Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022

Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022 | BluCactus UK

Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022. Right now, influencer marketing has a lot of power. This is why brands use it to ensure their success. Many businesses rely on this tool as it can be very effective in creating a good strategy. So, the key to optimising influencer marketing is how to create a strategy for 2022.


Besides, we must remember that influencers live on social media. In other words, they live in the communication channels that millions of people use. As a result, the opinion of the influencers will be relevant for the moment in which the consumer must make their final decision.


What is influencer marketing, and how can it help you promote your brand?


Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022 | BluCactus UK Many people believe that influencer marketing is a new topic. However, its origins are ancient. It all started with brands looking for celebrities to promote their products and services.


They made them the main image of all their campaigns.


Of course, we must remember that we didn’t have social media back then. Today, however, we do have it, and thanks to it, influencers can be the bridge between a brand and the brand. Thus increasing their sales and reach.


So, we can define the concept of influencer marketing as a resource or a means used to take advantage of some people’s influence on social media to lead the audience to take a specific action.


What strategies do influencers use?


Now is your chance if your brand isn’t yet known because you don’t know how to reach your target audience. It’s time to start planning a good influencer marketing strategy for 2022. To do this, pay close attention to the following points. All of them are very important when creating a consolidated strategy:


  • There must be empathy with the community, Influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022 | BluCactus UK We start with this point because although it doesn’t seem essential for a brand, it is. As a result, when creating a content strategy for influencers, you need to evoke empathy with the community.


To achieve this, there is a key that will never fail. Remember that when choosing influencers, they will become the representative of your brand.


Because of this, you must detail that they are empathic with their followers.


Watch how they refer to their audience through their videos or when responding to a comment. After this, you can select the best influencer for your brand and start creating the strategy you need.



Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022 | BluCactus UK

  • You have to dedicate time to reinvention. 


Reinvention is part of the day-to-day. Especially now that the pandemic has changed our environment. In this sense, digital marketing has been no exception. We have seen how many influencers have known how to reinvent themselves.


To create your influencer marketing strategy, look for a person who can identify with your community, as that will help your brand grow considerably.


  • Find the platforms that can promote the marketing strategy.


As we have already said at the beginning, influencers make life on social networks. However, many brands only lean towards the Instagram social network to carry out their strategy. Of course, using Instagram is a great advantage since millions of people use this channel, but each brand must adapt to the social network that may be most beneficial.


For example, TikTok is also a social network that has experienced significant growth in what has been the years 2021 and 2022, and it is perfect if the target of your brand is focused on the younger audience.


  • Define your target audience exactly, Influencer marketing.


This point is related to the previous one since if you do not have your target audience defined, you will not be able to create an effective influencer marketing strategy.


Likewise, choosing the social network that will serve as a channel to better connect with the audience is essential.


In the same way, the fact of choosing a social network does not mean that you should neglect others. It will only be necessary to do a good distribution of the content so that it can be in tune with your brand’s objectives.


Followed by this, having a defined target audience also allows you to obtain results from your tactics, and this applies to all the platforms you decide to use to launch your brand’s advertising campaigns.


  • Include streams within the strategy, Influencer marketing.


By 2022, streams cannot be left out of your influencer marketing strategy. Why? Because “live” has become one of the main tools used by celebrities to maintain a better interaction with their followers.


Similarly, when brands have engagement as one of their objectives, this tool will be one of the best resources to use. For example, the streaming platform on Twitch has grown considerably by allowing better interaction with the audience.


Establish the campaign modality 


To create a strategy through influencer marketing, there are two types of influencer strategies that can be used to create an effective campaign:


  • Continuous work mode, Influencer marketing. 


Through this type of campaign, the influencer does continuous work, but in turn, both brands and products are reinforced.


  • Occasional work modality, Influencer marketing.


This type of modality consists of introducing new products, but the launch of the influencer’s campaigns will be occasional.


Ensure the measurement of results 


Measuring results should be a daily task for any marketing strategy, so influencer marketing will be no exception. That is why you must verify your business’s results through planned actions.


For example, having a good ROI will positively indicate that your strategy is on the right track. Therefore, this is one of the most important results that must be measured to consolidate a good marketing strategy.


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