Learn how social media outreach works and the brands with the most digital media coverage

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Learn how social media outreach works and the brands with the most digital media coverage. Digital marketing campaigns and strategies in the UK, once applied, need to be monitored and analyzed to determine that they are giving positive and effective results.


To make a balance, it is necessary to measure through the different social media platforms’ statistics. This data is known as metrics, and a factor considered in this work is the reach digital marketing has on the public.


To better understand this, let´s know what it means, what it implies in digital media, and its importance when analysing the success of applied strategies.


What is reach in digital marketing?


BluCactus - Learn how social media outreach works - Patry JordanReach is known in digital marketing as the metric used to measure the amount of public a content or advertisement has reached at least once.


This reference helps to see the number of viewers that a particular strategy has had through a publication that has been generated.


Based on the results it yields, it is possible to know the number of views that specific content has had.


And, consequently, the strategy used. However, it is not possible to see the impact caused. That is, we can´t know if those who saw the content saw it in detail or simply passed by.


Reach Types


BluCactus - Know what strategies to apply - Woman working onlineThere are 3 types of reach used to be able to measure the effect that digital marketing strategies are generating, and these are:


  • Organic


The organic reach is the one that is achieved when the Internet user has gone directly to the published content. Usually, this is achieved when an effective segmentation has been carried out beforehand. Material of interest and value has been created, thought out, and designed especially for these people.


The segmentation process to which is added the SEO and the marketing strategy.



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  • Paid


Here we refer to the advertising of paid ads to be displayed on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search. This is a way to measure how many people the ad you paid for has reached. And from here, to obtain another type of metrics focused on conversions. This type of reach also occurs due to audience segmentation to achieve greater effectiveness in the campaign.


  • Viral


It could be considered as eliminating reach that is achieved naturally by the content created becoming viral since it has reached a person or group of people who have liked it so much that they decide to share it with others and interact with it.


Through messages, likes and successively, it is reproduced and transmitted to more people. Thus, achieving the snowball effect, known in digital marketing as virality.


Reach Characteristics


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  • It is a reference factor in digital marketing.


  • It allows knowing the number of people or accounts that have seen published content.


  • It doesn´t allow knowing the impact generated or if a subsequent action such as clicking on a link has been generated.


  • It is possible to measure the effectiveness of an implemented strategy.


  • It helps to calculate other types of metrics.


  • It is an important metric to determine the coverage that has been had with specific content.



How Reach Works


BluCactus - Learn how social media outreach works - Likes onlineAlthough the scope is not an exact measurement method, it is necessary to consider it in the marketing plan. Since it serves as an essential reference to determine if the implemented strategy is working.


In addition, it is a way to calculate the engagement with the public with the content.


It is necessary that the platforms where your brand lives are by its values, objectives, and goals that you want to achieve. Otherwise, the reach will be low or null if the social network is inadequate.


Many social media offer their own data that allows you to measure the reach, among other vital metrics. However, some are not exact compared to others, but they facilitate the calculations and evaluation of the marketing plan being implemented.


It is necessary to consider that an accurate reach analysis cannot be made based on the number of visits. Since the same person can see a publication or content on several occasions.


Some platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or podcasts can record the number of reproductions made if they emit exact metrics.


One of the functions of measuring the reach is to track the shared publication, establish a starting point, and evaluate the progress and evolution of the content. And thus determine if there are failures and where precisely.


Taking advantage of social media tools is key to calculating the reach, among other statistics, that will help you in your plan.


And, of course, to increase reach, it is always necessary to accompany your plan with various premises that make you achieve the objectives set. And thus have greater visibility and recognition of the brand in favour of increasing sales and income.


Meet the 5 brands with the most significant reach in digital ads


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  • Zara, Social media outreach.


The fashion empire has achieved success thanks to its automation and technology processes.


Through this, they can analyse trends. As well as have managed to get to know the public and the type of customers who buy frequently.


So, their Marketing campaigns are launched in populated places, also resorting to the strategy of personalities wearing their clothes.


This way, and without much effort, the brand becomes known practically naturally.


BluCactus - Learn how social media outreach works - Go pro

  • GoPro, Social media outreach.


This brand ensures that its users speak with facts. The Instagram account is mainly made up of content created by those who own a GoPro. With a total of 19.4 million followers today. But its strength is found on YouTube, where the content is much more extensive, exciting, and interactive. It has given the brand a community of 10 million subscribers. Because its content has made it so popular in digital media.


  • Netflix, Social media outreach.


Netflix is ​​a living example of how it favours using customer data and their preferences.


To segment and use this information to know what strategies to apply, what content to invest resources in, and how to face the competition and improve the user experience on the platform.


The social media platforms where Netflix lives are highly interactive and engaging with users. Responding to their comments, doubts, concerns, and suggestions. In both stories and feeds, Netflix stays active by providing exciting and engaging material every day.


  • Nike, Social media outreach.


BluCactus - Learn how social media outreach works - NikeThis brand of sports shoes, which is always at the forefront of needs and generating changes and innovations in its products, has a way of launching its merchandise memorably.


Last year, a week of activities was organized at the Air Max model launch. Including the participation of the Mexican illustrator Maremoto, who oversaw the creation of a diversity of content on her socials for this campaign.


In addition, the brand has a presence on the leading digital platforms in which young people participate. And thus, cover all types of audiences.



  • Patrick Jordan, Social media outreach.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkThis Spanish woman, who believed she was famous after sharing her beauty and hairstyle videos, has grown exponentially and currently has other channels.


She offers different types of content, all focused on personal care, being the most successful Virtual Gym, which has more than 12 million subscribers by the quality content the author shares.


If you want to know more about the metrics you can use to find out your reach on social media, contact us to learn about all the options we have for you and your business.


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