What is Lululemon’s marketing Strategy in the UK?

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Today at BluCactus, we will talk about the marketing strategy of a fashion brand that has done a great job of building a strong community on several platforms. Lululemon is an athletic clothing brand. It is also a Canadian technical athletics company for running, yoga, workout apparel, and accessories. However, what is Lululemon’s marketing strategy? Stay with us to learn more about this brand that makes a difference among many other brands in the same category. Are you ready? Let’s see!


What strategy does Lululemon use?


BluCactus - What is Lululemons marketing Strategy in the UK? - Good marketingLet’s start with focusing on how Lululemon markets. The brand targets marketing a lifestyle rather that it’s products. The brand even has an influencer marketing strategy. Lululemon regularly collaborates with local yoga, wellness, and fitness instructors to represent it’s brand. The brand creates a space where people can build community by using a section of it’s stores to host meditation, yoga, and fitness classes. The label is very innovative and features garments after taking customer feedback seriously. Thanks to that, their clothing line is carefully designed to allow their clients to feel comfortable while working out.


In Lululemon’s marketing strategy, customers are a valuable asset. Therefore, the brand knows that customers can be valuable content creators when they are satisfied with their products. Since social media occupies a significant place in marketing, user-generated content is likely to be more trustworthy than branded content.


Similarly, To help gain attention to the brand, They target content creators off Instagram, TikTok , etc, To who have a high following online and ship out some of their own products to these Influencer’s so that they can create and share these products on their media platform to get exposure. This is also known as a PR box.


Lululemon’s #TheSweatLife was an example of how a brand can inspire consumers to build their network. Consumers used it as a way to share their achievements and fitness goals on Instagram.


What is Lululemon’s advertising strategy?


BluCactus - What is Lululemons marketing Strategy in the UK? - Good marketingWhen we talk about Lululemon’s advertising strategy, it’s evident that it considers its community a lot. From that, we can see that the company’s vision for the Lululemon store was to help people get the gear they could sweat in comfortably.


The owners didn’t just want to create a brand. They also wanted to create a community hub, a safe space, where people can discuss and learn the physical aspects of fitness, mindfulness, and health. Subsequently, Lululemon built genuine relationships with the people who visit its stores to understand what they are passionate about.


Lululemon demonstrates with its marketing strategy that one of the best ways to build community is to host events in collaboration with local leaders. Lululemon hosts an                                                                                                                          ambassador program where the brand builds a broad and a                                                                                                              valuable network online and offline.



That way, the brand promotes it’s clothing while helping its customers achieve their fitness goals. Lululemon also sponsors real-life events around he world like the Sweat Life Festival, Tetra at sunset festival (Stanley Park, Vancouver), Worth the extra sweat (San Francisco) , Take space (New York) which has helped further strengthen the brand’s bond with its customers.


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What are the key elements of Lululemon’s strategy?


BluCactus - What is Lululemons marketing Strategy in the UK? - Good marketingThe answer is not very long when we think about the main elements of Lululemon’s marketing strategy, due to its focus on the community. In principle, the commercial strategy of the brand is based on promoting its products as pillars of an active and healthy lifestyle.


It was a successful strategy for Lululemon. Why? Because the company can put a higher price on its products. People even wear the company’s products as casual outfits and not just for fitness purposes. For example, in the athleisure style, Lululemon also has an advantage.


Lovers of this style add Lululemon clothes and combine them with others that are not related to the fitness world, creating incredible outfits.


Thanks to that, Lululemon sells it’s products through a network of stores that it owns and operates online and offline.


As of December 6, 2018, the company operates 426 stores in the United States. Also, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Lululemon believes that its stores help the company connect with customers and seek product feedback, while also promoting its brand. Therefore, the main key in Lululemon’s marketing strategy is the community. It has worked well for them because, so far, they are one of the most popular in their target market.


What is Lululemon’s target market?


BluCactus - competes with big brands - Good marketing.We can not talk about Lululemon’s marketing strategy without revealing the target audience of the brand.


Lululemon’s customers include people in their teens and early thirties, both women and men. Since it sells sportswear, it fits anyone who leads a fitness life.


However, it is also ideal for those who wear an athleisure style. Lululemon’s target audience is mostly yoga or fitness enthusiasts who value work-life balance.


They are also typically high-net-worth individuals who are willing to pay high prices for Lululemon products. It is also important to mention that Lululemon’s market size is the                                                                                                                  largest in the US.


Still, the brand is sold all over the world.


Who are Lululemon’s competitors?


BluCactus - competes with big brands - Good marketing.When talking about Lululemon’s marketing strategy, it is important to highlight its main competitors. After all, they are not the only ones selling sportswear, and it competes with big brands. Lululemon has indeed been successful with its business model.


But still, investors should be aware that the company faces several risks, such as fictitious consumer tastes and a business model that is heavily reliant on vendors. What’s more, Lululemon faces increasing competition in the sportswear industry from retail giants Nike (NKE), Adidas (ADDYY), and Under Armour (UA). Yet, Lululemon also remains a favourite thanks to its new, high-quality clothing.


Lululemon is a prime example of how to use community thinking involvement as a marketing strategy. Lululemon engages with its clientele in different ways and takes their opinions and recommendations into account. 


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