Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022

Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022. Are you looking for the best SEO tools to ensure your website is well-optimized and help you manage your search engine rankings? Here is a list of top paid and free SEO tools, among which you can choose your favorite based on your goals.


If you are not aware of SEO, it can seem overwhelming. Similarly, if you have experience generating organic traffic, you might feel that the current SEO tools lack essential features. With new features and platforms coming up, choosing the right SEO tool will help you achieve your SEO goal. Use free and paid SEO tools to help you streamline your SEO strategy and improve your rankings.


But, before we get into the various SEO tools, let us first see why these tools are essential.


Why SEO Tools?


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking ToolsSEO tools save you from time-consuming data analysis and keyword research. Instead, with these tools, you will find out what is working and which strategy gives you the maximum benefits. 


The best SEO tools also offer reports about how to measure your competitors and where you can find new opportunities. They even allow you to check search performance regions, languages, and countries.


The best part of these tools is that SEO tools can help you assess every site’s performance if you handle more than one website. Many people with several websites put too much data in spreadsheets and then evaluate it manually.


But that becomes a tiring task, and there are high chances that the reports may be inaccurate. You can even use SEO software to save time and effort. 


So, what else do you need? Now, you can create perfect reports with just a click.


List of Best Free & Paid SEO Tools


1. SEMRush 


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking ToolsThe first on the list of free and paid SEO tools is SEMRush. The SEMRush SEO toolkit offers a complete set of SEO tools.  With this tool, you can find a detailed keyword analysis and summary of domains you handle. With this SEO toolkit, you can compare the performance of each page to see how you differ from your competitors. 


For example, you can analyze the backlinks from other sites to yours.


The “Traffic Analytics” section helps you find your competitors’ primary sources of web traffic, like the top referring websites. In addition, it allows you to find even the minute details of how you and your competitor’s website perform in terms of bounce rate and average session duration.


In addition, “Traffic Sources Comparison” offers you an overview of different digital marketing channels for many competitors simultaneously. Those who are not aware of the term “bounce rates” are the number of visitors who visit a site but leave accessing no other pages on the same website.


“Domain Overview” does not summaries the SEO strategies followed by your competitors and helps detect keywords they have been using. 


Also, you can check how your domain is performing on both mobile and desktop.


2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEO Tools.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking ToolsDo you know how to ensure that your site is SEO-ready across all its web pages? By auditing regularly.


And to be frank, you cannot do that without a tool like Screaming Frog SEO spider, especially if your website is comprehensive.  


Screaming Frog is a web crawler that scans web pages for common mistakes like duplicate content, broken links, titles, and meta descriptions that are too long, too short, or are missing.






3. Ahrefs.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022Since it was released, Ahrefs has become one of the popular SEO tools. Content curators and web developers use it to improve their online presence. Ahrefs has the most extensive backlink index of top SEO tools, with over 295 billion indexed pages and over 16 trillion backlinks. 


Want to explore keyword ideas and monitor the competitors? 


If so, Ahrefs is the right tool for you. This tool comes with all the tools required for growing your online presence. The dashboard overviews projects’ ranking, backlinks, and traffic. 


In addition, Ahrefs includes many powerful features that make it different from other SEO tools. As a result, studies have found that Ahrefs is one of the best options for understanding and enhancing the online presence of your domain.


4. AccuRanker, SEO Tools.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022If tracking keyword rankings is one of your daily tasks, AccuRanker is your best option. 


While there are plenty of tools to track keywords, they usually come with certain limitations and do not check the rankings regularly.


This tool updates keyword ranking automatically.


If you have a local business and your rankings differ depending on the searcher’s location, you can track the keywords from the area to zip code.





5. SpyFu.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022This famous search analytic company checks the internet for data to find the keywords that websites and companies use through Google AdWords. SpyFu also matches search engine results with search terms so that organizations have more insights into the searches and cords of words for which they appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


This SEO tool lets you “spy” on your competitors by assisting you in finding the keywords your competitors buy and by finding the phrases and words that generate more traffic. This way, you can move ahead of other organizations’ services in the same industry and attract maximum website traffic.


SpyFu comes with three different plans. 


The basic plan costs around $33 per month and comes with 250 sales leads, domain contacts, and 5,000 tracked keyword rankings weekly. This plan is apt for startups and small firms with a minimum online footprint.


Few products come close to offering the functionality and depth you get with SpyFu. This SEO tool is relatively easy to use, and you can customize it per your requirement. It includes all SEO, PPC, and keyword research tools that any significant or startup company would require.


6. WooRank, SEO Tools.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022Another helpful Chrome extension, WooRank, helps you determine the condition of your website. For instance, if your site does not have a current score, WooRank can quickly assess.


This tool scores websites based on SEO criteria like the structure of the content and keyword performance, and it also shows what a page is lacking. It also gives positive comments on things that you are doing correctly.


This tool points out the impact of your headings, title tags, links, and more for optimizing the content as per SEO guidelines.


It divides your performance into different categories, like mobile optimisation and usability, covering many aspects that other free SEO tools cannot do. 


In addition, with this SEO tool, you can see what your competitors are doing.


7. Moz Pro.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022This is a platform of SEO tools that helps to increase rankings, visibility, and traffic across the search engine results. Vital tools include the capability to audit your website using the Moz Pro spider, emphasizing potential problems and suggesting actionable insights. It can also track your website rankings over thousands of keywords per site.


Even a keyword research tool helps determine which keyword or keyword combinations you should target. 


It also comes with a backlink analysis tool that combines a mix of metrics, including anchor text in links and estimated domain authority of the website.


The best part of Moz Pro is that plenty of free tools are available even if you do not sign up for this tool.


An extensive supporting community is also ready to help you, give suggestions, and guide you through different search marketing problems.


