15 marketing ideas to increase golf course profitability

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15 marketing ideas to increase golf course profitability. If your marketing for golf courses is outdated, don’t worry; there is still time to implement other strategies that are more effective. All you need is innovative thinking and the assistance of experts to achieve greater visibility for your golf club, as well as more clients and income. 


In this article, we will give you 15 marketing ideas that can help you increase the profitability of your sports-related business. 


What are the 15 marketing strategies to increase the profitability of golf courses?


Many golfers are in search of a good club to play. Therefore, your first challenge to stay one step ahead of the competition is to generate a clear message, one that creates interest in your business. Therefore, we will be unveil 15 strategies that you can incorporate in your marketing plan to increase the profitability of golf courses:


  • Record videos for social networks


BluCactus - marketing ideas for your golf club - people playing golfExperts report that posts with videos get more views and engagement than posts with images. This is a statistic that cannot be overlooked by entrepreneurs who want to gain authority on social networks.


Therefore, using videos more frequently is advised. Because they are the preferred means of communication for the audience.


As for whether videos should be professionally filmed and edited, that would be a mistake. Preparing professional videos is time-consuming and expensive. If you pay attention, you can recognize that the most important influencers in the world use their mobile device to record and edit their videos. So, creating videos for your social networks doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive.


  • Use Google analytics frequently


BluCactus - use of google analytics in marketingIt is likely that you have not used this tool yet. But you can rest assured that it is very effective in marketing for the golf industry.


This is because it allows you to obtain data on your customers’ origin, your marketing plan’s performance, and more. Likewise, you can find potential opportunities that you would not otherwise know exist.


In fact, Google Analytics provides a lot of relevant information and advanced settings with specific metrics for your golf club. Of course, to have a personalized panel, you must make an initial investment. But it will be worth it, as you will have access to valuable data that you can’t reach any other way.


  • Retarget previous customers


It is very common for business owners to lose contact with their customers. Customers often stop opening emails, or these emails are filtered into separate inboxes depending on their email provider. Consequently, you must carry out a remarketing campaign for your golf club, which must be directed to previous clients. Likewise, campaigns like these can be configured in Google Ads. To execute them, you can establish a budget adjusted to your objectives.


Another important point is that, to set up your campaigns on Google Ads or another advertising network, you must add a strong message or an incentive that will bring back previous customers.


  • Organize golf events


BluCactus - marketing ideas for your golf club - people playing golfGolf tournaments are an amazing way to attract new customers. However, you must promote the event you will be hosting effectively to maximize participation.


Your primary objective should be to increase the revenue you receive from each client or participant by providing more course occupancy. So, to kickstart this process, you can promote 2 or 4-player events.


Events like these can be promoted on Facebook, Google Ads, or other social media channels. Golfers who see your ads can tag or share the post with other friends who are passionate about this sport. Keep in mind that this announcement must be published a few weeks before the tournament to obtain the maximum return on investment.


  • Make use of paid search to reach new potential customers


Paid search will allow you to target golfers in nearby cities. To target the right audience, Google Ads is the most popular platform. Because, a large number of golfers conduct their searches based on “the best golf courses in [their city], ” or “golf club near me.” Therefore, every time these types of searches are carried out, it presents an opportunity for your golf club to reach your target audience. This increases the chances of them making a reservation.


As you can see, paid search is not a waste of time. On the contrary, it is an investment that can be very lucrative for the golf industry.


  • Update the website


This strategy is of great relevance. Remember your website is the first opportunity to make a good impression. So, there should be no outdated content and old or blurry photographs that demotivate users in a matter of seconds. What’s worse? A website that is not formatted well for browsing or mobile devices.


Truth is, creating an effective website is essential, both for your golf business and for your users. Consequently, it must be updated with a responsive design and recent photographs to give it a wonderful look to impress new customers.


  • Use landing pages for future events


When the objective is to promote events for golf clubs, posting a flier on Facebook or another social network and waiting for people to attend is not enough. So, it is always important to have a landing page. This is to provide more details about the event, which may not have been a priority in your advertising brochure or emails.


Once you include “click this link for more information” in your social media posts, you can focus on the most relevant aspects of your event without including too much text. Thus, in a few minutes, you can capture someone’s attention to increase participation rates. On the other hand, creating a landing page will likely take a long time, depending on the website and software you use. However, you can always seek the help of marketers who are experts in creating quick and intuitive landing pages that include information on your next events and promotions.


