How to sell fashion in times of crisis

How to sell fashion in times of crisis. 2021 was a year full of changes, uncertainties, and chaos for many. However, 2022 seems to promise new sales opportunities for the fashion sector.


Many luxurious and fast fashion brands have been through hard times. Because of COVID-19, keeping up with the fashion sector’s agenda has been challenging.


Most collections and the presentations of new designs have come to a standstill. Some brands even stopped the production of their haute couture garments to create surgical gowns for health workers around the world.


However, big fashion houses aren’t the only ones to postpone their activities. The best-known commercial brands also suffered great economic losses. This happened because they were forced to close their physical stores.


On the other hand, not everything is bad news. The change that confinement in the world meant forced people to transform their businesses. As a result, they had to turn their physical stores into digital ones. These brands also had to invest in digital marketing strategies for their success. In this blog, we want to help you understand how digital marketing can help you sell your fashion garments in times of crisis.


¿Where to start?


How to sell fashion in times of crisisThe first thing you must do before finding out how to sell in times of crisis is to understand what fashion marketing is.


Fashion marketing comprises the techniques applied to the fashion consumer and the brands present in the industry.


This means that the fashion sector has techniques that allow it to grab the attention of new clients. As a result, brands present in this sector can achieve more sales.


This kind of marketing is important because it helps you identify your target audience. You can find the best place to sell your products and use digital media to turn in potential clients. Now, if you want to learn more about Fashion marketing, you have come to the right place. Thanks to this blog, you will learn how to use it for your business.


Which steps should you take into account?


How to sell fashion in times of crisisEven if there are many ways to achieve success, there are certain steps that you shouldn’t ignore. These will help you create the best marketing strategy for your fashion brand. Thus, allowing you to increase your sales in times of crisis. Here are some of them:


  • You must first find out your short and long-term goals to increase your sales.
  • Then write what the actions you must take to achieve your sales are.
  • Create a budget for your only marketing strategies. This can be for creating your website, Ads, social media management, and other aspects.
  • Build a team to carry out these actions, either internally or externally.


Once you define these steps, you can create a broader strategy to make your fashion business much more profitable this year.



10 Strategies to sell more in times of crisis


Adapting all your marketing strategies to the digital world can seem like work. Besides, you might think it’s impossible to know how to get started. However, here we’ll explain some strategies that help fashion brands to continue selling amid the chaos are.


1. Retargeting


How to sell fashion in times of crisisWe all have been victims of retargeting at some point without knowing it. This comprises all those actions made by brands to grab the attention of past clients. This includes those who didn’t buy the product and visited the website.


Re-targeting is a way to advertise ads with products or services that may be attractive to your visitor. For this, you can use those special cookies on your website. Once a visitor enters your website for the first time, they will get banners about you, your brand, and your products.


You can create retargeting strategies in many ways. Some prefer to promote their products and services through newsletters sent to the user’s mail. On the other hand, others prefer their advertisements to show up on the banners of other websites. However, one of the most used trends is retargeting from social media for some time.


Investment returns can be up to 660% more than your initial investment. Here’s a blog that will let you know more about retargeting and how to use it. This way, you will know all the basics and can start creating your own website strategies.


2. Holiday promotions, How to sell fashion in times of crisis.


How to sell fashion in times of crisisWe know that fashion brands are governed by the change of the seasons. However, since we are all home from confinement, fashion houses now take advantage of any occasion to increase their sales.


Some of the promotions carried out by fashion brands are:


  • Holiday promotions.
  • Seasonal promotions.
  • Sales promotions (fashion).
  • Sales promotions (own).


These are the four categories of collections that many clothing stores promote throughout the year. However, each store has extra calendars that can help you promote clothing.


The best way to boost these promotions will differ depending on your target audience. Fashion marketing is great because it allows you to discover which one of these strategies will grab people’s attention. On the other hand, some of them use the help of email marketing or social media promotions to spread the word.

3. Create attractive proposals.


How to sell fashion in times of crisisIf you want to create more attractive proposals for your clients, consider offering them some benefits. For example, you could offer coupons or discount codes to all clients who subscribe to your website’s newsletter. On the other hand, you can also offer this to all who share your content on social media.


Another strategy that will allow you to take advantage of seasonal promotions is making auction sales before a season ends. To advertise this, you can announce that you will soon launch a new collection after this. You will create expectations and excitement while clearing out your stock fast. On the other hand, you can also use social media or your website to make flash sales.


Flash sales happen when for 7 days, you place 7 categories of clothing or accessories on sale. For example, on the first day, you can place pants categories. After this, on the second day, you can do the same with shoes and on the third day, dresses. Then, on the fourth, you can include accessories until you fulfil your campaign.


4. Style guides, How to sell fashion in times of crisis.


It’s easy to be unsure of how to combine certain garments. However, if your customers want to stay ahead of the curve, you can offer them style guides. This is yet another way to keep selling fashionable clothes in times of crisis.


