How to be a slow fashion brand?

How to be a slow fashion brand

How to be a slow fashion brand? Creating a slow fashion brand, or sustainable fashion is an option many designers and dressmakers have considered. It’s no secret to anyone that the industry is changing for the better. Today, this type of lifestyle is a wise bet that we cannot miss.


In reality, this recent trend is here to stay, and its premise is to find balance and sustainability in garments. It’s worth commenting that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. That’s why it must go through this change.


So, no matter your generation, you should always think about Slow Fashion when shopping. Now, do you know what slow fashion really is? Keep reading to know its origins!


What does slow fashion mean?


How to be a slow fashion brandSlow fashion is a production system that is opposite to fast fashion. It comes from the slow food trend, which seeks to highlight the value of the quality, materials, and supplies with which the garments are made. Thus, being sustainable over time and eco-friendly.


The best quality is a must in these garments, which are mostly timeless and don’t follow fast fashion rules. Achieving, in this way, exclusive collections with few garments (sometimes unique) made under fair trade and non-mass production.


The beauty of slow fashion is that it can open your consciousness. Besides, it gives you an approach where you think about the processes, as well as the resources, to make clothes. Its goal is to produce high-quality garments, making them last longer. It values ​​the fair treatment of workers, people, animals, and the planet and focuses on reducing mass consumption.


What is a sustainable clothing brand?


How to be a slow fashion brandA sustainable clothing brand is a brand that generates a positive impact on the environment.


It takes into account working conditions, takes care of the pieces as well as uses of materials. In this sense, if you want to venture into this world, you must understand that it won’t be a store like Zara with branches worldwide.


Fashion no longer only means looking good or having a lot of style in trend. Now, it goes much further than that. It’s based on principles, understanding what is behind each garment, where it came from, and what is behind the lines that usually involve culture and history.


In the world, there are a wide variety of brands specializing in the subject, which is great news for the planet.


What makes up a slow fashion brand?


How to be a slow fashion brandIn this sense, if you want your slow fashion brand, you must bear in mind that how you will be identified will be through a series of characteristics that go from the origin of the materials used, the number of garments that have been produced until arriving at the cost of the same.


You should know that finding a 100% slow fashion brand can be difficult. However, we must look at some essential aspects:


  • Production, How to be a slow fashion brand.


It should offer a few garments per collection or only one piece per size. And you must adhere to the work ethic.


  • Textile


Only work with sustainable materials. Fairtrade, zero-polluting dyes and production must be sustainable.


  • Local trade, How to be a slow fashion brand.


This means that you shouldn’t have too many branches throughout the rest of the world. Focus on a single boutique or sell in bazaars, always focused on where you are.


What makes a brand sustainable?


A sustainable brand manages to position itself in the consumer’s mind as a contribution to the world and society. It’s considered a lifestyle focused on sustainability and sought to use the planet’s resources fairly. It has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important that if you want to start your own slow fashion brand, you take them into account.


We can know that a sustainable brand reduces consumption and ensures that its products are durable over time. In reality, slow fashion can foster attachment to the garment for its quality, details, and history.


Generally, being part of a new system, its disadvantage is that its prices are high, despite being timeless basics. However, it’s everyone’s decision if they choose the quality, exclusivity, and sustainability offered to the environment in exchange for fast fashion.


How to create your slow fashion brand?


Now that you know its background, do you want to be a slow fashion brand? Don’t know how to start? If so, BluCactus is here to give you some ideas to create your own sustainable fashion brand, focusing on marketing. Take note!


  • Define your niche, How to be a slow fashion brand.


You must follow this main point before starting your slow fashion brand. You must analyze the market very well to define the deficiencies that exist. So that they can be evaluated and worked on based on them and that your business adjusts to the needs.


  • Design.


Your branding must be impeccable. A good logo, a good slogan. How will the graphic design of your brand be to make it original and unique as what you intend to show in your brand, as well as interiors? Try to make the space you have a place where it causes being and staying. People are interested in the history and elaboration of each table, chair, and wall.


