Why have women taken over Pinterest?

Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UK

Why have women taken over Pinterest? Social media are in trend thanks to advances in technology. So, even if men and women use most platforms, Pinterest has become a feminine site. Women on Pinterest have managed to have constant participation, thanks to the benefits provided by this social media platform.


Pinterest is very useful since it works as an online file, where you can write down ideas and share them with other people. The good thing about Pinterest is that it allows each woman to show her tastes or work experience through categories. Besides, there are many kinds of categories, and women can add topics of crafts, tourism, makeup, and much more.


Being able to share your own tastes on Pinterest is one of the attractions that has managed to grab the attention of women. The digital age has allowed many of them to start their ideal business from home. And Pinterest allows them to create a seller-buyer channel for a faster sale.


The most striking thing about this social media platform


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKWomen on Pinterest have the opportunity to create collections of different themes through photos or videos. Notice boards are available so that everyone can see them. Without a doubt, this platform is of great help to make exchanges on any subject and at any time.


To access Pinterest, you only need to have a desktop computer or a smartphone on hand. Best of all, you can enter this platform no matter where in the world you are and share the topic you want. The common themes in this platform are about women, and among the most mentioned are:


  • The handcrafts.
  • The art.
  • Cooking recipes.
  • The makeup.
  • The decoration.


This type of content is very attractive to female audiences, which is why Pinterest attracts the attention of more women than men.


The profile of the female audience that enters this platform


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKPinterest has a high number of daily visits, and women are the ones who make the most interaction.


Digital Marketing experts carried out a study where the results were that women make up 80% of the visits on this platform. Besides, most of the women on Pinterest are between the ages of 24 and 45.


Young women are the ones currently taking over Pinterest. Thus, this platform has become a very effective channel to see and show very interesting ideas. But also, it is important to highlight the advantage that the sales system offers.


Women make around 80% of online sales, and saleswomen can be very successful on this platform.



Can you sell through Pinterest?


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKThe answer is yes, and that is why many brands use this platform to advertise their products.


To belong to the world of sales on Pinterest, there is an option to create a business account. In it, you must add the button of pins linked from a certain website.


A user on Pinterest can reach a brand’s site because this platform will send it directly to the website. Advertising on a Pinterest profile is what allows companies to make great sales.


Women on Pinterest have taken advantage of this benefit to selling certain products. This platform has a notice board and anyone who wants to sell can use it. The intelligence of women has been able to take advantage of this option, as well as recognized brands.


You can connect to Pinterest from anywhere


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKUsers who use Pinterest can access this platform from a desktop computer or mobile phone.


This platform has 28 million registrations at the moment, and to offer a high-quality service it offers different options. Besides, to access Pinterest from a desktop computer, you can use any browser.


And, for those who prefer the convenience of using a smartphone, Pinterest has its own app for any operating system. This platform provides the convenience of being able to access your website from anywhere. So it allows sellers to be aware of their business interactions.


This platform works in any country, and it is very easy to create a personal account and a business account.


Women prefer Pinterest’s social media platform


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKThe digital age has taken on importance in recent times, and because of this everyone has wanted to be part of it. So even if there are many kinds of social media platforms, women prefer Pinterest over all of them. The reason is that this platform allows you to show creativity and knowledge.


For the working woman who wants to run a separate business to generate more income, Pinterest is a great help. Through this platform, you can sell many striking products, which surely other women will like.


Women entrepreneurs who prefer to work from home can show their products through Pinterest. This is a great opportunity for female homemakers. And it is also for the young women who are still studying and need a means of earning.


And for those who do not want to sell, but only show their likes and share them with other people, Pinterest is also ideal. Women on Pinterest have the opportunity to do different activities, which becomes a great advantage for this platform.


Other trending social media platforms


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKIt is very common to think that the most famous social media platforms in the world are Facebook and Instagram.


While it is true that most people use them, others such as Pinterest have taken on great relevance. Currently, this platform has a record of millions of users where the majority are, of course, women.


The founders of this platform consider that Pinterest, instead of being a social media platform, works as a catalogue of ideas. Regardless of these remarks, Pinterest enters the list of social media platforms and every member of it sees it that way. How Pinterest works is what has made it such an interesting site.


It is worth remembering those corks that we used to hang on the wall to mark ideas so that we did not forget them.


Pinterest offers you this advantage, but now in digital form so that you can save your ideas.


  • Pinterest’s design catches the eye of women.


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKAnother advantage that Pinterest provides is its modernity. This comes from its easy-to-use boards. The virtual format allows you to view your ideas or your interests anywhere and without much effort.


Because of this, Pinterest is the best option to be able to save photos and videos and see yourself as many times as you want.


Regarding the design of this platform, it is very elegant and everybody can see all its options. Pinterest features a white background combined with some red fonts for a very refined touch. Order is also part of the characteristics of this site, and women love this style of organization.


As soon as you enter the Pinterest website, you can see a very varied list of photos of products or items. Thus, everyone can easily see anything that behaves on Pinterest for distraction or sales purposes.


  • Women can make friends quickly on Pinterest.


Women can make friends | BluCactus UKPinterest has become a world of ideas where many women interact while sharing their creativity.


