11 presentation design tips to boost your company’s credibility

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11 presentation design tips to boost your company’s credibility. Thanks to PowerPoint, you can create wonderful presentation designs to increase the credibility of your company. However, there have been some mixed opinions about this tool and its use. Nonetheless, if you know how to use it correctly, you can get a lot out of it. That’s why you should put into practice these 11 presentation design tips to make good presentations.


PowerPoint is a tool with many followers, and there’s no doubt that many companies use it for their presentations. As a result, we can say with certainty that it’s a favourite within the industry.  With the correct use of this tool, any company can boost its credibility. So, if you want to be one of them, keep reading and discover the next 11 presentation design tips.


11 presentation design tips to make the best presentations


If you want this tool to be effective, you need to learn how to use it. For starters, this tool belongs to Microsoft’s Office package, and it allows you to make any kind of presentation design. Pay attention to the following tips to know how to boost your company’s credibility with this amazing tool.


  • Use lots of images


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important data

Today’s PowerPoint presentations don’t need a lot of text to make them look eye-catching.


Even if you must give a spoken presentation, you must add images to it. In short, you don’t need a lot of words to convey important information in your PowerPoint presentations.


PowerPoint’s presentations are a great complement to increase the credibility of your company. One of its main benefits is that you don’t need to add all you have to say in them. After all, most people won’t even have enough time to read them. Besides, if they only pay attention to the text, how do you expect them to pay attention to you?


So, just add the most important text on your slides, and try to do it through a concept map. On the other hand, you can also just use your topic’s main keywords. This way you will be able to showcase a coherent story.


  • Use only one message per slide


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataJust as important as using only short texts on your slides is limiting the number of concepts.


In this case, we recommend only one topic as a starting point per slide. When you add way too many messages on a single slide, you can lose track of your main focus. As a result, you won’t be able to convey the value you want. Not only that, but you will only confuse your viewers by not offering a consistent presentation.


If you only present one message per slide, you will allow the user to understand what you want to say.


Besides, this is also a great way to make them remember and digest the information. Of course, you must also remember to use our slides from time to time. This way, you won’t bore the viewer with so much content.


  • You should divide your presentation’s summary into three points.


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataWhen you make a creative presentation design, it can take you a lot of time to add its content. However, your presentation’s main points shouldn’t be more than three. Added to this, you must also make sure to define your presentation’s chosen points well.


You might have heard about these points before, most people use the term “Takeaways” when talking about them. The way this works is similar to taking an idea home. Have in mind that there’s a high probability that your listeners won’t remember around 90% of what you covered. However, they will remember the 3 most important points you made.


Now, if you want to reinforce the three most important points your company wants to make, you can add them in summary at the end of your presentation. This is a great idea for attendees to photograph the final slide and share it with others via social media.


  • Sort your content


BluCactus - important dataPart of these presentation design tips is to tell your story correctly to boost your company’s credibility. But, what should your story have? An introduction, a body or plot, and an ending.


For consistency in your presentations, group each topic wisely and don’t try to jump from topic to topic quickly. Also, don’t make long stops while explaining the content of your slides because you can lose the attention of the viewer.


Before you start building your slide designs, you can create a detailed script. In it, you can add all those topics you want to cover in your presentation. However, if you started to make your slides without order, don’t worry. There’s still time to order them before you show them.


  • Use numbered lists


BluCactus - important dataFor your presentation to achieve your business objective, you must be straightforward and keep it short.


To do this, you can use bullet points as they’re very effective.


However, if you want to improve your designs, even more, we recommend using numbered lists.


This way, those who are attending your presentation will fully understand the message you want to deliver.


Numbered lists allow you to know how many points you’re going to cover and their order.


Besides, it’s easier to refer to a numbered point than one that is marked by hyphens or bullets.


  • Select the correct information for your slides


BluCactus - important dataWhen selecting your PowerPoint presentation’s information, make sure to only include important information. Don’t add large amounts of information or data, especially if you don’t know much about it.


The objective of making PowerPoint presentations is to offer information you know and can share with your viewer.


That’s why you should avoid telling stories or anecdotes not related to the information you want to send.


Guy Kawasaki pointed out that 20 minutes should be the average time for a presentation.


That’s why, if you add non-related information in your presentation, you will exceed that time.


  • Use the correct font size


BluCactus - important dataAnother point part of these presentation design tips is the use of the correct font size.


Many people make the mistake of using a very small font for their presentations. On the other hand, we also recommend not using a font that exceeds 30 points.


The size of the text is very important in your presentations, as well as the typography.


In most cases, the default fonts are the most convenient.


However, if you need to include other fonts, choose those that are simple and sans serif so that your presentation is easy for the viewer to read through a screen.


  • Embed fonts in the file


BluCactus - important dataIf your company’s official typeface is from non-standard fonts, you have most likely used it in the text of your presentations.


If that’s the case, make sure the PPT looks the same on any PC just by embedding the file’s fonts.


To carry out this step, you must go directly to PowerPoint’s options and enter the save section.


In that section, you will find the option to “embed fonts in the file”. This is divided into two other options:


  • You can save only the characters that have been used in the presentation, to take up less space.
  • Or you can save all of them, to edit the text later even if you don’t have the source.


  • Look for a quality design


BluCactus - important dataMost company presentation experts are against the use of corporate templates.


However, these types of templates have a uniform presentation design that can be good for your purpose.


This is because, they have the same styles, sizes, and topographies, and you will be able to see it from one slide to another.


Of course, your presentation shouldn’t be all the same or else it will be boring.