Remember that the consumer buys for sustainability, quality, and design. Therefore, if you are creating a slow fashion brand and you are not a designer, get someone to collaborate with you so that you can make eye-catching pieces.


  • Investment, How to be a slow fashion brand.


Do you know how much money you want to invest in your business? It is not generally understood that it is a business that is expensive to start with, so you will have to invest a good amount of money.


This is how you will prepare to have a minimum of garments in stock and serve on time.


In addition, define the marketing actions and communication you will take to make yourself known. What will you choose? Social networks? Billboard advertising?


We at BluCactus can help you define your brand’s identity and ensure that you have a good website that reflects who you are and what you want to show.


  • Who’s your team?


This point is linked to the previous one due to our capacity to form and strengthen a team with values ​​and professionals who deal with the areas that need to be covered. You must treat him ethically, and you have to prove it. Even if you decide to hire outsourcing seamstresses or craftsmen.


  • Long-term, How to be a slow fashion brand.


This world is not a short-term race where you will recoup your investment in two days. It will take time. For this reason, you must be aware that you feel that sometimes you will lose your money. However, the return will come slowly but surely. It is a long-term career, and this sector has a great opponent: fast fashion.


Be aware that it is difficult to break with stigmas; even if it exists, you must adapt to it with the best attitude to facilitate sales. You can achieve this through attractive and original images.


  • What do you want to say?


For me, particularly, I feel this is a point we should never overlook. After all, it’s about your strategy to get where you want to go.


You must understand that consumers will get a blouse online if they want it. Most of them won’t pay attention to whether it is polluting or recyclable.


However, using storytelling, we must be clear from the beginning that, together with your branding, it will help you make that career in who you are and where you want to go. Seize it! In addition, we must plan what is behind it and how we want to count it little by little. It is essential to organise messages and channels.



  • Tell your story, How to be a slow fashion brand.


If you want clients, you have to look for them. They won’t just magically come to you. That’s why we must always be present in the collective memory of that potential client. For this, you must be constant and show your existence with perseverance and discipline.


They won’t discover you and may even label you as unreliable, unpredictable, or fickle if you don’t communicate. So, you must avoid it at all costs. How? By communicating. With a good marketing and business plan, you can reach more people together.


How to create a sustainable fashion brand?


There’s a long list of successes and mistakes when it comes to setting up your sustainable business from scratch. But don’t be discouraged! My first tip for you is that you can do better every day. To achieve this, I recommend following these tips that could greatly help you.


  • Establish brand values. 


You cannot create a sustainable brand if you aren’t. You need to start your path to sustainability. For example, start doing things for the good of the planet, such as food, or stop buying clothes in fast fashion stores. Change some habits, switch to the menstrual cup, and don’t litter. So many things you can do to make a difference.


  • What is your traceability? How to be a slow fashion brand.


As I mentioned earlier, it goes beyond the thread and the needle. It’s the story behind ensuring that the people who create these pieces have the same conditions as us. You should know where each garment comes from and if they have organic certification.


  • The product is worth more than the package.


The packaging must also be sustainable alongside its contents. What materials can you use? Recycled carton? Cloth? What kind of fabric?


  • What’s your story? How to be a slow fashion brand.


In this, I make a lot of references because you must know that now everything is about selling but the story behind it. Make it visible and let consumers want to add to this story.


Also, value honesty with the transparency of your company.


It’s not just that this is good for the planet, no. It’s about making sure what you want to communicate is real, what are the real ingredients you use, where do you get them from, who created it, and what the raw material used.


How to be a slow fashion brand


At BluCactus, we can help you anywhere in the world. We specialize in the creation of web designs and SEO positioning in searches. With our expertise, we can help your brand succeed in making the perfect content for your slow fashion brand.


We also specialize in understanding the creation of the branding of your business. For this, we help you develop your ideas through articles for your website, where we talk about it and help make you known. You can contact us through our website! Are you interested in getting the best help from the best specialists?  We are here to assist you.

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