All about Instagram’s Algorithms and how to beat them

All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

All about Instagram’s Algorithms and how to beat them. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for personal and business profiles. More people have joined this platform to grow and increase their customers in recent years. As a result, Instagram has at least 1 billion active users today.


This figure means a lot of competition between new brands trying to position themselves on this platform. However, there are certain ways to get noticed organically and increase your online presence.


In this blog, we teach you everything about the Instagram algorithm, how it works, and what can you do to beat it with just 10 tips.


What is the Instagram algorithm?


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKThe Instagram algorithm helps you know which publications your users relate to the best. This means that this tool lets you see the content your users prefer. If your followers like the content you post, it’s likely that they will want to see it again, and therefore, Instagram will show it to them more often.


In the beginning, this algorithm didn’t exist. Instagram was only used as a wall to share photos and short messages with friends.


Then in 2016, Instagram introduced a new way to view posts and a new algorithm. Although users at the time weren’t happy with viewing their photos chronologically in reverse, the social platform still advanced to this feature.


Many people keep complaining about the algorithm. However, the directors of this platform assure that many others have liked it and have interacted more. “People have been liking and commenting in general. They participate with the community more actively,” they say.


Regardless of whether you love or hate the algorithm, this didn’t stop the growth of this social platform. Like many others, Instagram protects its algorithm a lot. But today, we will reveal some secrets to beat it.


We must mention that the Instagram algorithm, which focuses on the news feed, is not the only one out there. Instagram currently has different algorithms that determine the priority of the publications compared to the rest of the users of this platform.


Algorithm types


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Instagram Edge Rank algorithm, Instagram’s algorithms.


This algorithm establishes the priority of the content displayed in the start menu. Thus, user behavior within this social platform is what sets the importance of some images over others.


  • Instagram HT Search algorithm.


This establishes the priority of the photos in the featured posts within the same hashtag.




All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm, Instagram’s algorithms.


This Instagram algorithm determines which stories are shown to certain users and their priority.


  • Instagram HT Follow algorithm.


The Instagram HT follow algorithm sets the priority of posts displayed when any user follows a hashtag.


  • Instagram Places algorithm, Instagram’s algorithms.


The Places algorithm prioritizes posts based on location. In general, they use the location shown in posts or stories.


How does it work?


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKInstagram first shows you the content that may be most valuable to you based on specific factors. Some of them may be how likely it is that you like this content, the time of publication, or the hashtags you see the most.


This platform considers that people want fresh content every time they log in. For brands or companies, this means that your content will not be seen when it’s shared. However, this doesn’t mean that you should share your content whenever you want. A certain amount of people are active for a certain amount of time. So, if you want to be seen, you must research with analytics to find out what times your audience is most active.


Likes and comments are crucial elements of this. The more interactions you have, the more Instagram will allow your users to see it. This kind of activity shows that the post is good to appear on the home page of other users. For companies, this can be a challenge, but by knowing your followers, you can discover what content they prefer.


Another way to be on people’s home page is when the algorithm shows you a profile search. People who search for your content are likely to be interested. Therefore, they will see it more. This also happens with posts shared in direct messaging. Direct messages are a form of social darkness, which means you can’t follow up. But, even if you don’t see the interactions of shared posts in the analytics, Instagram does.


What is engagement?


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKWe’ve discussed interactions previously, but not what they really are. So, in short, engagement is the level of commitment that consumers have to your brand.


For this, it takes into account the constancy, trust, and the way your followers empathize with the values ​​and messages of your brand. This is so because it allows close, sustainable, and organic relationships between your followers.


This isn’t an easy task and can take a long time. Consolidating and positioning yourself among the competition of online brands is based on effort and a lot of perseverance. This critical concept grew and expanded thanks to introducing a new digital age. Especially social platforms and other media that allow constant interaction with users.


Engagement is one of the easy-to-stimulate daily and tangible elements analyzed through metrics, indicators, and quality of interaction. What does the Instagram algorithm consider “engagement”? Each one of the likes, reach by hashtags, times shared in stories, and critical locations fall under this category for Instagram.