So, to keep it from looking repetitive, you can add a bit of variety with full-size high-quality images. By doing this, you’ll be adding a great complement to your presentation.


  • Use quality images


BluCactus - important dataYet another element part of these presentation design tips is including high-quality images.


There’s no excuse when it comes to adding images to your slides.


There are a lot of websites that offer thousands of images where you can choose from. Once you find the ones you want to use, you can download them free of copyright and of high-quality.


By following these presentation design tips to make good presentations, you should know not to use stock images. Otherwise, once you add them to your slides, you’ll be able to see a watermark. Besides, clip art is also outdated, because of this you shouldn’t use them.


  • Don’t overuse animations


BluCactus - important dataLike transitions, animations should be used sparingly in your presentations.


While it’s true that PowerPoint offers a variety of very striking transitions, you shouldn’t use many of them at the same time.


Otherwise, you won’t add anything positive to your presentation.


Both transitions and animations can distract the viewer during your speech, especially if you use a lot of them.


We know it can be hard to avoid using way too many effects, but you can include them in moderation.


  • Do you want to use graphics in your presentation?


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataAnother element part of these presentation design tips is the use of graphics. If you want to show some of your business data through graphics, you need to know how to do it. Remember what we told you before about using only one topic per slide? The same is true with graphics.


In general, when making a presentation, many use graphs from excel. However, this leads to a lot of information, which then leads to a lack of interest from your audience.


Experts in interactive PowerPoint presentations recommend using the simplest graphics. On the other hand, if you need to use many graphics, we recommend dividing them into many slides. This way, you’ll be offering high-quality content to your listeners.


Once you have your charts divided into creative slides, add specific data to each one, and voilà.


Add more value to your presentations by adding videos or using YouTube 


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataToday, using videos is the norm in digital marketing as it offers quite a lot of benefits. Because of this, we recommend adding them to your slide designs.


Most often than not, when someone wants to use a video for their presentation they do the following. First, they exit PowerPoint to then open their browser. Once there, they look for the video they want to show and then play it through an external player. However, by doing this you run the risk of something going wrong. For example, your PC may not have a player set up, and as a result, this could ruin your whole presentation.


These kinds of problems can be avoided if you insert the video directly into PowerPoint. Don’t know how to do it? You just have to enter PowerPoint and look for the option “Insert -Video”.


Besides, you can also insert videos into your presentations directly from YouTube. However, be careful when doing this since you could experience some inconveniences. To ensure the success of this process, you can upload the video to YouTube in private mode so that only you can see it and add a link to your presentation.


The only detail will be that Internet access on the PC will be mandatory to play the video.


Common mistakes when making presentations


After knowing the past presentation design tips, it’s time that you know what not to do. Creating a presentation for your company requires a lot of time and investment. Because of this, you must commit to spending as much time as you can on it. That’s why you should avoid making the next types of mistakes since they could damage your company presentation.


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataMaking a presentation without researching


If you really want your presentation to be successful, you must research and do it right.


To achieve this, you must plan each research task, or the viewer will notice that you don’t know enough about the subject you want to publicize.


Before you start creating your presentation, identify one to two key sources of information, read, and take note of the most relevant aspects.


Not knowing your speech 


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataAs a speaker, you must know your way of speech even if you’re supported by PowerPoint presentations.


Remember that your slides shouldn’t have way too much text. Otherwise, reading what little is there can interfere with the attention you have managed to grab from the viewer.


You must also practice what to say in the company of your presentation so that you remember it by heart.


Don’t forget to also address people as naturally as possible during your presentation. However, you can some on your hands in case you forget something.


Having bad body language 


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataWhen you present your company, you speak through your words to introduce people to the information you offer. However, there is another way that you can communicate with the audience.


According to experts in this field, showing what you say through body language is just as relevant as doing it with your words. In fact, some research indicates that 50% of the message you want to send will do so through non-verbal communication.


If you, for example, take a rigid posture and make uncomfortable gestures, you will convey insecurity. In other words, it will seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about.


As you present your PowerPoint slides, you can smile to make yourself look friendlier. To keep your body language looking its best you must stay relaxed.


Not making eye contact 



BluCactus - presentation design tips - important data

As a good speaker, you must make eye contact with your audience to convey reliability.


However, in most cases people who make presentations get nervous and forget this important detail.


So, you can consider this as yet another vital part of these presentation design tips.


Remember that your main goal is to increase the credibility of your company.


Because of this, you must make eye contact with viewers so that a true connection can exist.


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataLack of conviction 


If you aren’t interested in what you are showing through your PowerPoint designs, and you speak without enough about it, you can’t convince your audience.


For your company to increase its credibility, conviction and sincerity are elements that shouldn’t be missing during your presentation.


You must feel confident and convey the right message to the audience to connect and conclude with a satisfying presentation.



Not taking precautions in the face of technical problems 


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataFor your presentation to be successful, it’s vital that it doesn’t present any difficulties.


That’s why you shouldn’t wait until the day of the presentation to find out if your equipment has technical failures.


If you wait until the last minute to correct the details, you won’t have enough time to make the appropriate changes.


You can prevent this from happening by going to the place where you will make your presentation the day before. Plug in and test your laptop, as well as the other devices you’ll be using during your presentation, and make sure everything works perfectly.


BluCactus - presentation design tips - important dataNot providing important information for your audience 


Many companies make the mistake of delivering a business presentation to the wrong audience.


This usually happens when the task of investigating isn’t done in the right way.


To increase your credibility, the audience wants to hear the kind of information that will solve their doubts.


If you don’t know which audience you’re going to be targeting, you won’t be able to hold their attention.


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