility a billboard has, the higher the price. On the other hand, the rent will be cheaper if the billboard has less visibility. 


Billboard designs are an essential element in advertising campaigns that want to grab the attention of new customers. Because of this, many organizations still use them today, even when digital ads are the trend.


Although digital marketing continues to gain ground, you must also know what the advantages of billboards like these within traditional marketing are:


  • They generate a high impact by taking the product, brand, or service to the street.


  • Direct advertising.


  • Helps to position the brand image in the minds of consumers.


  • Outdoor advertising reaches all types of users of all ages, social classes, and nationalities.


  • It can be as creative as your imagination wants it.


  • It encourages differentiation within a market niche.


  • Outdoor advertising can be complemented with digital advertising to create a more effective campaign.


  • Subliminally it appears in people’s daily lives and can become an unforgettable memory for people.


  • They identify the building or places where the company is located.


  • Size


How much does billboard advertising cost. There are many types of sizes for these Billboards, and depending on it, the price will vary.


For example, suppose you want to use a Bulletin, the largest size for a spectacular. In that case, they will be more expensive than a wall space or even a digital panoramic. 


All will depend on your target and what could attract more attention.


Thus, you must know your audience first and then work with experts. This way, you will find out which is the best billboard to catch your clients’ eyes.




How much does it cost to rent a billboard? The ROI and duration of your campaign


How much does billboard advertising cost. It’s well known that all advertising campaigns aim to attract new customers, make yourself known in the market, and increase your income. However, if you want to achieve this, you must establish a plan to get the most out of your ad campaign. In 2017, The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) started research of ROI for this type of advertisement. They found that for each dollar spent on out-of-home advertising, an average of £5.59 will be processed in product sales.


One of the most essential elements in your planning to rent a panoramic fence is establishing your budget and the campaign’s duration. A well-thought-out budget for all advertising, from the design to the rental of the panorama, will allow you to have a good return on investment or ROI. This is important when classifying whether this campaign is successful or not. Meanwhile, the campaign’s duration will vary depending on the objective of your campaign, whether it’s to promote a new brand product or to make itself known to the public.


Other factors for billboard advertising cost


You should also think about whether the rental for the panoramic ad includes the canvas. So, if the canvas is included, it may cost more. On the other hand, seasons are relevant because it provides insurance to protect against storms and different situations that can damage your ad. As a result, you must consider that it can be more expensive when insurance is included. However, in this way, you can protect your investment.


  • Production costs and competition.


How much does billboard advertising cost. One of the most important aspects of a billboard ad has to be how much it will cost your business to actually produce the billboard and its faces.


The production costs of billboards are essential elements when choosing which advertisement are you going to use. For example, in these costs, you will consider factors such as the material of the billboard and the time it will take to create it. Another aspect is lighting. While some of these ads don’t use any light, some have started to include new ways to attract people by using LED lights or sounds. 


Last but not least, you need to be aware of the competition. For example, what they are doing with their billboards, their location, and number of billboards in a specific area. That way, you’ll be able to make better advertisements than them. However, don’t forget that you must know how to communicate with your clients and understand they spend more time driving or walking to quickly grab their attention.


  • How to choose the right location for your billboard ad.


As we mentioned before on this blog, location is a vital element that determines the price of a billboard. The visibility aspect will be the one to ensure whether your ad will succeed as a promotion strategy or not. Thus, you must understand your audience and where they spent most of their time. As a result, this will give you a clue of the best place to put your billboard.


How much does it cost to put on a Billboard Ad?


How much does billboard advertising cost. There are different types of billboard ads. For example, if you really want to place an advertisement outside, you must consider various factors when choosing the price. This is because the costs of the fence will be subject to this. On the other hand, some factors that determine how much it costs to put a billboard can be the place’s format, circulation, impressions, and demographics. Besides, you must consider that the cost will change depending on the type of client you want to send the ad to and the time you want your campaign to remain on the billboard.


The price of this campaign must be calculated according to a series of factors. The factors that tell us how much it costs to put a billboard are its size and location. Besides this, the duration of the execution time and the area are also included.


You must also know whether the ads will be illuminated or not. Ideally, do a mix of outdoor advertising and digital ads. One is much more massive, and the other type of advertising attracts a more personalized audience.


  • Choosing the right billboard advertising company.


You need to find a company with experience in the advertising area of billboards and external advertising. For this, you can ask several businesses what they can offer you to create the best advertising for your brand. After this, you can then study which one you think will suit your goals best. Don’t just select a company that makes billboards cheaper than others. Remember to choose the one that will fill all your expectations and help you reach your company goals.


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