Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies

BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies. In recent years, the real estate field has changed drastically in the UK and the rest of the world. Especially after going through a pandemic, digitization has extended from the simplest things like buying food to matters that require more attention, like buying a property.


Given this, real estate agencies have had the same to enter themselves and adapt to the world’s changes in recent years. And create strategies to enter the world of digital marketing and continue to be successful marketing properties.


Gone are the traditional actions such as flyers, flyers left in mailboxes, static advertising on buses, and brochures in cars, among others. They gave way to the digital age definitively, and now is the customer’s first option.


And if your agency is in this transition period, you have come to the right place. Because here, you will learn the strategies you must apply to take your real estate business down the path of success thanks to digital marketing.


What is real estate marketing, and how does it work?


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your businessDigital marketing is the set of strategies that work towards achieving the capture of clients who wish to either sell or rent their property. Such as those who are looking to buy or rent a property. And, of course, capturing those properties will be the assets to promote and market to an interested public.




  • Achieve selling and leasing real estate thanks to a successful and attractive promotion.
  • Position yourself together with construction companies through strategic alliances to obtain recognition.
  • Promote real estate projects to encourage public interest and generate sales.
  • Increase the client portfolio.
  • Retain old customers.


Benefits of real estate marketing


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your businessAmong the advantages of applying real estate marketing strategies in your agency, we can focus on the following:


  • Know your ideal client, their needs, and preferences and thus build a specific profile to know exactly what to offer successfully and that the transaction is satisfactory.
  • Marketing strategies allow measuring results, with which you can evaluate each. And that way, it determines if it is working ndardstandardtice.
  • In the real estate world, there are infinite options both in agencirealreareal estate, so it is necessary to stand out from the competition. And that people who are looking for an agency to acquire a property lean toward your specific agency. Either because of the service offered, as well as the flagship product, is attractive among the other options on the market.
  • Close as many deals as possible, but ensure that these are successful where satisfaction prevails for both parties.



Steps to establishing a successful real estate marketing strategy


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Analysis inside and outside the agency


It is necessary to conduct periodic analyses within your agency. And thus, evaluate the performance of the agents, the indicators, and the objectives drawn up periodically to know if the strategies are used t to their fulfillment. As well as to verify the tools such as the website and its traffic, social media, and the impact and impressions it generates.


But it is also super important to carry out an external analysis of the market in general, how it is moving, what trends are being followed. And, of course, keep an eye on the competition to detect its strengths and weaknesses and analyze what they do that leads to their success.


  • Establish a bond


A fundamental part of selling real estate is arousing emotions. And through these, to connect with the client and convince them to acquire a property. Therefore, the moving part must be trained in human capital and taken to the media, where the content you generate will hook the person and create a feeling of trust.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Clear objectives


This step may seem obvious to you. However, many agencies still need to define them in a specific way or want to cover many aspects simultaneously. So, to avoid dispersion, define achievable objectives and establish a time for action and results. Something realistic enough that you can measure easily and allows you to quickly change your strategy in case you don’t get what you want.


  • Know your customer.


This is considered a key element in sales. You need to know the needs and preferences of your client to know what to offer. This means a loss of time for both parties and possibly losing the client itself.


You can create specific and oriented content by knowing your audience, tastes, and hobbies. And have an answer to each question and doubt that they may not even realize they have. By having attractive and engaging material, you will have much work done.


  • Set a strategy


Once you have defined the previous steps, it is time to choose which strategy or group of methods to apply in your business. All d on your budget and needs to achieve the objectives set, and carefully monitor each to detect which ones are missing. 


What are the best marketing strategies for real estate?


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your businessNext, we will tell you some of the best strategies to increase sales and rentals of real estate.


  • Real estate video marketing


In a world where video has gained prominence and strength, it is not surprising that this is cataloged as the first strategy for real estate marketing. Through it, we can promote more entertainingly and dynamically. 


