Discover the latest social media algorithm updates and their importance

Social media algorithm updates

Discover the latest social media algorithm updates and their importance. Thanks to the famous algorithm and its constant changes, successfully managing social media remains a challenge every day.


The algorithm takes us to the top or can even take away our visibility within a platform.


Platforms constantly introduce modifications that come to redesign the way we interact on a social media platform. Therefore, if you focus on creating content or have a digital media presence, you must keep reading. Today, you’ll discover the latest Facebook and Instagram updates in 2022.


What is an algorithm?


First, let us clarify this point since many know the word but don’t know what it means.


Essentially, a social media algorithm is a set of programming rules to determine the behavior of published content. This includes the number of times it’s shown and to whom.


Its objective is to imitate or replicate human behavior, performing searches just as we would do in less time.


How do algorithms work in social media?


Social media algorithm updatesThe algorithms work based on answering the Internet user. Based on their search needs, these will return personalized information results to satisfy a need. However, algorithms work differently depending on each platform and its particular objectives.


In the case of Instagram, relevance is given to the way each user acts, profiles location, use of hashtags, interaction, and especially the published content.


While Facebook is inclined to analyze your friends, the content you interact with, and your time on the platform. Thanks to its ability to collect data, it’s a natural segmentation machine.


In the case of Twitter, this platform focuses on analyzing the style of the tweets you consume. This way, it will show what the platform considers may interest you and what you have missed.


In the cases of YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok, it all comes down to your browsing and the content you consume the most. It will show you more of the same type of suggestions.


Updates for 2022 on Instagram


Social media algorithm updates

  • Greater security for minors


Age confirmation will be mandatory to filter the content shown to users. Especially those that are considered sensitive. On the other hand, the accounts of minors under 16 will be private.


  • SEO positioning, Social media algorithm updates.


In a nod to Google, now the platform will be more user-friendly in applying SEO strategies. Writing a word and showing images related to it (without the need for a hashtag), allowing your content to appear in the search.


It’s only available in English though it’s planned to expand it to other languages ​​.


Social media algorithm updates

  • Store visibility


The ads are activated in the store tab. The products appear among the first options and promote discovering more options.


  • Link in stories, Social media algorithm updates.


You can now place a link in the story through a sticker. This will take the user to your website, which will allow them to access your products easily. Besides, you will also increase your consumer interactions.


  • Reel Ads


This video format is here to stay. Since it’s so successful and popular, Instagram decided to incorporate ads in the tab of reels. These will appear after watching a certain number of these videos to interact with them.


Another update of the reels is the remix option in which we can share the screen and interact with content already created to make our own.


Social media algorithm updates

  • Hide likes and disable comments, Social media algorithm updates.


To downplay a simple number or number, there is already the possibility of hiding the likes count. If a low number of likes causes frustration, this should lower the pressure. Likewise, you can disable comments or limit them and avoid awkward words in your posts.


  • Dashboard for professionals


An option for company accounts is this panel of professionals. You can manage profile information, track ads and configure purchasing functions, which you access through the web version.


  • No more chronological order, Social media algorithm updates.


Now, roughly 10% of your followers will see your content based on their engagement with your posts. Thus, creating a chain where more people will see it as viewing increases.


  • Publish from the web


It is already possible to upload our content from the web version of Instagram. However, it still does not allow uploading stories and reels.


  • Collaborations, Social media algorithm updates.


It is an option in which two accounts appear in a collaboration mode in a post.


This new feature means an excellent option for business or product accounts to partner with people acquaintances or influencers and have greater visibility and engagement with a new audience.


Updates for 2022 on Facebook


  • Fight fake news, Social media algorithm updates.


Let’s be clear that Facebook, for many years, has been a good place for fake news. For this reason, the algorithm’s update will order verifying the publications to verify if they contain exclusive information, detailed analysis of any fact, and if the material is their own. Otherwise, this will be shown to very few users so that they lose interest in it.


  • Fan Page Management, Social media algorithm updates.


Pages now contain a news section separate from the standard admin profile. Followers will be able to add pages and people as favorites, giving relevance to the consumption of the content published there, thus contributing to its visibility.


The Influence of these updates


Basically, these changes are looking to optimize the content that users will create to publish to achieve greater consumption of it and that whoever is viewing it stays as long as possible in the application.


Stop paying attention to the number of followers and likes and generate real engagement if not to the interaction itself.


The algorithm is changing and dynamic and will always be in constant change, so it is up to the brand, company, or marketing team that runs the networks to be aware of these variations and knows how to live with them to obtain optimal results.


Finally, it is essential to keep in mind that many social media options are currently available. Still, your goals will determine the most appropriate selection for you and your brand or company.


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