Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead

Is Email Marketing Dead? There is a new debate in digital marketing, which revolves around email marketing. For many, email marketing is dead due to the rise of new technology and the use of social media. While for others, it can be a great opportunity to position companies.


The truth is that this digital marketing tool is not dead and is far from dying. On the contrary, we can see how it gains strength as time goes by. Today, many brands still consider it to carry out effective campaigns.


Because of this, today, we’ll show you why you can still use email marketing.


Email marketing is not dead yet.


These are some of the arguments that show that email marketing is not dead:


  • It has become the favorite channel of marketing experts, Is Email Marketing Dead.


Is Email Marketing DeadEmail marketing has become the preferred communication channel for marketers. It is a perfect medium for optimizing awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention stages.


This is why companies interested in this channel look for email marketing professionals.


After all, according to statistics, this is a highly valued skill within digital marketing.


A large percentage of companies carry out their campaigns through email marketing. This is due mainly to the income generated by this channel with sales.



  • Many business owners prefer this option to carry out their campaigns.


Is Email Marketing DeadEven today, many people want to use email marketing. This is because they trust its viability. It has become one of the safest options for business owners and consumers to stay connected.


Customers need to get information, and for this, there’s nothing better than email marketing. In truth, many look forward to these campaigns from their favorite brands. This way, they can go to their local store or access their online store.


Besides, a recent study found that a higher percentage of shoppers in the UK tend to subscribe to store messaging lists to get the latest news. In this sense, other studies found that British mothers prefer to subscribe to emails if they’re offered offers and promotions.


And when it comes to marketing studies, Sherpa Marketing revealed fascinating data. In it, we can see how 72% of consumers prefer email marketing as a method of communication. Additionally, 61% of consumers prefer to receive emails weekly, while 28% prefer to receive them more frequently.


  • The data of email marketing exceeds that of email marketing, Is Email Marketing Dead.


We can’t deny the growth that marketing on social media has had.


So, even if today’s marketing efforts focus on social media, we must consider some details.


For example, not paid publications (organic) on Facebook only reach 2% of their followers.


So, in terms of sales, we can see that the rate of purchases from email marketing recipients (24%) is higher than the rate of purchases on social media (0.59%).


Now, if we talk about figures for the conversion rate, email marketing is 16.05% higher than that of social media.


  • Offers better relevance to consumer engagement, Is Email Marketing Dead.


Is Email Marketing DeadFor those who wonder if email marketing is dead? This is essential information that companies that want to gain more visibility should know. The commitment achieved through email marketing keeps growing, and it’s something that companies can use. This way, they can increase their annual deliveries, open rates, and CTR.


In the search for statistics related to email marketing, we can see that experts in the field see active growth in its number of subscribers. As a result, a more significant number of people check their mail daily.


Today, marketers make a common mistake by assuming that millennials only live in social media and don’t use email. Of course, we cannot deny millennials’ attention to social media. However, when communicating with companies, they prefer to use email.


Similarly, the conversion rate is usually higher per person in email marketing. This route provides a positive ROI. After all, for every £1 invested in email marketing, you can generate around £37 to £38 of income.


  • It’s a communication channel with a higher degree of personalization.


Advances in technology and access to big data are becoming more common every day.


Today’s marketing specialists use it to create more specific communications. Consider how email marketing allows us to send automated and 100% personalized messages.


If you must know something, people like to see their name in the message sent. We don’t say this just to say it.


A study carried out by the Stanford Graduate School of Business revealed that the probability of opening rate increases by 20% when the recipient’s name is added to the subject line.


This means higher chances of sales and fewer people unsubscribing.


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