How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields in 2022

How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields in 2022. Marketers are often guilty of committing one or more email marketing “sins” that can decrease the conversion rate. As your conversion rate falls, the advantages of marketing via email disappear. The good news is that you can avoid every mistake a marketer makes. Read on for common email marketing errors in 2022 and how to avoid them.


How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields

  • Sending too Many Emails is the #1 Mistake


How to Avoid Email Marketing MinefieldsThe most common mistake email marketers make is to send too many emails. Doing this is a sure way to kill your open rates and lose customers, so keep this in mind when planning your email marketing campaigns.


For most companies, sending two emails a week is too many. This means you should plan on sending out only one at the most if your mailing list has opted in to receive marketing content from you. Anything more than that will likely result in a high unsubscribe rate, and you should avoid it.


It is just as important to do your best to make sure emails get to customers’ inboxes. This means avoiding spam filters and looking at subject lines carefully before sending them out (more on this later) to see if they are effective or whether there is a chance of being flagged as spam. This can happen quickly, so keep an eye on your open rates over time and look for any trends that indicate problems with getting messages delivered correctly without going straight to the junk folder instead.


  • Avoid Sending Irrelevant Content


How to Avoid Email Marketing MinefieldsSending irrelevant content to your list is a quick way to boost your unsubscribe rate. That’s a bad thing.


You can avoid this mistake by only sending relevant content to your list. This means they know how often you will email them (not too frequently) and that there are no surprises, like unimportant messages that appear in their mailboxes. Do people take the time to read irrelevant messages?


Think back on your own experience when combing through your inbox, and you’ll know the answer.


How do you know if the message you intend to send is relevant? Irrelevant announcements typically contain content that does not apply to the customer based on their profile.


It could also be about a topic that has nothing to do with what they signed up for.


  • Be Careful with Subject Lines, How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields.


How to Avoid Email Marketing MinefieldsThe subject line of an email can make or break whether a message gets opened and how often any links are clicked.


That’s why marketers need to pay close attention when writing emails, so they get them right every time.


Avoid using misleading language like “free.” This only leads people into thinking there is something wrong with the message if there is nothing free inside or the thing you’re claiming to be free has a low perceived value.



Nobody likes junk, even of the digital variety. Also, avoid over-promising. Instead, stick to specifics that are more likely to get attention.


  • An Email Marketing Strategy Should Align with Your Company’s Goals 


Your email marketing strategy needs to align with your company’s goals and objectives for the maximum chance of success.


A strategy with goals and objectives in place is most likely to be successful because it means you have thoroughly analysed your business needs, which includes knowing how email marketing can help address those needs.


Does the list of customers on your email marketing platform align with your customer demographics? If not, this could become a problem when converting subscribers into leads or sales. Make sure you know what you are doing before choosing an ISP for sending messages out over time so that nothing falls through the cracks.


This also helps if there are any problems along the way after signing up for different services since you’ll already understand where things stand in terms of who should receive emails from you at all times based on their profile information stored in your CRM or with a mailing service like Mailerlite or Constant Contact. 


  • Don’t Underestimate the Necessity of a Clear Call-to-Action, How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields.


Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) for readers to click on links within the email, such as “Click here for more information” or “Get our newsletter.”


A CTA is an essential part of any email since it helps increase click-through rates, which leads to more engagement and conversions down the line if done right.


The tricky part is to keep your CTA from overshadowing the message too much or sounding like spammy sales language that users tend to block out over time, thanks to past experiences with similar emails from companies trying to sell things at all costs.


It’s also a good idea not to include CTAs in subject lines. Recipients tend to associate that strategy with junk mail.


  • Don’t Use an Untested Email Template, How to Avoid Email Marketing Minefields.


It’s not the worst thing in the world to use an email template with your outreach. Just make sure other companies and marketers have already tested it before using it yourself.


Effective templates are a preferred email marketing tactic over one you came up with on your own.


Not only does this help eliminate typos and formatting errors, but it improves the odds of a reasonable response rate.


This is especially important when sending emails en masse because, otherwise, you’ll have no way of knowing if there are any problems until users start complaining about receiving messages that aren’t appropriately formatted or they can’t read due to terrible font choices throughout – and then all your hard work goes down the drain.


Final Thoughts


There are plenty of mistakes to avoid when it comes to email marketing. We’ve hit on just a few in this article. The bottom line is that if you manage to steer clear of spammy tactics while keeping your company’s goals in mind, then you’ll have a better chance at taking full advantage of this proven-effective type of outreach.


We haven’t thrown around a lot of statistics, but here’s one to remember. In 2022, email marketing returned $42 for every $1 spent. That’s a 4,200% ROI. It doesn’t get much better than that. Additionally, 4 out of 5 marketers surveyed said they would instead give up social media than email marketing.


Email marketing is the clear winner. Now all you need to do is make sure you’re doing it right.

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