Anyone looking for ideas for a decoration or a design can easily find what they want on it. Besides, it is a fact that women are the ones who are most interested in the area of ​​creativity. Thus, in this platform, they can find many options.


Most of the women on Pinterest, when they enter this platform for the first time, are hooked and immediately register. And by starting to share their ideas or interests they have the opportunity to interact with other women. So they can become friends and comment on their photos or videos.


The good news is that Pinterest turns out to be a very safe platform and can rarely fall into the hands of malicious people.


So, to make new virtual friends, Pinterest can be a great option.


Women prefer Pinterest over any other platform


Why have women taken over Pinterest? | BluCactus UKWomen on Pinterest manage to feel comfortable as there is a lot of variety for them. Besides, they are happy to have immediate access to what they like. Not only that, but the fact that they can share amazing ideas with other women is also a plus for them.


The tastes of women are different, but all of them need to find elements that help them to undertake and motivate themselves on a day-to-day basis. And because all women are different, you can find millions of ideas and options to share on Pinterest.


Pinterest is important to women because it allows them to expand their knowledge, their ideas, and their creativity.


And these are characteristics that they can hardly find in other social media platforms. In this modern age, just like men, women also want to participate in the virtual age.


  • Inspiration reaches women through Pinterest.


Inspiration reaches women | BluCactus UKPinterest boards allow you to create pins to save as many photos or videos as you want. This platform has a search bar, and placing any word will immediately bring up thousands of results.


Women who for example love to decorate, have the opportunity to visualize designs made by other creative women. Thus, all the pins that are available on this platform work as inspiration to create and take advantage of free time.


Through Pinterest boards, you can get ideas to create crafts, organize a party, or even decorate a home. Best of all, the boards found on this platform are full of beautiful elements and are very useful for any occasion.


If inspiration takes time for some women to arrive, on Pinterest, it will not be a problem.


Working women, housewives, students, and mothers, regardless of their age, have their space on this platform.


  • Women’s safety comes first on Pinterest.


Women's safety | BluCactus UKOn most platforms, there’s a stereotype about the perfect woman, with curves and without stretch marks. Because of this, on other platforms, some women’s interests are repressed. In contrast, on Pinterest, there is space for all women regardless of their age, height, or color.


Among the most prominent searches on Pinterest is beauty. Women are looking for what type of outfit or makeup is better for them.


This platform is responsible for promoting a natural look in women and the importance of authenticity. Thus, women who are used to seeing perfect bodies on other platforms will find safe haven here.


All women are beautiful and must feel confident under all circumstances. Pinterest is in charge of promoting these thoughts and apparently, so far it has succeeded.


  • Empowering women through Pinterest. 


Empowering women | BluCactus UKWomen on Pinterest have the opportunity to show themselves as they are through their ideas and creativity. So, to fight against stereotypes, women on this platform can make their own decisions and achieve their own success.


For housewives and women who have not dared to undertake on their own, Pinterest has been a very helpful channel. Business interest has increased in women by 182%, thanks to all the options that this platform shows. Now, many women want to achieve great goals.


This is something that we can easily see through its most popular searches.


There are high searches on Pinterest related to digital, marketing, and small business plans. It does not matter what a woman who decides to enter Pinterest is dedicated to.


Everyone can share their ideas and enhance their knowledge to undertake.


  • Pinterest policies are great support for women.


support for women | BluCactus UKSince the creation of Pinterest, its creators have aimed to promote inspiration in all the people who wish to enter this site. Because of this, this platform has very clear and precise policies. Thus, you can find out you can and cannot publish on it.


Sharing fake content, adult content, or for exploitation purposes is not allowed on Pinterest. Much less can there be content that incites hatred, as it will immediately be reported and removed. Thanks to this, women on Pinterest are free to share their likes without any limitations so long as they obey these policies.


Thus, no discriminatory ideas against them are allowed. The policies of this platform are very clear and must be respected to create a great community.


This, in turn, makes Pinterest a platform that cares about the interests of women and is one more reason for it to be a very popular platform.


  • Pinterest is easy to use.


This platform is easy to connect and has a very simple interface to use, and the women on Pinterest appreciate it. To create an account on this platform, you only have to enter the website. Then, you can use your Facebook account or email to sign up.


After this, it is important to edit your profile and add basic information, and in the drop-down menu, you can find the option of the pins. To make use of all the functions of this platform, Pinterest must carry out the verification of the website. This whole process is very simple and fast to start sharing on the board.


To use this platform as a means of entrepreneurship or business, the creation of a company account is essential. This way, you can start looking for friends who share the same interests and are creative.


Are men also part of the Pinterest community?


Just as the women on Pinterest have achieved their ideal site, the men also have their favorite platforms. In fact, Pinterest was created to offer a diverse community where both men and women could interact. However, it was more accepted by the female audience.


80% of Pinterest members are women, due to the content that you can find on it. But it is important to know that men who want to enter Pinterest can also do it and start to share their interests.


Many categories are available on this platform, so men may also be interested in some of them. Besides, Pinterest offers advantages not found on other platforms, and some men may be drawn to it for this reason.


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