How to sell shoes through email marketing?

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How to sell shoes through email marketing? If you are in the UK and have a shoe brand, you must exhaust all resources to generate visibility. Currently, one of the best options is email marketing. This tool can be used in the footwear sector to reach your target audience and generate more sales.


Likewise, email marketing has become an effective marketing strategy. Since it allows you to send personalised emails to obtain greater benefits as a business owner. In this post, we will explain the keys to selling shoes by email and some examples that cannot go unnoticed.


Can you sell shoes by email marketing?


BluCactus - How to sell shoes through email marketing - FootwearYes, and these are the steps to follow:


  • Send personalised emails to your subscribers.


If you want to reach your target audience, personalization is a feature that cannot be missing for the sale of shoes by email marketing. To do this, send personalized emails to your mailing list users. Make a segmentation by sex, age, interests, and past purchases, among other aspects that you consider essential.


  • Make use of automated emails


Shoe marketing automation offers a great advantage: by automatically sending emails based on a customer’s behavior, there are more opportunities for opens and clicks than other emails. Therefore, this practice can generate much more income.


  • Use a good design for emails


An email marketing campaign for the footwear sector needs a good email design. It is a way to show authenticity and differentiate yourself from the competition. The key is to use a design that can be seen on any mobile device. Indeed, you cannot miss the image of your brand so that readers can identify themselves instantly.


How can you customize an email marketing campaign for your shoe brand?


BluCactus - How to sell shoes through email marketing - FootwearPersonalization, automation, and good design are important elements in an email promotion for shoes.


It is a way to better interact with your customers and encourage them to make a purchase.


The objective is to be able to take advantage of this marketing strategy to observe better results in your campaigns.


To sell shoes through email marketing, these are some examples of personalization that can serve as a guide:




BluCactus - Engage your users - Footwear

  • By gender, How to sell shoes through email marketing.


Famous brands like Adidas segment their email marketing campaigns by gender. To promote the Rita Ora and Pharrel lines, the brand used dynamic content to send an email to men and an email to women. Thus, each could be offered clothing or specific footwear for each gender.


  • By location.


Many brands use personalization to reach their customers, no matter where they are. This is the case with On, a Swiss shoe company that sends execution maps based on the location of its subscribers. With these running maps, the routes in a specific city are shown. Also, it shows points of interest to stop and enjoy certain places in the area.


  • By Language, How to sell shoes through email marketing.


Continuing with the On brand, it sends emails in different languages ​​to its customers who are all over the world. Substituting a language ensures that the recipient will receive an email in their native language.


How to choose a good design to sell shoes via email marketing?


BluCactus - Engage your users - FootwearYour newsletter needs an attractive design and a call to action to generate sales. To sell shoes, image is essential, and they must be presented in style.


You must use large images to design emails for your marketing footwear campaign. It doesn’t matter if they stretch across the screen and can be accompanied by the precise text above them.


Of course, the calls to action cannot be missing so your subscribers can act.


As for your brand’s image, this should be a priority topic in your emails. Also, your emails should be easy to read. Use clear text, large fonts, and precisely placed headings to convey your point.



3 successful email marketing campaigns for the footwear sector


BluCactus - Engage your users - FootwearLet’s see 3 campaigns that can inspire you to create an email marketing campaign for your shoe brand:


  • Converse, How to sell shoes through email marketing.


The prestigious Converse brand uses videos for its email marketing campaigns for shoes. Although also he has made use of storytelling. As a result, you have managed to engage your users, who maintain an active participation by increasing traffic to your website.


  • TOMS.


This brand has given an example of planning. Your emails are designed based on photos. To do this, use images where the foreground and background act as a backdrop. This adds flexibility to your images and keeps them looking more organized. The brand also adds a personal touch; for every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a similar pair to a child in need.


  • Casadei, How to sell shoes through email marketing.


Casadei uses striking images where famous models appear on the most important red carpets in the world. His creations have become a charm for many movie and music stars. Also, her email marketing campaign is effective due to her incredible and original designs.


Does your shoe brand need to generate more visibility?


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkWith email marketing, your shoe business can generate greater visibility and a better connection with your customers. With the advice we have given you, you can start an effective campaign to sell shoes through email marketing.


The most important thing is that you have a good email marketing strategy, and at BluCactus, we can help you. If you don’t have time for an email marketing campaign, our marketing specialists can take care of it. But not only that, as we will use the best custom templates and creative content to ensure your campaign is successful.


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