How to sell on Instagram?

How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UK

How to sell on Instagram? In today’s world, online sales are essential for all businesses. Social platforms work as a bridge to connect brands with thousands of users worldwide, and Instagram is one of them. Its exponential growth in recent years has made it the favourite among brands. This is because, due to its many functions, it offers versatility like no other. Besides, this platform shares over 95 million photos and videos daily, and its interactivity reaches 1 billion monthly users. This makes it the perfect place to sell anything from products to services. Because of this, here at BluCactus, we will give you the main tools so that you know how to sell on Instagram and increase your sales.


Important data about Instagram


How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UKAccording to figures from DataReportal in January 2020, this is the sixth most used social platform around the world.


Likewise, We are the Social Hootsuite charts for this year showed that adults between 18 and 35 years old are the main users of this platform. This makes selling on Instagram an excellent option to boost your digital business.


However, even though we must consider this age range, it must be said that it also showed that there are active users of all ages. Thus, this is an excellent opportunity to offer endless products or services.


With this data, we can confirm many reasons to sell on Instagram. Besides, it’s one of the social platforms with the highest user and function growth. One advantage of this platform is innovation. This is an elementary factor that keeps it a favorite around the world. The last tool it added to its list was Reels.


This is a feature that allows users to make editable 15-second videos. It also allows users to add effects and background music, much like TikTok.


What are the main Instagram tools?


With the amount of diverse content that can be created, Instagram is undoubtedly at the forefront of the empire made up of social platforms. However, we recommend considering other essential functions when selling on Instagram. Next, we are going to show you the main tools of this social platform:


  • Photos and videos:


How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UKUsers can post a maximum of 10 photos per post and videos of up to 1 minute.


These can have a caption where they can type a maximum of characters. People also have a lot of options when it comes to choosing filters to edit their photos. Some of them are:


  • ClarendonAt first, this was only used for videos and was also enabled for photos. This filter is ideal for illuminating reflections.
  • PerpetualThis filter allows users to add pastel tones to their photos.
  • InkwellAllows any photo to be black and white.
  • Amaro: This filter brightens photos more but adds focus to the centre of the image.




How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UK

  • Hashtags:


The platform introduced these in 2011 to make it easy for users to find other people’s photos. The idea of hashtags is that they be specific and novel so that they are successful.


Thanks to hashtags, people can create trends on the platform. Besides, the most successful trends tend to be highlighted weekly on Instagram. One of the most famous is #ThrowbackThursday or simply #tbt, which users accompany it with a not-so-recent photo.


  • Instagram Direct:


Instagram created this feature in 2013. Here, different users can send pictures and videos through private messages. People can also interact with their friends through a group of up to 15 people. They can send messages to people who they don’t even follow or who don’t follow them. If they do this, Instagram will mark the message as pending, and the receiving user must accept it beforehand to see it.


Other functions that allow you to sell on Instagram


How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UK

  • Instagram StoriesThis tool came out in 2016 with the aim that people could take or upload photos with effects and filters to their Instagram stories. This function lasts only 24 hours, similar to what Snapchat allows. Later, Instagram included the option of videos and incorporated 5 and 15-second ads. Here, the user can see them between the stories as well as skip them.


  • IGTVThis is a tool that Instagram included in 2018. These are vertical videos that can be up to 10 minutes long. However, verified users can extend the duration of this tool. This allows them to upload videos of up to 60 minutes.


  • ReelsThis is the latest tool from Instagram. It consists of short videos where users can exploit their creativity by creating different content. People can also try out various sounds and special effects to optimize their 15-second videos. It’s still too early to know how to measure user reception, but without a doubt, it’s a new and different opportunity to show products.


These are the main tools that make up this social platform. Now that you know what they are, you will think about how to use them to offer your products. Not all functions work for all sales strategies. That is why we recommend studying and testing them to find out which is the best suited to the product or service you are offering and which is the best to sell on Instagram according to the characteristics of your business. In BluCactus UK, we will give you some tips for the growth of your brand on Instagram to be noticeable and get satisfactory results.


How to use these tools to sell on Instagram?


How to use these tools to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UKRaising a marketing strategy has never been easy, and much less if you try to incorporate various factors such as, for example, how the objectives are to be drawn.


Whatever the strategy, you must establish multiple plans to achieve your goals. In the case of selling on Instagram, it’s advisable first to consider a target audience and know what part of that loyal audience is active on this social platform.


In this way, it will not be so difficult to consider the main objectives based on the needs of the brand and the usefulness of Instagram to achieve the proposed goals.


For this reason, we present some tips for choosing a marketing strategy and being able to sell on Instagram:


  • Identify what you want to achieve:


Knowing the goals in the online business is an essential factor you must consider. Instagram’s role in achieving the established objectives is also fundamental. Think about what this platform has that makes it unique and that they have no other means to achieve. Besides, we recommend complementing the fact of selling on Instagram with the different platforms that make up the marketing strategy.


  • Create content:


Create content |BluCactus UKContent is one of the most important things on any social platform, not just on Instagram.


For this reason, it’s necessary to establish a content strategy that adapts to the audience’s needs and the functions the platform can offer. Therefore, keep in mind what your audience wants to see on that social platform. Ask yourself what the best way to show this content: A video is? A story? Fortunately, Instagram offers different formats to create content in one place.


But be careful with this point; the idea is not to create content to fulfil space. It’s necessary to know what things we can offer and to be clear about the representation of the brand on the platform. For this, we recommend identifying and ordering the contents.