How the Instagram algorithm affects business accounts


The Instagram algorithm had certain benefits for brands. Currently, it continues to maintain the same standards as other accounts. To have a high level of visibility, you must have a high level of interaction.


You must strategize to understand the algorithm and ensure that your posts are shown to as many users as possible. The simplest solution is to get the most engagement from your followers. Some even opt for Instagram Ads to have a greater reach.


What is the magic formula to beat the Instagram algorithm?


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKMany want to know a secret formula to position themselves on social media.


But the truth is that the only real way for them to do this is to foster interactions that later turn into relationships and ties.


Trial and error is the only way to succeed on social media for different companies and brand profiles.


Try all the new trends, stay ahead, and use innovative content. The most important thing is to dare to do new things that attract new customers.


However, here are some tips so you know where to start to beat the Instagram algorithm:


11 tips to beat the Instagram algorithm and grow on social media


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Identify your best content, Instagram’s algorithms.


The Instagram metric can help you define the best content for your users. After figuring out which ones they prefer, implement hashtags, videos, images, carousels, and other graphic elements to attract their attention.


Remember that it is important to be creative, so they continue visiting your content and waiting for the next.


Every two weeks, check how the metrics fared and with which of your posts got the most interactions.


Then create similar content without being repetitive to maintain engagement.


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Hashtags are very important.


Hashtags are still the best way to get followers from the same niche. The algorithm allows showing relevant posts to a specific group of people. As a result, these hashtags focus on many users’ interests and needs. Therefore, they are still valid today on different social platforms.


  • Know your followers wisely, Instagram’s algorithms.


Research and create a list of the most relevant hashtags according to your sector. After this, use only the most appropriate ones. Some of the tips that Instagram itself offers to use it are:


  1. Being specific with them.
  2. Use the most relevant to your sector.
  3. Keep an eye out for competitors and which ones they use.


  • Everyone likes videos.


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKDifferent studies have shown that people prefer videos for being dynamic content. That’s why videos are more prevalent on this social platform.


You can create content with auto-play to capture users’ attention and make them spend more time looking at your publications.


The more time your users spend on the social platform viewing your profile, the better it will be for you.


However, there are other types of tools for creating content that people really enjoy. These are IGTV and Reels, which are new ways of making videos. IGTV, for example, allows you to make videos of up to 15 minutes that will be placed in the feed.


  • Post on Instagram at the best time, Instagram’s algorithms.


Find out what times they receive the most interaction when publishing. This way, the contents have a better chance of being seen by more people. It’s important to remember that the best times to post vary entirely by the company.


All about Instagram's algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Know the analytics.


Social media analytics is critical. They reveal the most important aspects of user behavior. This helps you understand them better and be able to reach them. You can find the statistics on Instagram or use an additional tool.


  • Interact with everyone! Instagram’s algorithms.


Don’t expect social media strategies to just be about simply dumping content on the account and voila. It’s essential to interact with those users who interacted with your account. You must be agile when responding to comments on your content, especially in the first hours after publishing. Call your followers to action, and ask their opinion. On the other hand, another important point is not to force communication, so try to be as genuine as possible.


  • Instagram Stories.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKPreviously we talked about the videos and how much the Instagram community likes them. However, stories are the easiest way to make this point as it has over daily 400 million active users daily.


So, in simple terms, the algorithm considers all the impressions you get on your Instagram stories. This also includes reactions or when your stories are sent to someone.


Instagram stories have different features that can help you make things much more fun. Some examples are polls, trivia, and adding links to slide up (this only works if you have 10K).


Learn from influencers who ask their followers to write privately to get links to various products. This is an easy way for your followers to interact more deeply with you.


Thanks to these types of interactions, they increase the probability of appearing in their feed.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UK

  • Constancy, Instagram’s algorithms.


Consistency is key. All these previous tips are based on strategies. However, if you don’t post content consistently and regularly, Instagram will know about it and won’t take you into account. That’s why you have to plan posts. Don’t forget that these posts must have the same narrative and style as the previous ones. The constancy must also be done in each aspect of your company.