Clothing brands use style guides to grab people’s attention on their social media and website. Some even offer downloadable manuals on their online sites so that visitors can use them as a style guide.


A style guide allows you to teach your clients how to adapt your garments to their unique and original styles. As a result, they can combine some of the best-selling garments of different seasons.


This style guide has two main objectives:


  • Educate your visitors about using their products and combine them with wardrobe backgrounds.
  • The capture of new clients, but without expanding your database.


5. Work with Influencers in your fashion marketing.


This is one of the most used strategic resources since they became popular on social media. Your brand can work with the support of an opinion leader or brand ambassador who represents the spirit you want to spread.


For many, influencers are a controversial topic. However, there’s no doubt that they can bring many benefits to brands. For example, a great level of reach to larger audiences.


It’s important to establish certain terms to work with influencers. If your influencer is an opinion leader within a community, you must ensure that they adapt to your brand. This way, they become a good representative of the brand and its image.


Working with influencers is an investment that pays off in the short and long term. Before communicating with one, try to know how they really work. You can do this by communicating with marketing agencies or professionals in the area. They will give you the best advice to achieve an excellent strategy.


Once you start working with an influencer or brand ambassador, you should be ready for the upsell. You must optimize your website, work with your brand team to increase demand, and offer a good service to your new customers.


6. Events, fairs, and showrooms, How to sell fashion in times of crisis.


Selling online isn’t easy, but it is very convenient to administer and manage sales from your phone or computer without going outside. Unfortunately, suppose you want to be known by many new clients. In that case, it’s best to participate in activities such as fairs, local events or showrooms in your city.


To improve your brand’s visibility, you must have these proposals close to your marketing strategies. Being part of fairs, fashion events, or showrooms allows you to carry out networking as a brand. You can connect with brands within the same sector with which you can later work as a collaborator.


Brands alliances are very common on social media. They often launch flash contests to make themselves known to new markets. This specific strategy isn’t about taking customers away from your competing brands. What’s important here is to work with someone whose clients have similar characteristics to yours.


Although events, fairs, and showrooms are more exclusive, they can also be very expensive to participate in. We also recommend that you participate in pop-up makers made in many cities seasonally. This recommendation is ideal as long as your clients’ socio-economic level and lifestyle are at the same level as that of the pop-ups.


7. Giveaways and contests on Instagram.


We already mentioned this point in the blog, but it’s worth going in-depth about it. Social media giveaways are events to attract new audiences to your accounts or increase traffic to your website.


Giveaways on different platforms bring many benefits to a fashion brand. However, we must emphasize a slight difference between the two strategies.


While giveaways don’t want followers to comment multiple times on a post, contests aim to get your users to comment and tag as many people as possible.


You must know how to differentiate one from the other to use each strategy appropriately. Besides, you can ignore this strategy when creating or boosting your fashion store.


8. Branding, How to sell fashion in times of crisis.


Branding or brand strategy is a fundamental aspect of every fashion business. This is established when the fashion brand begins to be created.


Then, as more time passes, you can make some changes or adapt them to the changes in your market.


Many brands greatly increase their sales of clothing and accessories when they have a strong branding strategy.


With it, they manage to attract new customers and create a sentimental bond with them. Branding must contain a persuasive, honest, original, and sincere message so that your clients want to buy your clothes and be part of your community.



9. Images.


We know that people are very visual and in the digital world much more. Suppose you want to attract your customers so that they buy your fashion clothes.


In that case, you must use different audiovisual and digital resources. You must ensure that they really reflect who you are as a brand and what you want to convey.


Photographs should express the values ​​and personality of your fashion store.


Thanks to these, you will be able to impact customers, both on online platforms and on your website.


You must also take advantage of paid ads to capture their attention and interest them in your store’s garments each season.


10. Web usability, How to sell fashion in times of crisis.


A very common reason people don’t buy anything in online stores is that they are too difficult to understand or don’t have logical usability. That’s why you first have to create a simple website that adapts to the needs and requirements of every buyer.


It’s best to give your visitors an easy path from home to the shopping cart and clothing catalogues. The purchase process can be as short as possible, giving the buyer a better experience.


Testimonials and reviews


Recommendations are one of the best ways to promote your garments, and this has been the case since the creation of marketing.


Thanks to the recommendations or testimonials of your loyal customers about your fashion garments, you can create credibility among your target market.


Before, recommendations were made by word of mouth, but today that has changed. Online or physical stores prefer to work with brand ambassadors or offer their products to micro-influencers so that they can review their fashion products and services.


In this case, what’s important is to look for ambassadors who want to work with you and your fashion brand to increase their followers and be original, attractive, and honest people.


Important to remember!


Optimize all your digital platforms and work to offer the best brand experience in every aspect. It’s important to give the best impression to your client at each step of the purchase process, from when they meet you until they have the garment in their hands.


Keep your clothing brand up to date with trends, be flexible with changes, offer discounts on seasonal changes and always be ready to listen to the feedback they give you.


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