Learn how to build a high-converting email marketing funnel

How to build a high converting email marketing funnel

Learn how to build a high-converting email marketing funnel. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of influencing leads at all stages of the buying process. It runs as a rail track that enables you to seamlessly transport your future customers from point A to point B without worrying about them getting lost.


This is why it is one of the most common strategies to attract customers through emails. Using email marketing to increase your sales can result in a huge revenue stream, conversions, and ways to build links better than any other.


Through this step-by-step guide, we will explain how to create, with the help of inbound marketing, a sales funnel in your marketing strategy. After this, we know you’ll be able to attract new buyers and reach more customers.


What is inbound marketing?


How to build a high converting email marketing funnelFirst things first, you need to know what inbound marketing is. This type of discipline uses marketing and advertising tactics in a non-intrusive way. This means that you approach the customer in a way that isn’t burdensome and annoying. Once you approach them, a purchase process will begin, and you will accompany them until the end of the transaction.


This type of marketing aims to locate all those users starting the purchase process and accompany them during the whole process. This will allow you to ensure complete sales and the complete satisfaction of your customers.


Some advantages of inbound marketing are:


  • Reduced expense, which in the end means higher ROI over time.


  • It creates higher trust and credibility. That said, it reduces the number of risks consumers associate with your brand.



What is a sales funnel?


How to build a high converting email marketing funnelNow is when you should pay the most attention, so what’s a sales funnel? This consists of the process your clients go through once they discover you.


This process is divided by a series of steps your client must take from the moment they contact your business. In other words, it helps you understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the purchasing journey. 


Each of your potential customers must go through several steps in their shopping journey before completing a transaction.


One of the best ways to take advantage of some activities and steps of this path is with the help of email marketing.


Email marketing is nothing more than traditional marketing tactics translated to emails. With the increase in digital tools, a part of your marketing activities and strategies must happen on the internet to guarantee success.


What are the stages of a sales funnel for Email Marketing?


How to build a high converting email marketing funnelAs you already know, a sales funnel consists of the steps a user takes once they discover your brand. So, it starts from the moment they find you until they purchase and become a loyal client, and even then, the journey has not ended. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll explain all of these steps in more detail. This way, you’ll be able to start planning all your tactics and strategies. The results? A significant increase in sales.


  • Discovery


This is the first phase of the entire process within the sales funnel. How can a person buy from you if they don’t know you? This step is crucial when creating awareness of your brand. This is the moment you get to show all your potential customers the different products and services you offer.


At this point, the user is curious about your brand and, maybe unconsciously, creates a need or desire that can only be satisfied with some of your products and services. From now on, your goal is to catch their attention and give them all the information you need to hook them. However, remember not to be too pushy when selling them something. Otherwise, you could scare the customer away.


The first thing you should do is start working on your content and make it persuasive and attractive for your buyers. Talk about your industry, sector, how your company works, the benefits of your products, and any entertaining topics relevant to their needs and wants. If they are interested in you, this will allow you to get their contact information through your website or digital platforms.


One of our helpful tips is using some type of offer or unique content to collect their information and start the first contact through a welcome email.


  • Consideration


The potential client already knows what they need or want in this stage. They’re starting to look for solutions. As a result, you should take a more direct approach. For this, we’ll show you how you can bridge that gap with your products or services.


The client will want to know each of the advantages of your brand and how it will be able to solve their needs. The content, both from networks and from your email marketing campaigns, is essential to ensure that the user fully understands your potential and what you can offer. And this is the perfect moment to start educating them about your brand and offering them the best solution for their problems.


This kind of email will help you strengthen the relationship between your brand and those who are subscribed to your newsletters. An essential tip is that the messages should be as personalised as possible. Don’t take it literally; this doesn’t mean that you must write every email by hand. However, you must always take into account the behaviour of your contacts. For this, you can start by reviewing reports and data analytics. Take a close look at your past campaigns, and don’t rule out trying to gain those users that left.


  • Conversion


Once the user has carefully reviewed each product’s services and has begun to evaluate their options, they will be ready to satisfy their need. This could translate into a direct purchase; however, the user may still have some doubts.


That’s why you should start working on all your emails to motivate customers to finish the purchase conversion. Send personalised emails with discounts customised advice, or do something more direct to grab the customer’s attention.