One option to search for and gain visibility for them is by entering platforms such as YouTube or IGTV, with many subscribers and users of the service. This is an option to increase traffic to your website and build customer loyalty.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your businessBut before making your videos, you must remember that it is not an action that will have immediate results,m mainly becauseasasasecccarhaveecareful formatesentation. Because if it is dense and extensive, the content can be complex and tedious for the viewer. So follow these guidelines when making your video content:


  • Appeal to fun, but elegantly so as not to fall into extreme informality.
  • Could you not make them so long? o long? Be concise and get to the point by resolving doubts and avoid irrelevant spills that can be boring and take up unnecessary time.
  • Use creativity and try to make videos different from other agencies.
  • If you use a narrator, he must have a pleasant voice and excellent diction. But it is also essential to establish a previous script and that the reaorderlyorderly but orderly buts not robotic.
  • Always introduce a call to action in your videos.
  • Some types of videos that you can generate are promotional, testimonial, explanatory, and informative.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Real estate email marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool. But you have to know how to use it very well because if the right message and content are not included, it will simply be one more email sent to the trash. For this reason, the information there is necessary to be relevant and attractive and serves as a hook to incline them to perform a specific action. For example, go to your blog, watch a video that has been published, etc.


  • Brochure Advertising


The brochure is still alive. Many businesses continue to use it in their marketing strategy. And real estate agents have been diligent in using it for years.


But today, in a world where digitization is what prevails, the brochure must be accompanied by a captivating design in addition to relevant information. Perhaps you can include a QR code to scan and access the real estate gallery, data from social media, and direct access to WhatsApp, among other things that are attractive to those who receive it.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Inbound Marketing


It is a strategy that seeks the ideal client.


But in a less intrusive way, through attraction, generating traffic through SEO techniques and content, and converiiiniiiinto leleadingsntoleading themememmm thanks to the specific information worworkshops payworksuitableables paypaypaypayake advantage of it.


Organize workshops for the staff and constantly train them, as well as your clients, on topics of interest to them.




  • Sponsor events


One way to have visibility is through the sponsorship of events. But it is not only that your logo appears in the notices and announcements of the same. It would help if you actively got involinvolvednd, which is where the public can help future clients.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Real Estate Magazine


You can include many relevant and engagingterials for your clients in a magazine. And constantly innovate to offer new material periodically, and yes, the design must be beautiful and easy to read.


  • Organize events and parties for clients


Just as you organize workshops, you can also do it with social events and bond with clients. And that they bring new people that you can capture for your portfolio.


  • Website for your real estate


Many people choose to do their first real estate searches through web pages and compare properties, prices, benefits, and property characteristics. As well as evaluate areas, among others, and know and determine what they want before going to an agency.


So, it is essential to have your site. Asitethus, be able to promote your properties and show their attributes to the public and your real estate services.


BluCactus - Learn about the most successful marketing strategies for real estate companies - Improve your business

  • Real Estate Blog


Now that you have your website, an entry that will help you increase your traffic is that of a real estate blog. Through it, you can offer valuable information to your clients, visitors, and anyone interested in the field or topic in specific.


People can subscribe for free, thus generating a connection with whoever receives it.


Another advantage of implementing this strategy is that users will see you as a benchmark within the real estate sector. This will make you stand out from others, earning you a good reputation and thus generating trust in others.


But take into account the way of writing the content. And as an extra, we tell you about the topics you can discuss in your real estate blog:


  • Niche news
  • Information on the purchase or rental processes.
  • Home decoration and repairs.
  • Plant care.
  • Kitchen Recipes.
  • Tips for cleaning and tidying the home.


BluCactus - offline marketing plan - Improve your business

  • Virtual reality, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


Mentioning again the digital boom in which we find ourselves, a modality that gained strength in the pandemic, where the real estate tours, in which the agent is in charge of making a video of the property and sending it to the interested parties so that they see it more clearly.


This will not replace a face-to-face visit, but it does help to give the first impression to the client. And to determine if they like it or not or want to visit. It is a way to save time with visits that may be unsuccessful.


  • Podcast, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


Another format that has gained a lot of publicity is the podcast, which is today considered an excellent marketing tool. Since it can be listened to anywhere, it can be downloaded to save and is easily accessible to everyone.


In a visual era, it is an excellent lent option to reach the public that makes life on these platforms. And that complements the real estate blog. To make it more attractive, you can bring guests to your sessions who talk about specific topics such as legal matters, architecture, decoration, etc.



  • Webinars, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


Another format imposed during the quarantine is webinars, without interactive sessions, where workshops are given, and talks are held about a specific topic that is carried out digitally. You can participate from the comfort of your home. This is an excellent option for your clients and to train your staff.


