33 Alternative search engines in 2022

33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UK

33 Alternative search engines in 2022. When we hear about or read about search engines, we automatically think of Google. But did you know that there are other alternative search engines?


We know Google to be a globally recognized search engine and an industry giant. However, it does not mean that it is your only option.


One of the main reasons people use an alternative search engine is to increase privacy. This comes after knowing that Google crawls user data for both its use and for third parties.


If you have only ever used Google, give it a try and look at some other search engines. Who knows? You might find something you like.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022


We will tell you everything about the most known search engines of this year. But before you start, ask yourself a few questions about what you are looking for from a search engine: What is the best search engine other than Google? What is the best search engine for privacy? Which search engine is the best?


Next, we will tell you everything:


1. DuckDuckGo, Search engines.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKDuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine. However, it does not have as many resources, but in recent years it has not stopped growing. In fact, it has exceeded 1 billion searches per month.


The great strength of DuckDuckGo is that it focuses on offering the best privacy possible to its users. This is a great difference, especially if we compare it to the main alternatives in the sector. Thus, they do not collect information from you when they search.


All of this means that it does not personalize search results depending on your history or preferences.


It also has a very clean interface with few ads and infinite scrolling. This creates a good and optimised user experience.


Besides, there is no user tracking. You can even add the DuckDuckGo extension to your browser to keep your activity private.


This search engine has a very useful function called bangs. It allows you to search directly within another DuckDuckGo website by typing a prefix.


2. Ecosia


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKEcosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to plant trees. It uses the advertising benefits generated by searches to plant trees where they are most needed.


It is a free browser extension that plants trees while you search the web. Christian Kroll created this search engine in 2009.


He did this after seeing that most of the people at his university saw profit as the sole aim of their business.


Krill took another path and did something that he considered more important. This was something that could have a powerful impact on the saving of the planet. This decision came after travelling for many years, when he discovered that the earth was dying.


During his travels, he learned about the importance of trees to the survival of the Earth. Thus, it was at that moment that he finally decided to launch Ecosia. The heavy use of search engines has an environmental impact on CO2 emissions. This is where Ecosia comes in, known for being the alternative CO2 neutral search engine. For each search performed, the income generated goes towards your tree planting scheme. On average, it takes about 45 searches to make a single tree.


We, as a Digital Marketing agency, support green causes. We care that our planet evolves and that we do not lose it to the great computer pollution in which we live daily.


3. Yahoo! Search engines.


Yahoo has been around longer than Google, and even if some people consider it obsolete, it is still the third most popular search engine in the world. It is even the default search engine for Firefox.


Yahoo offers email, news, online shopping, games, and much more, providing a complete user experience in one place.


4. Bing


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKMicrosoft’s Bing is the second largest search engine after Google.


It is easy to use and provides a visual experience with beautiful daily background photos. Bing is ideal for video searches, as it displays the results in the form of large thumbnails. Thus, people can preview these thumbnails with sound by hovering the mouse pointer over them.


Bing has many internal features like currency conversion, translation, and flight tracking. All this makes Bing a versatile tool that remains in the global market.


You probably know about Bing but do not know that it offers a rewards scheme. When users shop or search on Bing, they earn points then they can use toward the purchase of apps and movies.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UK5. Ask, Search engines.


Previously known as Ask Jeeves, Ask’s simple question-and-answer format enables natural language searches. Besides, it is very easy to use for those who are less familiar with search engines. The search results also display frequently asked questions related to the term being searched. This provides useful resources and helps you to further your search.


6. Baidu


Baidu is the leading search engine in China, with a share of over 70% of the Chinese Internet market. It is like Google in terms of design, monetizing through ads, and using rich snippets in search results.


However, Baidu suffers from heavy censorship. Certain images and even pro-democracy websites are blocked in the search engine.


7. WolframAlpha, Search engines.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKWolframAlpha is a privately owned search engine. It allows you to “compute expert-level responses using Wolfram’s innovative algorithms, knowledge base, and Artificial Intelligence technology.”


Its aim is to deliver expert and categorized knowledge on different topics. Some of these are Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, and Everyday Life.


In these categories, we can find many different tools. They allow you to calculate data, investigate statistics, and find expert answers to your questions.


Besides being a hub for expert knowledge, WolframAlpha does not track your searches. This then provides peace of mind when it comes to privacy.


8. Boardreader


Boardreader is a forum and message board search engine. Likewise, it allows the user to search in forums and then filter the results by date and language.


It is a useful tool for doing content research. This is because it makes it very easy to find content written by real users on the topic. So, if you are unfamiliar with the niche for the best forum to visit, Boardreader can be a good starting point.


