How much does content marketing cost in the UK?

BluCactus - How much does content marketing cost in the UK

How much does content marketing cost in the UK? We have discussed the importance of applying digital marketing strategies for your company or business, but at what cost? We know that it´s a recurring question. When they tell you about the benefits and advantages of digital marketing, it is always accompanied by everything your business will achieve. And the success you will have when applying the advertising tools and strategies they´re offering you.


However, surely all that´s in your mind is: how much will all that cost me?


Let’s clear up the doubt and talk about figures today. So you can calculate your budget and choose what you consider most important for your company. And thus, get the most out of your money.


How much does a digital marketing service cost?


Digital marketing services don´t have the same prices. These vary depending on your needs, the plans and the services you choose. For example, if you go for a global strategy or a marketing plan, you´ll spend more than selecting individual services.


But to give you a clearer idea, let’s get into numbers. Since this is the approximate cost of each of these services:


  • Website creation: between £292 and £10,036.
  • Logo design: between £292 and £1,839.
  • Content creation: between £10.03 and £50 per hour.
  • Social media management: between £125 to £1,965 per month.
  • SEO consultancy: between £66 and €836 per month.
  • Virtual assistant: between £8 and £45 per hour.
  • Online advertising: between £41 and £292 per month.
  • Email marketing: between £41 and £244 per month.


The price of frequently contracting services can be around £627 per month. At the same time, a complete digital marketing service can reach £1,672.


Remember that everything will also depend on whether you hire an individual or freelancer. Or even go through an established agency and the type of project you have.


What influences the cost of digital marketing services?


BluCactus - How much does content marketing cost in the UKPrice per hour.


There are two ways to define the service price. And it´s if this is calculated per hour or full service.


When it´s per hour, it´s calculated by multiplying the base price by the total hours dedicated to the project. The average cost is between £20 and £41 per hour. Keep in mind that this amount may be higher depending on the experience and reputation of the person offering the service.


But if it´s the case of monthly cost, this ranges from £167. And it can also be increased depending on the services contracted, the type of client and the volume of work.


Type of Project.


Here we discuss whether the client already has a marketing strategy in place and wants to optimise specific areas. Or, on the contrary, they need to start from scratch.


You may already have a defined identity and a path mapped out. Perhaps the company you have been working with has not given you the desired results, and you want to try a new agency. In this case, the services would be particular.


If a client has not launched any digital marketing project, we´re talking about a client from scratch. Perhaps even the logo would have to be designed, and logically, each service would have its cost.


In both cases, they could go for an option of extensive services and with monthly payments. But a client that requires more work will require a more significant investment from you.


Hired services.


As we have already mentioned, everything will depend on the contracted type of service. It will all depend on the client’s needs and work in a specific area.


The most demanded services in digital marketing are advertising on social networks, SEO and SEM positioning.


Likewise, it´s necessary to consider what each service implies. For example, in the case of advertising on social media, a graphic designer and a content editor usually intervene for the posts to be published.


Each one has its established cost that could be added to the service. Also, the experience of the professionals will set the tone when defining a price.


Specifically, at this point, a package that includes a marketing service with the creation and management of social networks (Facebook, Instagram), blog writing and SEO/SEM positioning will cost £836 per month.




The type of client will be decisive when establishing a rate.


Suppose they´re a new client who doesn’t know about digital marketing and how it works. And doesn’t know their audience; there are clients who don´t know which direction to take or how to work.


Therefore, it will require more dedication time. This translates into a more significant number of work hours when it ranges between £20 and £41 per hour.


If it´s a client with clear and specific goals, it´s possible to work by already applying defined services. In this case, the price can be lower. Because they may not choose a complete marketing plan but instead hire a specific product for that particular need.


BluCactus - How much does content marketing cost in the UKWorking with an agency or with a Freelancer.


In terms of price, working with an agency can cost from £1672 per month. While with an independent agent, an SEO service can be between £242 per month.


You should know that a marketing agency will generally offer you all the services you need. From something essential like your logo design to the more complicated. At the same time, the freelancer may have to subcontract to third parties to offer you the service you require. In that case, you may pay much more than in an agency.


Social media.


Social media´s rise and usefulness when positioning our business is not a secret. Nowadays, these media are ideal for making ourselves known, finding clients, and promoting our product or service.


Therefore, marketing for social media is one of the most demanded services.


And wanting to have that success on Instagram or Facebook implies working machinery. Since the desire is the same: increase the number of likes, encourage interaction with the content, get people to use the links that lead to WhatsApp or web page, and of course, achieve the acquisition of the product or service that we sell.


A specialised person or team is needed to apply the necessary tools and campaigns for all this. And who may need to rely on third parties for design or writing work, to name a few.


How much does a digital marketing agency charge per month?


In London, prices usually vary between £167 and £1,254 per month, with the median average for digital marketing services being £501 per month.


It´s also feasible to find rates, even from £125 to £1672 per month. Everything will depend on your needs and the services you want to apply.


How much do companies invest in digital marketing?


Large companies typically spend between 4% and 12% of their budget on digital marketing. While the small ones usually have a more significant investment of their total income.


But always remember that your budget will be defined by your needs, objectives and, of course, by the agency or advisor you choose.


We hope this guide will help you have a clear picture of current digital media expenses.


And thus, make your budget based on your investment and income.

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