  • Loyalty


Very well! You’ve made it to one of the last steps of the sales funnel. Here you have already made the purchase. Your potential customer is now one of your buyers. This is when you must draw them in and make them stay with you and feel comfortable purchasing in the future.


You shouldn’t take this point lightly in your marketing strategy. After all, although it’s one of the last processes, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. From this point on, it’s essential to start working on the loyalty and retention of your customers. For this, you must work on your content, send a “Thank You” email for their purchases, give your users their opinions, and take them into account.


You can have automated emails for each type of information about the different products from now on. Share news, social media posts, new products, or new blog posts. Give your loyal customers unique benefits, run contests, special coupons, birthday offers, or even messages to subscribers who visit your website for an extended time. You could also work on unreleased products and allow your clients to be brand ambassadors for each of your unique services. Make them a crucial part of your business.


Start designing your funnel.


You already know what you need to start working on a sales funnel through email marketing strategies. We have explained each of the basics to implement the best tactics and achieve the highest sales.


Even if it’s impossible to create an exact formula for the success of your sales funnel, you’ll need these tips. It’s the only way to ensure a fantastic email marketing strategy to get more clients.


  • Step 1: Definition of forms and data collection areas


Here it would be vital to start thinking about where you will get the data of potential clients. Start planning the pages of your forms and for which contents you will have these active forms. You can create different landing pages for your clients to fill in the spaces with their data.


Lead captures occur in various ways. Some do it within blogs; others make redirects from social media. Attract them with valuable content and make it more relevant to them. Through this channel, you can offer digital gifts, tools, and knowledge that is better adapted to the needs and wishes of your users.


Work on having attractive and dynamic forms. Our advice is to keep each of your forms as short, specific, and concise as possible. Otherwise, your followers will likely prefer not to fill it because it would be way too time-consuming, and time is of the essence.


Suppose you are going to deliver a guide or a gift card. In that case, you can request more details such as name, surname, address, date of birth, and so on. Still, you must keep it simple and only collect the smallest and most important data, such as email and first name. The rest of the information is not that important yet but can be used in the future.


  • Step 2: List Segmentation, How to build a high-converting email marketing funnel.


Segmentation is one of the most critical factors in every aspect of marketing. Segmenting means grouping customers who have similar characteristics, needs, and wants. Some are segmented by age, gender, purchases, and the content they like.


In your marketing strategy, this segmentation will be easily seen in the lists of email marketing platforms. This allows you to see all your client’s data clearly. As a result, you can manipulate it to obtain a specific behaviour.


Don’t worry; these lists can be updated and keep importing more contacts. Worrying about each segment on the list should not be one of the main problems. Suppose you need to add new people or create a new list with the characteristics and behaviours of a new group.


In that case, you can make a new segment just for them and start sending the emails.


  • Step 3: Shipping Flow Development, How to build a high-converting email marketing funnel.


A drip email occurs when you create a triggered sequence of automated emails.


Email marketing automation is ideal to start planning content and facilitate each of the steps for you.


Creating automation isn’t complicated. After all, it will make it easier for you to send content and new information about your brand’s products or services.


Ideally, your flow process begins with the invitation or welcome to a list of brands and products.


Then you need to start with the motivational work to get their attention and ultimately the purchase completion emails.


Once that’s done, you can work through the customer loyalty and retention steps.


  • Step 4: Monitoring, How to build a high-converting email marketing funnel.


Once you’ve sent all of your emails, it’s time to monitor your followers’ reactions to them.


Experts affirm that if you have around 12% and 17% of people opening your emails, that’s an excellent sign. This will easily allow you to realise how loyal are your clients.


Another way you can do this is by checking who clicks on your images or hypertext. This is the perfect way to know your subscribers and adapt your future messages for new posts.


You can also create options for routes or flows and even new messages. This could help you cut the leaks and result in higher conversion rates. You must use the content to make a lasting relationship with your customer built with trust and attention to detail. In other words, you must always try to keep it as personalised as possible.


  • Step 5: Restart Shipping, How to build a high-converting email marketing funnel.


Now that your client has bought your products and sent you their “thank you note”, the process starts again.


However, you must strive to get new subscribers and better results in this case. 


The whole process will be easier and more effective for your brand from now on. With practice, you will turn your prospect leads into repeat customers like a well-oiled machine.


This is truly vital for the success of your business. Only this way will you indeed be able to increase your conversion.




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