9. StartPage, Search engines.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKStartPage was founded with strict user privacy at its core. It does not track or store any of your data. Much less is targeting ads based on your surfing behaviour.


Startpage is known for being “the most private search engine in the world”. With it, you will get results similar to what you would see on a private Google search.


Besides being a search engine, it offers a proxy service that allows you to browse websites anonymously to improve online safety.


They even have a custom URL generator, which means you can browse without setting cookies.




10. Search Encrypt


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKAnother privacy-based search engine is Search Encrypt. This engine uses local encryption to ensure that identifiable user information cannot be traced.


As a search engine, Search Encrypt reaches results from a network of search partners. So, it provides comprehensive results that do not depend on your history.


One cool feature of this search engine is that it automatically clears your local browsing history after 15 minutes of inactivity. So, you will never have to worry about your privacy, even if someone else has access to your computer.


11. SearX, Search engines.


Offering unbiased results from various sources, SearX is a meta-search engine that aims to present a free view and decentralise the internet.


It is an open-source search engine, meaning that is available for everyone to review the source code. Besides, it can also receive contributions on GitHub.


Besides, it also has the option to customize it and host it on your server as your search engine. SearX offers many preferences and settings that you won’t find on other search engines. Thus, it provides great ease of use and fast results.


12. Yandex


Yandex is very popular in Russia, where it has about 60% of the search engine market share.


It provides a service very similar to Google. With it, you can search for websites, images, videos, and news in a user-friendly layout. It has many additional features. Some of them are mobile apps, maps, translation, cloud storage, and more. It also offers the same functionality, but with a cleaner interface.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UK13. Gibiru, Search engines.


Gibiru’s motto is “Private Unfiltered Search” and that is exactly what it offers. By downloading your AnonymoX Firefox add-on, it sends all searches through a proxy IP address.


So, it provides unbiased and private search results. Thus, it ensures that other computer users cannot track your history.


It does not save search queries on their servers. Besides, it will delete your history within seconds of the search.




33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UK14. Disconnect Search


Disconnect allows anonymous searches through a search engine of your choice. When you enter a search term, the query is redirected and anonymised by Disconnect’s servers before going to the search engine you selected.


Thus, allowing you to use your favourite search engine without privacy concerns. It also offers browser and application extensions. These allow you to block tracking sites, load pages faster, view advertising requests, and many more privacy-based features.


15. Yippy, Search engines.


Yippy is a great option for privacy, as it does not track your searches or display personalized ads. This search engine allows you to search for different content. It can include websites, images, news, jobs, blogs, and government data. Besides, it provides a lot of results for your query. With it, you will be able to filter the results by using a variety of categories. Some of them are origin, time, or topics to bring you the most relevant websites.


16. Swisscows


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKSwisscows lets you make encrypted searches to protect privacy and security easier. It does not store personal data, IP addresses, or search queries.


Its servers are in Switzerland, where it has some of the strictest privacy policies in the world.


This engine uses the recognition of semantic information to provide answers to search queries. It also has a data pool to generate answers quickly and efficiently.


Another aspect we can highlight is the innovative map that shows other relevant queries. Thus, helping you to get even more information.




17. Lukol, Search engines.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKLukol is an anonymous and very easy-to-use search engine. It works with Google results but maintains your privacy by removing any traceable items.


This means you can still benefit from the search power of Google without having to worry about being crawled.


This search engine guarantees the total anonymity of your searches. So, it helps you stay safe by protecting you from misleading or inappropriate sites.


You can choose from the web, images, news, and videos for your search, but there is no option to filter the results.


18. MetaGer


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKMetaGer offers “Privacy Protected Search & Find” through its anonymous search. This is a non-profit organization, so they have nothing to gain from tracking your searches. This engine only uses green energy, which increases the feeling of trust.


Besides, this is a search engine that consults up to 50 external search engines, giving variety and depth in the results. It does not take the click-through rate into account when processing a query, so it doesn’t filter the results. Plus, it offers maps and route planning without tracking your location.


Higher SEO rankings and speed go hand in hand. That is why you should steer clear of slow and underperforming hosts.


Also, you can download a plugin that sets MetaGer as your default search engine and home page to ensure that your searches are always private.


19. Gigablast, Search engines.


33 Alternative search engines in 2022 | BluCactus UKGigablast is a private search engine that reaches millions of websites and information servers in real-time.


Besides, it does this without the need to keep track of your data. So, it keeps sellers and spammers hidden.


While it is true that it is not the most attractive search engine, it offers a variety of options to filter or customize your query. It includes search by language, exact phrase, and file type.


This search engine also offers a directory and a comprehensive advanced search function.


20. Oscobo


Oscobo is a search engine that protects privacy while searching the web.


