What is Maybelline’s social media strategy?

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What is Maybelline’s social media strategy? The renowned makeup brand, Maybelline, has taken the lead in the UK and the rest of the world in an abysmal way concerning its competition. And part of its success is due to its social media strategy, showing the highest rate of loyalty in these channels in the last year.


So doubt always arises about what they do differently from additionalionalional brands that compete in the market to position themselves in the first place of preference among the public. Therefore, today we want to address and learn about the strategies applied by Maybelline that place their products as the most sought-after in stores.


But first, let’s talk about the brand and its origin.


Origin of Maybelline


BluCactus - What is Maybelline's social media strategy? - Happy womanMaybelline was created in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams, inspired by his sister, from which the brand name comes: Mabel Williams. She accidentally burned her eyelashes and eyebrows in the kitchen fire, which is why he had the ingenuity to create a product to darken the burned area.


For this reason, he combined ashes and coal powder with Vaseline, applying it to eyebrows and eyelashes and simulating their appearance. And when observing its effectiveness, Thomas Lyle Williams decided to produce more. Seeing an opportunity to take that idea further, he put it on sale, creating the world’s first mascara.


Two years later, the company launched the first Maybelline Cake Mascara product, which you could only purchase through the mail. And in 1930, he incorporated new products such as eye shadows and eyebrow liners.


Over the years, the brand continued to innovate. And in 1960, it launched a waterproof mascara called Ultra Lash. The first presentation was applied with a brush directly from the tube.


In 1996, the Maybelline company was sold to a cosmetics and general care giant, L’Oréal. It was a strategic decision to position Maybelline in large markets and achieve a global reach in selling beauty products


Maybelline Networking Strategies


First of all, it is necessary to note that Maybelline has 11.5 million followers on Instagram. They far exceed their competitors, such as Revlon with 2.9 million and Cover Girl with 3 million followers. While on Pinterest, Maybelline currently has 3.1 million followers surpassing CoverGirl’s balance of 94.9 thousand followers.


  • Influencer Marketing


BluCactus - What is Maybelline's social media strategy? - Happy womanPeople currently known as Influencers have become successful tools in content marketing.


They represent a boost for brands. Their sense in the media, the number of followers, and the confidence they convey with their actions.


Nowadays, Influencers act as brand ambassadors. And in the case of the makeup industry, particularly Maybelline, the situation is not different.


Since they have employed these types of people as their ambassadors, their opinions also testify to the brand’s products’ quality and effectiveness, all by demonstrating that they meet their characteristics and what they promise.


This figure should be distinct from the famous models and personalities we see in the traditional advertising that the brand launches. Here we refer to the videos on social media where weeeereweree weeeeup artists who, although we may not know them, have many followers on their Instagrams and are responsible for testing the products and showing tutorials using the brand’s makeup.


So Maybelline bets on this type of influential people on digital platforms. All with the vision and goal that they not only share content but also appear in the leading promotions of products on social media.


  • Inclusion and diversity, Maybelline’s social media strategy.


BluCactus - What is Maybelline's social media strategy? - Happy womanThat said, there is no doubt about the degree of reach these types of people have in the industry and on social media. This is a benchmark for measuring reputation and popularity.


But another essential point in recent times, and to which Maybelline has given its place and presence on socials, is inclusion and diversity. In a world where people struggle to be recognized and accepted, the brand has opened the doors for them to show themselves as they are and their talent.


Thus, we see how on Instagram, we find tutorial videos of men putting on makeup (and how skillful they are). And as an example of what we mentioned, Manny Gutiérrez (or ‘Manny MUA’) was named the first male ambassador of the brand, taking advantage of his 4.1 million followers on Instagram and 4.86 million subscribers on YouTube.


Similarly, influencer content consistently drives engagement on Instagram. At the same time, the brand also benefits from a large and active community of influencers such as singers, models, and others who post mentioning the brand and its products.


  • Focus on product launch, Maybelline’s social media strategy.


BluCactus - What is Maybelline's social media strategy? - Happy womanWe know that interaction is currently achieved through networks and social media. Now websites are to inform and buy more than to get the former. So, Maybelline is oriented to make Instagram its interaction place to seek to retain followers and buyers.