  • Define the brand voice


Brand development involves knowing your business and facilities, and establishing a personality based on appearances and sensations.


Brand development plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistency across your marketing actions.


Thus, image style, logo, website copy, ad copy, and videos are all important in maintaining your brand’s voice.


Of course, determining a feel, tone, or look for your brand can take time and requiere innovative thinking. 


  • Respond to online reviews


BluCactus - marketing ideas for your golf club - people playing golfYou may not have paid attention to this action, but in case you didn’t know, more than 79% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. This is why golf courses can improve their reputation by responding to online reviews, regardless of whether they are good or bad.


However, it is important that your answers can be read well and sound grateful. In this way, when other clients read them, they will observe that your comments are always positive and empathetic. Thus, negative reviews, if any, will not have the impact they could have otherwise.


  • Launch a giveaway for database growth


Users who visit the web to search for products or services, including golfers, are fascinated by the word “free.” That is why we have an idea to grow your email database. You can offer a monthly giveaway or a birthday video where participation is free. Likewise, you can promote the giveaway on your website to reach more users.


You can request each user’s name, date of birth, and email. This is in exchange for the opportunity to win a free golf round. These types of email marketing will help you gain greater exposure.


  • Take photographs of the golf course


BluCactus - marketing ideas for your golf club - people playing golfTaking beautiful photographs of your golf course should be an integral part of your marketing plan. Without good pictures that highlight the features of your facility, it is more difficult to attract the attention of new customers, particularly online.


Don’t forget that users browsing the internet do not have the sensory experience of people who have already attended your golf club. So you must do everything possible to get their attention and be the choice over the competition.


You may find it difficult to capture beautiful photos, and hiring a professional photographer can be expensive. But the good news is that there are smartphones with quality cameras. And they can be a big help when creating a photo library for your social media and website. However, professional photography equipment is also an excellent investment. 


  • Optimize Online Business Listing


To increase the exposure of your golf course, it is important to claim and optimize online business listings. For example, Yahoo Local, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and Facebook are all among these listings. Many of these listings are not up to date and may incorrectly contain telephone numbers, websites, addresses, images, and other information.


However, once you are the owner of these listings, you will be able to control all the data that appears in them. This way, you can include new photographs and select the appropriate categories for your business. In this way, your golf club will appear featured on any of these platforms and achieve more visibility.


  • Run campaigns on Facebook


BluCactus - facebook logos - use of facebook in marketing“Micro” advertising campaigns on Facebook allow users to be targeted according to their behaviors and interests. Likewise, it offers a benefit to companies to promote micro-campaigns with a low budget.


So, ads for these campaigns are excellent for promoting special offers or new golf events. And they do not require a large budget.


For instance, Facebook micro-advertising campaigns are of great importance. Because social networks have limited the organic reach that companies obtain based on news feeds.


As a result, only a small percentage of users see the advertisement of a specific company. Therefore, executing these campaigns allows you to get back in front of your target audience.


  • Promote gift card offers


BluCactus - marketing ideas for your golf club - people playing golfGift cards for local golf clubs are a great way to promote your business. For example, your business can offer these gift cards for birthdays, retirements, holidays, vacations, employee recognition, and more. But, many golf facilities only offer gift cards once or twice a year.


So, you would also have to promote these gift card offers. For example, you can email a reminder to your clients that a gift card is perfect for any occasion.


Also, you can use social networks to promote gift cards for a certain price. Certainly, sales will likely not be the same as during the holiday season. But it doesn’t hurt to include this marketing idea for golf courses in your plan.


  • Hold family events


Individuals who practice this sport likely do not play as much as they would love to due to their other commitments. However, they will not waste it if you allow them to combine this activity by sharing family time. In fact, marketing experts state that planned parent-child tournaments have increased in popularity. Because these tournaments offer both fun and quality time.


Within your target audience, there are likely to be young families that give importance to taking their children outdoors to spend time. Therefore, it is recommended to incorporate family events into your marketing plan for golf courses.


Do you like these marketing ideas for golf courses?


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These ideas are all effective to increase visibility for your business online. But, let’s face it, creating a marketing plan is time-consuming. But at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency based in the UK, Our team comprises experts well-versed in executing the best marketing strategies for the golf industry. Contact us right now, and let’s start working as a team to connect with potential clients and increase your business revenue. 


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