  •  Ads, ads, ads


Of all the above, this is the only strategy that is not organic. However, it really works very well for many companies. In the same sense, paid advertising is necessary to drive posts. You can develop an entire advertising campaign in a few minutes and with little investment.


To do this, Ads are placed through the Ads Manager or Power Editor.


There are different ad options than Facebook for Instagram; with them, you can make the most of your ads.


  •  Stay away from bad habits, Instagram’s algorithms.


Don’t take any action against these social platforms’ rules. This could cause your account to be temporarily blocked or even deleted. Learn about some of the Instagram mistakes that could damage your algorithm forever:


Instagram strategy mistakes to avoid


  • Lack of a goal-oriented strategy, Instagram’s algorithms.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKNot having a plan and goals is like driving without a destination.


Many things can go wrong. Thus, you must find out which are the keywords you should consider. Besides that, know to who your content is directed to.


If you don’t have a goal-driven strategy, this will mean wasted effort and opportunities. You may even give up or conclude that Instagram or social media marketing just isn’t working.


You can work on your social media strategy through videos and photos, but you can’t start posting without an idea of ​​where you’re going. Find out what you want and develop a strategy around your goal.


  • Bio without a redirect link.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKYour presence in social media isn’t the only one you need to grow. That’s why you must use other tools. So, a website is ideal for companies since they are their cover letter in the online world. However, you must clarify that traffic is your website’s lifeblood. A website that doesn’t generate traffic will disappear sooner or later.


Instagram generates up to 1.2 billion likes per day and 1,000 comments per second from real people. These same people who already enjoy your content on Instagram can go to visit your website or landing page.


Understanding that the Instagram audience is vital to brands is very important. And, if these users like you or your brand, they will follow you. However, if you don’t have a link or call to action in your bio, you miss out on a great opportunity. Instagram allows you to include a clickable link in your bio. So, make sure you get the most out of it.


To add a link to your bio, go to “Edit Profile” and type it in the “website” text box.


  • Make your Instagram account private, Instagram’s algorithms.


Many think that by making their company’s profile private, they will grab the interest of many. But this is the opposite. Many walk away and prefer not to see the profile again. However, being private is completely valid if we discuss your personal account. Thus, when it comes to a business profile, it must be publicly accessible. This is if you want more followers to follow, like, share, and get to know your brand through social media marketing.


  • Continually post duplicate photos.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKSocial media users are bombarded with a lot of content daily, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t differ from one another. Loyal followers of your brand will quickly recognize duplicate photos or videos over and over again.


Every once in a while, there may be an excellent reason to repost an image or video you’ve shared with your followers before, but don’t make it a habit.


Plan the publications and don’t copy from others. Try to stay as creative as possible. It’s okay to repeat content a few times, but remember that no one likes to see the same thing repeatedly. As long as it’s relevant to your goal, you’ll be fine.


When Instagrammers follow you, they want to be entertained and benefit from your content. You already know that sharing the same content won’t generate new results or benefits. So, don’t do it.


  • Not responding to user comments promptly, Instagram’s algorithms.


Comments are a user engagement metric that Google searches for. This is because user participation generates retention, which creates growth.


They let Google understand that users really like your account. And since Google is passionate about content that others enjoy, this is the one thing that will rank the best in searches. In the same sense, getting over 50 comments is ideal to become important in the eyes of google.


  • Focus on quantity, not quality.


All about Instagrams algorithms and how to outsmart them | BluCactus UKDon’t post just because you have to fill other people’s feeds with photos. Social media platforms know when content is not genuine and detect it as spam.


So, once they do this, you will disappear from the feed, losing all previous effort and perseverance.


Try to post frequently. However, under no circumstances should you sacrifice the quality of your content. Each of these publications must be of the best possible quality.


Some brands only post the photos of others or repeat the content. However, just by changing the images or adapting them to new forms, they ensure they are attractive and maintain quality.


Always put quality first, whether it’s video clips or photos you want to share on Instagram.


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