By not using third-party tools or scripts, it protects your data against hacking and misuse. So, encrypting all traffic, it gives you anonymous search results with no tracking. This includes IP addresses and cookies.


It will not send the search term to the site you click on or share personal data or search history.


You can search the web for images, videos, and maps for great ease of use. There is also a Chrome browser extension that allows you to search privately from the search bar and easily access secure queries.



21. Qwant, Search engines.


This is a French creation with servers in Europe and under European standards. It has become the second most popular of the alternative search engines and surely one of the most complete.


This engine has music and map search services. It also provides a well-organised news section through trending topic searches that rival Google’s offer in quality.


However, some of these features require reaching your location or personal data. This means it is not an ideal choice for people who want maximum privacy.


Qwant fills a niche without selling your data. An intermediate point between the most humble engines in performance, but more private.


22. Mojeek


It is a search engine based in the United Kingdom that uses its databases to guarantee respect for privacy at all times. Those in charge speak of “independent and impartial” search results.


23. Peekier, Search engines.


It is a search engine that integrates its algorithm. This has the characteristic of generating a preview of each website shown in the search results. As a result, Peekier is not a suitable search engine if you want quick results.




24. Quora


Quora is a “response” engine. Its process is simple since, like a forum, the user community can ask and answer questions. There is also the possibility to create question-and-answer blogs and even analyze the statistics of other users. The Quora database currently has about 500,000 users. These numbers are possible since users are able to find an answer to most of their questions.


25. Lilo, Search engines.


Lilo was born out of a crowdfunding campaign. It is a Meta engine that uses data from other search engines. Although Lilo cannot guarantee the complete confidentiality of its users, it doesn’t collect any personal data and disables targeted advertising.


This search engine is famous for its projects focused on social issues. If you search, you win a symbolic drop of water, which represents the money generated by the advertising linked to the web page. Then this drop of water becomes actual money for when you decide which project you want to support.


26. Millions Short


Millions Short is a rather hectic search engine that leaves out “big sites” in its results, favoring only small and medium sites. It offers the opportunity to discover sites that are not among the best results of the most popular search engines. However, some small, sometimes nested sites can provide equally outstanding results.


27. CC Search, Search engines.


CC Search is a search engine that can be described as “cultural”. It allows you to find photos, music, texts, books, or educational material. You can share your resources for free from Creative Commons search services. CC Search is accessible through the Mozilla Firefox web browser.


28. SocialMention


This web tool searches over 100 social media services daily, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It lists all results on one page, showing the different sources. SocialMention aims to gather all the mentions about a company or brand in one place.


29. Vimeo, Search engines.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform launched in 2004. It now has over 80 million creators, most of them film artists or musicians. Most of them use Vimeo to create their reputation and promote their works. Vimeo is famous for its “artistic” nature. This is unlike YouTube, which includes a lot of vlogs, tutorials, and other funny amateur videos.


As you can see Vimeo is more like a professional network of artists. So, because of this, it leads to more interesting and useful discussions than YouTube.


30. Naver


It was the first page in Korea to offer its built-in search engine. Since then, it has increased the offer of multiple services with great success in that country. Now, it is responsible for covering information from more than 90 national and international media. It also distributes the most relevant news through its portal.


It also offers email service and is the industry behind the LINE instant messaging application.


31. Dogpile, Search engines.


It is one of the few search engines in Spanish that shows cross results from different search engines. It makes a selection of the best results from several of the most used search engines, such as Google or Bing. We know it to be a powerful engine, especially because it can save time when searching to collect the most relevant information from various search engines.


Dogpile selects the most important results for you, eliminates duplications, and displays the best results.


32. Daum


This is a South Korean portal that offers a variety of services on one page, including a search engine. Other services it offers are email, news, forums, electronic stores, and instant messaging services. If you are looking to capture as much Asian traffic as possible, monitor where your brand is in search results.


33. Goo, Search engines.


This search engine is another one that you can consider if you want to increase traffic on Asian sites. It is a search engine that also writes content created in the Japanese language.


You must consider the traffic alternatives offered by the most used search engines after Google. By varying your sources, the SEO strategy you plan will have a better chance of reaching the top spots in the SERPs. Thus, you will be able to rank your brand better. This, in turn, will increase your chances of reaching your target audience.




BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkEven if Google is the most used search engine due to its popularity, it’s not the only one out there. In this blog, we showed you 33 different alternatives. As you can see, most of them focused on the importance of privacy.


As an agency specializing in Digital Marketing, we like to inform and show users a diverse amount of news and updated information.


Likewise, we support green causes for the good of our planet and those who inhabit it. Therefore, we must take care of it. 


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