Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand

Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand

Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand. The world of marketing is fascinating. Above all, thanks to this tool, an action plan can be carried out for clothing brands. One that allows us to adapt to the trends and needs of our potential customers.


For this reason, marketing, instead of being seen as an expense, is an investment that all clothing brands must make if they want to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, in this post, we will mention the main marketing strategies for a clothing store. And we will talk about some fashion brands that have succeeded thanks to them.


What is marketing for clothing stores?


Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brandMarketing has become a primary element for clothing brands. This allows brands to approach specialised media to improve their positioning and achieve greater visibility.


Similarly, many marketing strategies can be implemented depending on the clothing brand’s wants. However, it is essential to add that these marketing strategies have the same objective as those designed to publicise other types of products.


All clothing brands want to sell and have a good position. Therefore, to appear in the first positions of Google, any marketing strategy for brands like this is focused on attracting the attention of potential customers.


And who are the potential customers? Those who will become our brand’s voice and help grow and recognise our business.


What are the marketing strategies for clothing brands?


Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brandAt present, electronic commerce has had a lot of weight. So much so that fashion brands not on social media do not exist. Consequently, digital marketing strategies have become very relevant for any sector, and fashion is no exception.


Therefore, these are the marketing strategies for a clothing store:


  • Competitive Position


We start with this marketing strategy because it is essential that you define what you are selling and to whom the sales strategies will be directed. Likewise, we must be clear that the fashion industry is very competitive. And being clear about where it is going will avoid long-term inconveniences.


There are two basic competitive positions:


Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand

The first


It refers to cost and advertising strategies based on a high production volume. And its standardisation to obtain an economy of scale to sell the products at a low price to the consumer.


The second


It consists of a niche strategy aimed at a more limited market than the one already mentioned. It tries to achieve its market through innovation, differentiation, and exclusivity.


So, when we can produce at a low cost that allows us to sell at low prices, we can enter a broader market than we thought. However, if our strategy does not go this way. We have to think about why a customer will pay a specific price for a T-shirt of our brand if they can get it at half the price in a department store.


When will the customer pay anything for some of his clothes? When their garments have specific attributes that make a difference. Such as, for example, that they are limited units, that they are exclusive garments, and that they are of quality.


Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand

  • Offline and online sales.


As time passes, clothing brands must consider online sales are experiencing considerable growth. In fact, for many companies, the highest percentage of their sales is online. And if you still don’t believe it, take a look at these interesting facts:


  • More than 1.61 million people have made a purchase online.
  • 66% of Internet users make monthly purchases online.
  • Electronic commerce has a reach of 22% of the world population.


Indeed, even if you have an online store, you must include a website. And if both can be integrated much better.


Also, even if you do not have enough time for an online store, having a corporate website will gain greater visibility and reach potential customers. However, just as you need professional help to manage social media, you can use the help of an expert to design your website. This way, you will have good hosting, and your content will be kept up to date. To reinforce this strategy, you should also consider including a blog.


  • Social media, Marketing strategies.


It is no longer enough to be on a single social media. Many brands consider that the simple fact of creating a Facebook page or uploading content from time to time on other social media is enough. But this is not the case.


It is not about just being there. When working on social media, there must be a type of content strategy and sales strategies for clothing stores. One that can be measured and analysed. However, when a clothing brand is on social media without any plan. As a result, it will obtain a profile with few followers where 90% of them will be made up of family and friends. In short, there will be a positive effect on the business.


Therefore, if you want to make your clothing brand known through social media, the idea is that you do it with substance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know about managing social media because you can count on the help of professionals.


  • Influencers, Marketing strategies.


This is one of the best marketing strategies to sell clothes. Nowadays, influencers play a vital role in the fashion sector.


This is because many consumers, instead of looking at an advertisement, are guided by the recommendations of a person who uses the product that catches their attention.


In general, in the fashion sector, influencers are women. And just by appearing with a garment on, they can achieve significant sales. Likewise, these influencers are essential on social media like Pinterest and Instagram because they have thousands of followers waiting to see the content they share.


Similarly, fashion blogs are also essential because many bloggers maintain many followers are waiting to read each of their posts.


  • Email Marketing, Marketing strategies.


Although email is considered the media’s dinosaur, this strategy applies perfectly to a clothing brand. This is because it works very well to attract potential customers. And best of all, its profitability is indisputable as long as you do it right.


For email marketing in a clothing brand, sending a newsletter is usually the most common action. To send the recipient a link with quality content or a particular discount or promotion.


By focusing on the fashion sector, a newsletter can be sent periodically with information related to that sector or a special seasonal offer.


What are the fashion brands that have made digital marketing strategies on Instagram?


Instagram has become the ideal tool for fashion brands to build their identity. That is why many brands in this sector use this social network.


Let’s see some examples of fashion brands that have made use of digital marketing strategies through Instagram:


  • Muroexe, Marketing strategies.


This brand has carried out its fashion marketing strategy through Instagram. The objective has been that their social media followers are directed to their website and registered in their database. To do this, they have launched subscription content, including small opinion articles, digital magazines, and other types of content that interest 100% of their users.



  • Louis Vuitton. 


Being a brand with several years in the haute couture sector, its marketing strategy is focused on positioning its brand in the luxury market through heritage. In this way, Louis Vuitton bases the value of its products on the time it has been on the market. Similarly, it uses Instagram to maintain the loyalty of its consumers and reach millennial consumers.


  • Zara, Marketing strategies.


Zara’s marketing strategy has a secret, which lies in the information they have about its customers. They handle so much information in their database that they can capture trends while they are happening. Similarly, this brand has a significant presence on social media, especially Instagram. And it does not invest in radio and TV advertising unless it is to show a discount.


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