8. Ubersuggest, SEO Tools.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022Are you looking for tools to find keyword suggestions and competitors’ data? 


Then, nothing can beat Ubersuggest. The tool has plenty of features that are available in premium SEO tools. And, yes, it is 100% free.  


How to use this tool? Type in a keyword for which you want your website to rank.


And this tool will offer you detailed data on keyword difficulty, search volume, and many more. 


Also, you will get a list of suggested keywords based on the type of keywords you wrote.



9. Majestic SEO tools.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022This is one of the best SEO tools that has received SEO veterans’ praises since its launch in 2011. It also makes it one of the oldest SEO tools.


The tool mainly focuses on backlinks, which represent links between one website and the other. It has a strong effect on SEO performance.


Users can find both a “Fresh Index,” which is crawled and updated and a “Historic Index,” which has been applauded online for its lightning speed.


However, one of the most exciting features of this SEO tool is” Majestic Million,” which shows a ranking of the best 1 million websites.


10. Searchmetrics.


Top 17 Free & Paid SEO reporting and keyword tracking Tools of 2022Searchmetrics is an essential SEO tool and a valuable helper for building a content strategy. 


This suite does everything, including site audits, competitive analysis, optimizing content, web visibility analysis, and many more.


Searchmetrics offers three pricing plans, including Suite Enterprise, Suite Business, and Suite Ultimate. You will get the price list on request.





11. Google Search Console, SEO Tools.


This is an excellent way for those webmasters who are new to SEO.


Even if you do not have experience in SEO, no matter the size of your blog or site, Google’s laudable Search Console and the plenty of user-friendly tools will simplify things.


The collection of tools gives you essential information about your website briefly. 


For example, it assesses your website’s performance, finds troubleshooting issues, ensures that your website is Google-friendly, and checks the indexing of your site.


You can even request reconsideration if a penalty hits your website. 


Also, if you do not follow the tool’s Webmaster Guidelines, you will be at a considerable loss. 


Search Console is continuously updated, and they keep adding new features to it, such as the updated URL inspection or new sitemap report.


12. Google Optimize.


This is yet another SEO tool on the list. We are sure it is not a surprising one.


But this tool is not meant for the faint-hearted individual and can make SEO experts uncomfortable.


SEO is not just about rankings. 


Without a proper balance of content that engages your audience and drives conversions, all your hard work will go for a toss.


The free service by Google lets you test your website’s content: from basic A/B testing of two different pages to evaluating a combination of elements on any page. 


Personalization features are also available.  


13. Advanced Web Ranking, SEO Tools.


Advanced Web Ranking is perfect for complete rank monitoring and position tracking. It provides local results tracking across different search engines, including YouTube and Amazon. Along with all this, there are many ways to check your data and collect new ideas, including customizable filtering.


14. SEOquake.


It is one of the most famous toolbar extensions. It lets you view different search engine parameters and save and compare them with results obtained for other projects. 


Though the numbers and icons this tool yields might be incomprehensible to the uneducated user, expert optimizers will be grateful for the detail this add-on offers.


Check details of every visitor, including their country, find a website’s site traffic, and many more.


The toolbar includes buttons for a website’s Google index update, SEMRush ranking, backlinks, Bing Index, Facebook likes, and Alexa ranks. 


There is a cheat sheet and a diagnostics page to monitor potential issues affecting a specific page or site.


15. Check My Links, SEO Tools.


This is a Google Chrome extension to ensure that your links on both external and internal web pages are working. 


For example, if you were looking for a term on Wikipedia, this tool would show you how many links the Wikipedia page has in total. 


Also, it shows the number of broken links. 


This is helpful, as you can work on the broken links immediately. Check My Links is a perfect tool for developers, web designers, and content editors.


Here are a few examples of what “Check My Links” can do:


  • Check every link on your website and find all the invalid and broken links.
  • Highlight the good links automatically in green colour and the broken links in red.
  • With just one click, copy all the wrong connections to your clipboard.


16. GrowthBar.


This Chrome extension helps perform keyword research, trace SEO rankings, and competitive analysis. 


With GrowthBar, you can access data points about any site directly from the SERP. 


It helps you gauge your competitor’s performance and view the growth channels, keywords, ads, and backlinks in their favour.


Some of the essential features of GrowthBar include:


  1. Use the Backlinks and Top Keywords feature to find organic and paid keywords to bring maximum traffic to your site. You can also get a list of the most trustworthy backlinks.
  2. Find your Keyword Difficulty Score to assess how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword depending on the strength of the domain authority of the URL.
  3. Check the word count of any page directly from SERP.
  4. Run Facebook Ads and see how they appear from a search engine’s perspective.
  5. Use the Keyword Suggestion tool and find a list of related keywords for which you might want your website to rank along with their CPCs and Search Volume.


17. ContentKing, SEO Tools.


This cloud-based SEO auditing and content tracking tool tracks your website 24/7, so not a single SEO-related issue will go unnoticed. The unique thing about this SEO tool is that there is no need for installation, as it is cloud-based. Therefore, you can access your reports and data whenever you require them. You can also:


  • Use this tool’s 24/7 website audits and algorithms to achieve insight into your SEO and get tasks that will help you enhance your SEO.
  • Get alerts when something on your site is broken or is no longer optimized adequately. You can fix the problem then and there.
  • Track all the content changes on your site.
  • Seek data from all your sites with real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Work together with your clients and the team from one tool.



Now that you know all about the top 17 paid and free SEO tools, find which one will help you achieve your SEO objectives and start auditing, optimizing, and monitoring your site, web pages, and content.


These SEO tools are excellent for even those just starting their SEO journey, and a few among them are pretty powerful. 


Remember, you cannot do complete SEO work without choosing a paid subscription. So, make your choice wisely.

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