How to Position your Shoe Brand?

How to Position your Shoe Brand

How to Position your Shoe Brand? Shoe brands represent an important aspect of the fashion industry. Therefore, it is important to maintain an appropriate Branding with your product identity.


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How to create your shoe brand?


If you decide to build your product identity, you should consider some steps, such as:


  • Segment


When sectioning the type of client in terms of:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession


In addition, if you consider other aspects of the brand, you can improve the ideal user prototype and offer shoes that fit the needs of each consumer.


On the other hand, you can find common elements among the target audience, which will allow you to strengthen communication and deepen your requirements.


  • Research


Obtain detailed information related to the target regarding what tastes do they have? What type of shoes do you wear, how often do you like to be fashionable?


So, you can refine the strategy to meet the interests of each visitor on the web.


It is appropriate that you know your competition. This way, you can offer innovative and unique products at a comfortable price and adjust to the client’s profile.


  • Focus


How to Position your Shoe BrandPrioritize the attributes and values ​​of the footwear. Do not intend to cover qualities that create distortion with the brand’s branding. Being punctual and precise with your own characteristics will help you define your right target.


  • Communication


You must select the tool to publicize the product catalogue to your audience. Therefore, according to the buyer, choose the channel to transmit and disseminate about the launch of the shoe brand.


You will have the option to do it through traditional marketing with brochures, billboards or digital strategies using social networks or advertisements. This phase allows projecting the brand and spreading it to a national or international market without border boundaries.


  • Design


Keep in mind the creativity and analysis of the fashion trend in footwear. So, you can adjust the design according to the forecasts and research carried out by specialists in the sector.


It should be noted that the fashion industry is innovative and temporary, which requires continuous updates and a collection of details to offer innovative designs.


How to create your shoe store?


How to Position your Shoe BrandWhen founding your business as a virtual shoe store, you must consider aspects related to fashion and shoe styles. In addition, you must define:


  • Business Name


It is necessary to perform administrative tasks to specify your legal name before the offices of your city. In addition, it manages what is related to the generation of taxes because of sales.


  • Locate Suppliers


If you are not the product manufacturer, keep a list of footwear manufacturers. This way, you guarantee the permanence of merchandise. It will be useful for you to diversify the product and have several price options. That is, you can choose between quality and cost.


  • Formalize Website


Once you create your legal company, you can officially establish your web page aligned with your company’s legal name. However, you must verify the availability of the web domain.


Keep in mind that if you want to align your company’s legal name with the domain, you must verify it beforehand.


  • Updates


The sales of virtual footwear imply that you should stay updated according to the trend and fashion styles.


It is convenient to be informed through magazines Internet publications of updates related to the fashion sector, so you will take advantage of the competition.


  • Target customer


Identify your audience What are the characteristics of the ideal consumer? What is the gender of the customer? So, you can choose the target user profile and meet the needs of consumers.


In addition, it allows you to verify the flow of visitors and sectorize to offer products appropriately and adjust to your requirement.


  • Transportation and shipping


It establishes a system for sending and moving the merchandise to different places. So, you can schedule deliveries and orders.


What are the benefits of having your shoe brand?


Among the advantages during the consolidation of your product identity, you acquire benefits such as:


  • Build trust


By creating your own shoe brand, you strengthen security in yourself. It allows you to keep moving forward while maintaining a positive attitude towards new opportunities that arise in the project’s development.


  • Build credibility


Once you carry out actions to design your shoe identity, you show the target audience the added value of your brand.


In this way, you project your product’s image, demonstrating the qualities that make it different and competitive concerning its adversaries.


  • Make a footprint


During the process of launching and positioning your brand, it is conducive to developing planning that allows you to highlight and leave your image to users.


It is important to focus on actions that allow you to differentiate your product from the traditional.


The goal is to create an affinity and close relationship with users interested in acquiring your merchandise, generating emotional connections with your target.




  • Maintain a feedback


Interacting with your audience will allow you to get to know it and create a connection with each user that shows interest in what you offer.


The idea is to eliminate barriers between the client and brand representative, thus strengthening relationships and trust.


  • Focus on objectives


By understanding your skills and the strength of your product, You can choose the right opportunities to strengthen the growth and projection of your company.


Being focused on the purpose of your product allows you to distinguish the possibilities and development of timely programming to achieve the performance and positioning of your brand identity.


What are the marketing strategies to position your shoe brand?


A marketing campaign must be complete and effective to effectively cover issues related to the promotion and marketing of products. Ideally, you should focus on some points such as:


  • Plan fashion events


Once you start creating your brand, you should make a Fashion presentation of your articles. In this way, you encourage audience participation in your public shoe launch.