For this reason, as explained in the previous point, Maybelline bets on content creation shown and promoted by influential people. In addition to seeking to foster emotions and expectations before the launch of new products through visual tools.


A clear example of this strategy is the launch of makeup lines in collaboration with celebrities. The campaigns are as attractive as possible and use a # to position the posts. All this is in addition to the great quantity of visual material they release in anticipation of the launch.


Similarly, the brand not only bets on the content it publishes. But also encourages followers to interact through questions, surveys, and others in their accounts.


  • Specific content for each platform, Maybelline’s social media strategy.


BluCactus - What is Maybellines social media strategy? - Happy womanMany beauty and makeup brands generate content. This content is launched equally on all social platforms where they have a presence, perhaps making variations in the format so that it adapts to what each one demands.


However, Maybelline, always avant-garde and one step ahead of the competition, creates for each social network where it lives, which translates into different content according to the platform in question.


So we found various particular boards and pins on Pinterest where you can see different categories, ranging from tutorials to product reviews. The famous Get the Look, where people are taught how to do makeup easily using the brand’s products. The Must Have, where you find makeup recommendations you should buy and have, among others. So there will always be helpful material.


Now, on YouTube, another ideal site for interaction, we also find the brand very well positioned. Thanks to the content creators who make their tutorial videos and challenges with influencers, samples, and product reviews, there is a large amount of material available. The Maybelline TV channel has 428,000 subscribers, videos of collaborations, and testimonials, in addition to its international and local campaigns.


Maybelline adopts a specific approach for each space where the brand is since it is aware that the public is indifferent to lengths and differentspacessseriousness have a place. And therefore, they create high-quality content that is attractive to the public and encourages them to watch it and want to subscribe or become a follower and interact, even with a simple like.


Make the consumer the protagonist


BluCactus - What is Maybellines social media strategy? - Happy womanMaybelline has been concerned with involving the audience on its social platforms as a priority. Since much of the content created by its followers is shared and shown on networks, they contribute to this by offering free samples of its products to customers. And thus, they motivate them to comment publicly and share product-related material on social media.


These people are followers or ordinary customers who are not considered influential. However, Maybelline recognizes the importance and relevance of these in terms of sales and consumer behavior And what better state that a product fulfills what it promises than to be tested on someone in particular and to whom they are not being paid to do it? That way, it will be an honest, reliable, and impartial answer.


For this reason, Maybelline has been in charge of giving prominence to its regular users. And theihan ence of all through them and their videos and material.


Another aspect to consider is that using everyday people’s content also sends out a message from the brand that its products are equally available to everyone, in addition to the fact that the costs are affordable in the market.


  • Podcast, Maybelline’s social media strategy.


BluCactus - What is Maybellines social media strategy? - Happy womanThis 2022, and a few months ago, Maybelline launched a podcast called: Maybelline I’m Fine, You?


Which talks about mental health and gives a space to people who suffer from anxiety, and depression, among others.


And where the inclusion of all kinds of people is sought, regardless of their gender, to create a safe space for all those who go through adverse situations.


Beyond the products, advertising and makeup, it is a way of seeing the beauty and demonstrating it through mental health care and its importance. So with this Maybelline action, another success is scored and encompasses a new space in social media.


Mixed Strategies


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkFinally, it is essential to note that Maybelline is also committed to a mixed strategy, employing celebrities, ordinary people, and influencers. Since it wants to cover both the online and offline markets. So, as we see a strong presence on networks, we also see it in stores and shops, one complementing the other.


Maybelline’s social strategy focuses mainly on creating visual content in both high-quality images and video. But, above all, making ordinary people its protagonists, teaching and demonstrating with facts that its products are good, of quality, and represent an excellent investment for the client is their goal.


Maybelline strives to be a brand for everyone alike. This is why it is common to see them publishing tutorial videos of people dedicated to makeup on Instagram. All without them being extremely famous, part of their success on these platforms lies here.


And, if your business is based on beauty and makeup, and you need to be as successful as Maybelline and want the same boost, do not hesitate to contact us so that our expert team of content creation, SEO specialists, and marketing experts increase your brand’s visibility and sales.


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