Snap Ads: How does Snapchat advertising works?

Snap Ads

Snap Ads: How does Snapchat advertising works? We know that the giants of social media are Facebook and Instagram. However, Snapchat is far from being a platform to be ignored. Much less in digital marketing and as a strategy for your company or business.


Doing a brief refresher, Snapchat is a messaging application launched in 2011. It offers multimedia support for photos and short videos that only last 24 hours. Users can send these to their contacts or groups or upload them to their profiles. And if they want to keep them, they can save them in a private gallery.


Its most attractive tools are its augmented reality filters. They were the first to incorporate this option. On the other hand, they created Geo-filters, which help the positioning visibility of the content on the platform.


Its primary audience is young people, with most of them around the ages of 14 and 24. This app is top-rated in the United States.


Snapchat and advertising


Snap AdsBefore starting, let’s talk a little about numbers.


You may be surprised to know that Snapchat now has an average of over 230 million daily active users.


As you can imagine, these aren’t bad numbers if you consider its main competitors, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


Therefore, knowing that most of its public is young, it’s a great idea to take advantage of it.


Advantages of advertising on Snapchat


Snap Ads

  • Faceless competition.


Despite its attractive numbers in terms of active users, it’s still inferior to its competitors. However, this detail represents a positive point. After all, a minority of brands are present on this platform, which could make it an entire space.


  • Ability to reach new audiences.


This is a platform with mostly young people, who, in turn, spend a large part of the day within the app. As a result, this offers an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and followers. You can use fun formats to capture that attention and interestingly publicize your product.



Snap Ads

  • Simple dynamic.


Snapchat’s format is still simple and easy to consume compared to other platforms. After all, it’s ephemeral, and their photos/videos don’t last a long time. Therefore, people can quickly get the message and understand it. 


  • Offers authenticity.


Stories on social media have always been the sincerest sample of our reality. After all, it’s an opportunity to share authentic moments without much editing of our day today. And Snapchat is practically a story factory thanks to the formats it works with and offers to the public. Because of this, connecting through these will not be an impossible mission.


How does advertising work on Snapchat?


Snap Ads

  • Connecting with a specific audience.


Knowing the average age of the platform’s frequent users, a tacit segmentation automatically occurs. So, if your main target is this audience, well, congratulations. You have an excellent place to interact directly with them and increase brand engagement.


  • Displaying the brand creatively.


Even before its competition, if something has Snapchat, it is a wide graphic material to create content. Therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to show your products or services alongside your branding. This way, you can capture the public’s attention creatively and attractively.


  • Linking to your website.


Thanks to the option to include links, you can use it to make users click and go to your page. By doing this, they’ll be able to learn more about your brand and what you offer.


  • Promoting events.


If your brand organizes and celebrates events as a marketing strategy, this platform also works to promote them. This is all thanks to its options in terms of editing and customization.


  • Snap ads.


Snap Ads are videos in vertical format, with 10-second ads located in the stories section. They offer short advertising space to promote your product or service creatively. Thus, generating an opportunity to achieve engagement and visits to your website.


The main objective is to generate a type of advertising that is not intrusive and has the desired impact.


Content Options for Ads


These are the formats that you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy within Snapchat:


  • Collection Ads: Consists of displaying a series of products simultaneously. All while offering the option to navigate the site and connect with the brand to buy or learn more about what is on offer.
  • Virtual Reality Lenses: One of the great attractions of Snapchat is its lens filters. These draw a lot of attention and are widely accepted by the public, making them an excellent option for interaction.
  • Filters: Another ideal way to connect with the public is through filters. Incorporating a filter associated with your brand is an attractive option, the use of which is a promising opportunity to share with other users.
  • Commercials: incorporating short commercials through videos that cannot be skipped is a bit forced but effective for visibility.
  • Geofilter / Promoted Geofilters: Geofilters are images that appear as frames in our image or video when we are in a particular place. This strategy promotes it and makes yourself known through this fun option.


  • Snapcodes: They are advertisements placed in a format similar to QR and invite you to scan them to discover their content through the application.


As you can see, Snapchat is an excellent app for direct audience interaction while also being able to make essential connections.


Its advertising strategy is to appeal to entertainment and fun. So, if your brand adapts to these parameters, don’t hesitate and add it to your digital marketing strategy.


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