Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps

Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UK

Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps. Pages or sections within a FAQ web page are a must-have for customers to be able to improve their SEO. This section works as a valuable resource for users where they can get answers to their concerns. Besides, it’s an excellent place to establish a connection with the company at any time.


It’s most likely your website’s visitors will trust your brand a lot more by offering one of these pages. After all, you’ll allow them to quickly get the answers to their questions from your website. What’s even better is that it’s also a great way to save time with customer service work.


Here’s everything you need to know about FAQs. From what it is to how to create one to improve your traffic and reliability. Keep reading and discover all the benefits that a FAQ page offers to your website’s SEO!


What does FAQ mean?


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKThis stands for “Frequently Asked Questions,” as its name implies. It consists of those common questions that you may get a lot.


These questions are commonly used in the webspaces of different pages. Here, web owners try to collect as many common questions visitors ask and answer them as possible.


Thanks to this, they won’t have to constantly answer the same questions over and over again.


What’s essential when creating a FAQ page is not to lose focus on the subject when answering these questions. You can answer an endless amount of them, but they all must have the same narrative thread and purpose.


What are the Frequently Asked Questions for?


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKAs you may already know, a FAQ page is perfect for guiding your visitors with the answers to their basic questions.


These usually arise when users are googling questions about your product. 


Once people have doubts, they may want to contact the company, but they prefer not to ask in many cases. And as a result, this could mean the potential loss of a future customer.


These sections positively impact your business as it improves the user experience, reduces online search times, and unnecessary stress for the customer. Besides, for the owners of the portal themselves, it is a great way to save time with customer questions and reduce costs in personnel for customer service.


Should I include the frequently asked questions on my website?


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKThis question seems a bit obvious, but it is necessary. Frequently asked questions pages on your website are of great help to your users, but they are not always the best option. These same pages are not really that relevant to potential customers in some cases.


If you want to add a FAQ page, check very well what type of questions you are going to answer and if it’s really necessary. Some small business pages are not that important, and, in some cases, it’s best if the person contacts the company directly.


On the other hand, if your business is small, but you constantly receive the same questions repeatedly on your website or inbox, it’s pretty easy to figure out that an FAQ page is ideal. Take into account these questions asked by your customers, the most common and the ones that best explain your business and products. Take your time to select the most suitable ones and add them to your future section.


Why is a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section important?


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKWe have already discussed so far many times the importance of a page like this on your website.


Not only is it a great way to save customers time, its saves employees time as well. Plus, you will also be able to save costs by reducing the number of repetitive calls and emails to your support staff.


This will always be an excellent option to keep your potential buyers informed about everything that the acquisition of your products and services entails.


Among these and various other reasons, here we explain why it is essential that you have a frequently asked questions section on your website:



  • It works to improve SEO.


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKIf you add a page of this type to your business portal, these questions that you attach will be related to the keywords that most represent what you do and sell.


This is a great way to improve your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Having a FAQ page will always enhance SEO strategies.


This section is an excellent place to have relevant, valuable, and helpful content for your users. Thanks to this, followers will spend much more time on your page, reducing the bounce rate. Among other factors, these are the aspects that really help improve the SEO of the web.


One of the strategies most used by some websites is the use of landing pages as a way to enhance SEO strategies with a long tail. Try on working on each of the aspects of organic positioning in search engines from your own FAQ page.


  • Savings in customer service.


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKWe have mentioned this repeatedly in the article. Having pages like these on your portal helps you reduce costs for customer service. Besides, this also allows the client to feel much more secure with you and makes your website look much more professional.


Some consumers still feel a bit uncomfortable about buying online, and when they don’t find enough information about the product their searching for, they decide not to purchase. As a result, your business should really be aware of such major problems and avoid this by having a page of this type, thus, reducing their anxiety regarding the purchase process by addressing it through a smooth user experience. Just like that, you won a loyal customer.  


If your business makes international shipments, having a question section on your site explaining the process of acquiring the package, and the refund terms, if you want to insure the other questions, are always a plus.


Remember that customers are not only purchasing products. They´re buying to have a pleasant shopping experience that invites them to come back one more time.


  • Time management.


For both the client and yourself, these types of pages with the various most common questions help build long-lasting relationships. Your customer will be able to receive an immediate answer to some of their doubts regarding the products or services that you offer.


Even the business can also gain profit from this. By having a FAQ section, it’s much easier to occupy your work in answering those much more specific questions for those clients who are very interested and are one step away from making the purchase.


How to create your FAQ page successfully.


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKSelecting the frequently asked questions for your new web section should not be a highly complex task. The most important thing is to consider those questions that customers ask you most frequently, and those provided at your local store if you have one. Answers with excellent information will help you earn trust from customers, and you’ll establish your site as a trustful expert.


If you wish, you can also segment the questions between the most basic and those that are questions regarding shipping services or the technical characteristics of your products or services.


This does not mean that people will stop writing to you with questions. On the contrary, those users who are really interested in your business will want to know much more about you and will get in touch. These questions will be much more specific and direct as to what your business offers, but it means that your customers are really interested.


Here are 9 steps to create a FAQ page that is ideal for your buyers and that helps you boost your business:


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UK

  • Don’t make product extensions.


This is important and is the first point to consider when you start working on your FAQ section. Here is not the ideal space to re-explain your products and make them much more descriptive.


For this, it is better that you work on a copy or longer description within your product or service page.


The frequently asked questions sections should focus on answering your customers’ real questions and giving them the information that is not in the product file. Make the questions truly useful and respond to what your clients are asking for and consider the content you share.



Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UK

  • Be brief and concise, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


Some business webmasters believe that question sections are perfect for answering the most complex questions of customers, and it is valid to some extent. However, you should also offer your users short and direct answers that get directly to the point. If you don’t do this, your visitors will likely lose interest in the product quickly. Time is of the essence, so keep it simple and clear so you don’t miss a sale.


  • Include real questions, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


It can be tempting to make up some of the most common questions to explain a few things more in-depth. This isn’t wrong, but it’s better to keep the questions as real as possible. Collect the most common concerns of your followers through social networks.


This will be a great source of inspiration to keep the questions at hand and possible.


  • Brings clarity and professionalism, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


You must establish yourself as a trustworthy expert. There are many ways to make your FAQ page clear and professional for your clients. One of the most common ways to do them is by using internal links to get more information. Although some questions can be answered more simply, others need to be contrasted with more in-depth knowledge.


By adding links within the section, you give visitors an option to expand the answer to their critical questions. This ensures that the information is obvious to users, and from then on, they know how to deal with the issues of your business and its products.


Another way is by adding the links in a hypertext structure, much more suitable in customers’ eyes without them feeling that a new button interrupts them with the design and aesthetics. If you want to know more about a topic related to the question, you can review or stay with the basic answer offered in the section.


  • Don’t take advantage of it to promote yourself.


This is not a promotional space; you will have space for that on social networks or even on other platforms. However, the FAQ section is a simple place where your product or service’s wonders will not be discussed. The FAQ pages are solely created to satisfy customer concerns and keep them informed on technical and feature issues.


  • Use close language and speak positively, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


Keep an organized structure to create your FAQ pages. This way, people will be much more attracted to reviewing each question list and feel more related to your business.


Another crucial factor during the work of creating FAQ sections is the tone of the writing. This must be defined based on branding strategies to know the target audience.


Once you discover who your audience is, what are their topics of interest and what is your way of communicating, you should start writing that way.


Use simple but entertaining language. Don’t be afraid to be bold in words and update questions regularly. This should also be linked to a positive form of writing that invites your users to review a little more.


  • Organize the questions in order of repetition, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


The form of organization of the questions may not sound like a critical factor in terms of a successful page, but it is. It is important that you segment the questions that you are going to ask among the top 5 most common among customers and then move on to those questions that are not so general but are relevant to the user.


  • Make it easy for them to contact you.


Adding your contact information is crucial for your question page to work. Do not forget to put your business email, phone numbers, address, and various channels such as social networks, among others.


Giving your users more options to meet you, contact your company, and learn more about your business, will open more doors and opportunities to increase your revenue.


  • Worry about the visual part, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


The visual aspect is one of the most important factors of any web. And your frequently asked questions page cannot be the exception. Web pages or online portals are your letters of introduction to new potential clients.


If they are not drawn to you, your aesthetics, and your structure on the question page, they’ll probably not consider you a serious and professional company. Before you lose clients, ask for help from experts in the area of ​​web development and layout to take into consideration how to carry out your session effectively.


How to get my FAQ to appear on Google


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKThis is one of the most frequently asked questions for entrepreneurs to make their FAQ page because it can even be used as a ranking factor. Sections like these can be of great help when working on SEO tactics and search engine rankings. If you want to make search engines highly appreciate you and make it a lot easier for them to locate you, then you must follow some steps.


First, the most important thing is that our tone when writing is formal but not cold. Keep the language of your website positive, but keep it conversational. This will help you keep your website consistent and professional.


Another critical point is that you must constantly update your answers. It is not about updating them just because, but we should work on adding new information if necessary and modifying the texts so that they are more readable.


Last but not least, don’t put too many questions on your website. Much less invent those questions that your users never asked. The most fundamental thing is to listen to the community that is around your digital project to offer them the valuable content they deserve.


Tips for writing a good FAQ page


Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UKHere are some tips to help you create your FAQ page and improve your SEO. Some of them focus on the format of the questions, others on the answers and the page’s structure.


Each of these factors is crucial to making your website a success. So, pay attention to them, and you will succeed.


  • Use the term “Frequently Asked Questions” for the title.


Keep things as simple as possible. Everyone knows what you mean when you talk about the FAQ. We all know how important is to innovate these days, but it’s best to be classic, at least in this case. The simpler, the better.



Create an SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page in 9 steps | BluCactus UK

  • Write the questions in first person, from the client’s point of view.


Leave all formalities aside and write the questions and answers in the first person. This will allow your client to feel much more comfortable and calmer when it comes to reading them. One of the most typical ways of doing this is using pronouns such as “you” and “I”. However, you must remain professional all throughout without coming off as too rigid. This can be a little hard, but you can do it with practice. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to connect with your visitors.


  • Apply the question-answer format, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


Even if this sounds logical, you must ensure that your page’s format allows you to answer every question. You can show the questions first and then the answer right below them. You can do them all together or just show all questions. This way, with the help of a click, your customers can get the answer they’re looking for.


  • Answer briefly, SEO-FRIENDLY FAQ Page.


Keep your paragraphs under 100 words. Today, most people look for quick and brief solutions. Thus, don’t waste your visitor’s time and offer them to the point of answers. If the answer needs a longer explanation, try to keep it as concise as possible. This way, your readers won’t feel overwhelmed and will keep reading.


  • Really answer the question.


This is the simplest but most relevant advice. Get straight to the point, and don’t waste your reader’s time. Many FAQ pages tend to link their followers to other websites. As a result, they fail to offer the answers they need in the same section. This is very annoying for visitors and could cause them to disengage from your page completely.


In other words, they may even start looking for information on other web portals.


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