This way, you will have greater clarity when publishing and will know if they are better in a video or photo format.


  • Be interactive:


It’s important to interact with the public constantly. You can do this by either responding via direct message or exchanging opinions in the comments. Constant interaction with the audience is essential if you want to sell on Instagram.


  • Stay active:


Many brands use a schedule with the content to be published, as well as the date and time. They do this to stay active and be able to sell on Instagram. You may do the same to keep up with posts. Originality and spontaneity are significant factors on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean being careless. Part of the success is also in knowing at what time to publish. It’s also essential to study your target and know the best time to publish so that more people see those publications.


How to start your business to sell on Instagram?


Many know, but it’s difficult for them to take the first step to start their online business. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of preparation. All you could need is to know where you want to go by using these platforms. Remember that they can work as intermediaries between the business and the client. Instagram is no exception, so below, we will show you some basic steps that brands use when they want to sell on Instagram:


Create a company profile  |BluCactus UK

  • Create a company profile: Sell on Instagram.


A while ago, Instagram added the creation of company accounts to the platform to get certain benefits. One of them is to ally this account on Instagram with your company’s Facebook account.


This will allow you to access the Facebook API and manage the posts and comments on Instagram. Other benefits include advanced profile statistics, post promotion, and platform advertising. In the case of raffles, you can export all comments to choose a winner.


  • Focus on getting loyal customers:


Here, quality is more important than quantity. Having loyal followers who view and interact with your content is better than having many more inactive followers. Thus, it’s important to apply different strategies. This way, customers will identify with the brand’s essence and be part of it.


How to sell on Instagram? |BluCactus UK

  • Use Instagram shopping: Sell on Instagram.


This tool is exclusive for companies and helps a lot to show products with much more detailed information. Plus, it’s a useful feature that makes it easy to sell on Instagram. Likewise, we can show the price as a tag, something similar to those used by users with other people. This function also helps users who want to purchase the product from Instagram because they will be redirected to the company website.


  • Publish content of interest to the consumer:


This is key to getting loyal customers on the social platform. The contents you publish must go hand in hand with the essence of the brand and the customers’ needs.


Invest wisely in advertising if necessary | BluCactus UK

  • Invest wisely in advertising if necessary: Sell on Instagram.


There are many ways to advertise on Instagram. Below, we show you the most common ones so that you can see which one is the best suited to your needs:


  • Photo ad:


This is the oldest way to advertise on social platforms. Here, advertisers appear on the platform’s main home page with a photo. There, brands create creative and authentic content to surprise users.


  • Ad in sequence: Sell on Instagram.


It’s the ad in a photo with the particularity that, in this case, several images are shown in the same ad. This mode is useful if you want to show several products simultaneously. It’s also effective if you want to expand the information of a single article.


Video advertisement |BluCactus UK

  • Video advertisement:


It’s like the photo ads, with the difference that videos can offer greater visibility. Likewise, they have a maximum duration of 1 minute. However, it’s important to note that the first few seconds will be crucial for users to see the ad until the end.


  • Advertising within stories: Sell on Instagram.


This is a more dynamic way to attract the public since the Instagram stories function has had excellent receptivity among users. With stories, companies have the possibility of completing brand content and doing some promotions to sell on Instagram.



What are the most successful brands on Instagram?


What are the most successful brands on Instagram? |BluCactus UKMany brands have used Instagram to position themselves and increase sales. Although each one has its style, they share something in common: the proper use of the platform. It’s undeniable that this social platform came almost a decade ago to stay. So, it was time to show you some successful brands that have made it big on Instagram:


  • Vans: Sell on Instagram.


This brand’s characteristic street style is displayed on the platform, making its loyal customers feel part of that style. So it not only publishes sneakers to its over 17 million followers but also on Instagram. It reflects the essence of the brand and the way of life of those who use it.


  • Oreo:


This is a fascinating case study, as the famous cookie brand has several points going for it. It shows not only creative and innovative content attached to exciting and important events but also, in its profile, shows many recipes that can be made with Oreo. Likewise, it also showcases other ideas of interest to its audience, which exceeds 3 million followers on the platform.


Lego: Sell on Instagram |BluCactus UK

  • Lego: Sell on Instagram.


It has created life-size figures that have surprised everyone, but besides that, they can be in tune with new trends to transform them into their characteristic dismountable objects. One of its latest adaptations has been the epic Super Mario characters created by Nintendo: Mario and Toad. Currently, they have over 6 million followers on the social platform.


  • Hollister:


This is a brand created for young people. It uses the Instagram platform to display fresh photos with a clear target audience. Currently, it has over 5 million followers.


The photos are mainly filled with various facets and youth experiences, so the audience feels identified. Another point in favor of this clothing brand is that it allows consumers to create multiple styles without losing their essence.


  • RedBull: Sell on Instagram.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkThis brand’s Instagram is full of various extreme sports. This shows that the drink is much more than just a liquid. It represents an entire lifestyle that allows you to overcome challenges. This strategy has apparently worked as the brand now exceeds 13 million followers.


Some brands have executed an assertive strategy on the platform by creating unique content on Instagram. With these tips, we hope you gain all the tools to venture into one of the most preferred social platforms by users. At BluCactus, we are prepared to satisfy all your online business needs.


We know that the digital world is in constant transformation, and we have at your disposal innovative strategies that will undoubtedly boost your business. We have at your disposal a unique method to meet your goals and boost your business. For more information, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our marketing strategies.

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