It is favorable that the parade is free and integrates professionals or ambassadors of the brand that endorse the image and transmit the event’s means.


  • Measure trends


When starting with sales, it monitors the flow of merchandise and the frequency with which the customer is acquiring it.


For this, you can propose the survey method where you evaluate the quality of the footwear and the service received during the purchase.


Maintaining continuous communication with each user will allow you to detect the tastes and your style? Thus, you adapt fashion clothes to the inclinations of potential buyers.




  • Newsletter to subscribers


Activate the dissemination of a Newsletter to each subscriber to promote the catalogue of what you sell. It means that communication by email is personalized, and you can empathize directly with each subscribed user.


  • Optimize the web


Use optimized SEO content to enhance the website and improve digital visibility. This way, you can boost your blog by talking about fashion. In it, you can also promote your brand’s image and talk about how useful it is.


  • Promote social networks


Maintain a relationship through digital media with your target audience. Make use of some networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and publish attractive attributes that attract and capture the attention of your leads.


What are the best-selling shoe brands in Europe?


Consumers in Europe have an affinity for various types of footwear, expressing interest in various styles of brands and designs, such as:


  • Buffalo, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


Buffalo is a brand of clothing but best known for its footwear, owned by the Buffalo Boots GmbH. Its headquarters are in Cologne, Germany.


Buffalo’s notoriety increased significantly with the popularity, especially in Europe, of its platform shoes from the mid-1990s through the early 2000s. 


The 10-centimetre platform model 1310-2 was made famous by Spice Girls’ British girl band. The 1310-2 also came with a 20-centimetre platform. Buffalo manufactures women’s shoes, men’s shoes like dress shoes, western and biker boots, skate shoes, high heels, pumps, sandals, over knee boots, and other shoes.


  • Birkenstock, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


Birkenstock is a shoe manufacturer based in Vettelschoß in the Neuwied District in North Rhine-Palatinate.


Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals and flip flops. They are leather sandals recognized for their contoured sole made of cork, which adapts to the shape of the wearer’s foot.


It is historical and revolutionary footwear, thanks to a special last and a very pronounced arch that allows the foot to be safe and stable. This is the secret of the Birkenstock brand that has allowed it to last over time and conform to the latest trends.



  • Loake, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


Loake is a British shoemaker, founded in 1880, family-owned and still located in Kettering, Northamptonshire. The company was founded by the brothers’ John, Thomas and William Loake in 1880, in an outbuilding at Thomas Loake’s house at 62 King Street, Kettering.


Northamptonshire is the centre of the English shoemaking industry. In 1894, the Loake brothers built a new factory and moved to Wood Street, where it can still be found today.


The factory was initially named the Unique Boot Factory. It has around 20,000 sq ft accommodates over 300 workers. It was considered one of the finest and most advanced shoe factories in the country. The factory is split into three parts – bottom stock (soles), making room, where the shoes are finished, and a warehouse.


  • Aquazzura, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


Aquazzura is the Italian footwear label on every blogger’s feet, on every fashion editor’s wish list and always out of stock. If we’re being completely honest, we haven’t met an Aquazzura shoe we haven’t fallen in love with – they’re that amazing and here for the long haul.


Right now, this brand is known for being one of the luxuries and fanciest shoe brands for ladies in all of Europe.


  • Carmina, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


This has manufactured all footwear on the island of Mallorca since 1866. Mallorca is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and is the source of inspiration for all its designs. 


The city of Inca is well known for the leather industry. It has always been a benchmark in the quality footwear sector. Caminas artisans make leather shoes which are then shipped around the world. 


  • Gerson, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


All custom shoes are handcrafted by Italian master craftsmen from pristine Italian leather. Each pair of designers is one of a kind, combining traditional craftsmanship, quality and modern style for a perfect Italian product.


This company usually makes casual basketball model shoes with style from the 80s. Its easily recognizable thanks to the ankle strap and the punctures in the front.


Visible logo embedded in the strap.


The shoe is made of genuine Italian leather, natural cotton laces and metal reinforced eyelets.


  • JM Weston, How to Position your Shoe Brand.


J.M. Weston is a French luxury shoe company founded by Édouard Blanchard in 1891 in Limoges. It is renowned for its handmade shoes for men. They also produce a full line of leather goods ranging from belts and briefcases to luggage items.


The company’s most famous models are:


  • The 677 Chasse (a sturdy outdoor shoe).
  • 598 Demi-Chasse (a dressier version of the Chasse).
  • The 180 Mocassin (a classic penny loafer).


J.M. Weston’s shoes are sold in their own boutiques or luxury department stores such as Harvey Nichols.


Where to ask for help to position your shoe brand?


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