  • Social media real estate marketing, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


BluCactus - offline marketing plan - Improve your businessIt is necessary to make a section to talk about social media. So, anintroductoryessayy because, as we have already mentioned, everything is focused on digital. In addition, most potential customers, regardless of age, live in these spaces.


But, before opening an account on each social media platform that exists, you must analyze which of all is the most appropriate and indicated for you to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself. And there is no use working in a space where your clients do not mingle. Or the reach will be towards people who don’t have the capacity or intention to acquire a property will that hat thee the content.


Of course, you can be on more than one platform, but remember that in each one, the content must be oriented to that specific social network. That is, you must create different adapted content for each of them.


For this reason, if you have the training to manage social media, then take the step and start your digital path. But, if you do not have the time for it, you can always delegate this task to pprofitthesepprofessionals’sorm that suits you.


Social media for real estate are an excellent option to provide valuable content, spread your blog’s publication, show other clients’ experiences, etc. For this reason, we indicate below which are the most used in the sector and how they work:


  • Facebook, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


BluCactus - offline marketing plan - Improve your businessIt has become an essential commercial ally for entrepreneurs. Through it, it is possible to market real estate. So you can open a fan page or group and thus get interested followers.


You can also increase interaction through Facebook Messenger; therefore, you will strengthen the relationship with users and generate greater trust.


An important point to consider is the branding you must have to give an excellent image. As well as try to be active and upload recent content, paying attention to the quality of the photos, texts, and videos.


Additionally, Facebook has ads where you can make paid advertising campaigns and thus achieve your goals.


  • Instagram, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


BluCactus - offline marketing plan - Improve your businessThis popular social network is daon y oneenewhofrof eating a company or commercial prprofiprofilesslesofilesfilesontiprofilesntly. And today, it offers several resources to those with a business profile.


Therefore, the first step is to make an attractive profile, which clearly shows what you do and offer, and place a link for direct contact, which either takes them to a phone number, email, or web page to search for more information.


In addition, with this type of profile, you may be able to access statistics and measure the scope and success of the strategies you apply on Instagram since the platform can segment by age, gender, and geographical area.


Lastly, your content is relevant because it must meet your values and what you want to convey. Therefore, professionalism must prevail, above all. It is advisable to include the brand’s colors, use photos and good quality videos, legible graphic elements, and eye-catching fonts that are easily understood.


In the stories option, you can show your day-to-day and encourage interaction with your followers through polls and voting in a fun and casual way. And, of course, we cannot fail to mention the reels and IGTV, where you can share short or long-term relevant visual content ideal for informing, educating, and entertaining.


  • LinkedIn, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


This social network is oriented to the professional aspect, where you can connect with companies and people related to your career and field and establish work or collaboration alliances. So it is recommended that you have a profile here to ally yourself with other real estate professionals and thus perhaps attract new agents, among others.


Twitter’s boom is not the same as it was a few years ago, so it is not the most recommended for these cases. However, if you dare to be in it, you can take advantage of it by placing links that take users to your leading platforms, to new entries in your blog, some reflection on the sector, relevant news, etc.


  • WhatsApp, Marketing strategies for real estate companies.


BluCactus - offline marketing plan - Improve your businessWell, not because it is the last one. It is the east relevant. On the contrary, most of businecarried out through WhatsApp and its real estate groups, where you interact with people from the environment practically 24/7.


The calls have requested ground in this world since everything is now limited to a message on this platform. Therefore, the collection of contacts is essential in this plane because by adding them and adding them to you, it is possible to make the information more direct and personal.


But do not focus on saturating the person with constant messages and spam, since you will end nuggets and can upload statuses with available properties, helpful, and ul information. It is also recommended to use the business version, where you can put together a catalog of properties available to everyone who visits your profile. As well as promoting events, workshops, and others.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkReal estate marketing is the triumphant answer for many business cases that want to grow and be visible. But, above all, they want to make effective sales and have the additional satisfaction of a happy and established customer for life.


That is why your agency needs to put into practice strategies that take it to the top and stand out from the tough competition in this sector, whether with an online or offline marketing plan. The goal is to have a presence, be noticed, and be perceived as a different company from the rest.


And if your agency needs a boost and you want to achieve everything we explain here, do not hesitate to contact us so that the experts in digital marketing can take care of it.


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